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WELCOME to DEEP BLUE a fanlisting dedicated to one fictional being known as Boromir. This fanlisting is not just for those of us who want to swoon over him, no, this fanlisting is for everyone who respects and admires him, for his courage and determination to save his people and just being him. If you think he is amazing too, go join!

14/03/04 A new affiliate! Please go visit The Army of Gondor fanlisting!
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27/12/03 1 new member! A late Merry xmas to everyone, and a happy new year!
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06/11/03 3 new members! Welcome!
15/10/03 COLLECTORMANIA4 piccies! Sorry about bad quality, if you are DESPERATE for decent quality ones, just email me and if I'm in a good mood I'll send the bmp version to you.
05/10/03 2 new members! (P.S. I met Sean Astin at Collectormania4 today! Photo(s) will be up VERY soon!) (PP.S. New counter!)
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09/08/03 2 new members and general 'tidying'.
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15/04/03 One new affiliate: The Battle for Middle Earth, go over to the ETC section and check it out!

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