A Promise
[author: unknown]

As if life in Vietnam wasn’t already hard, Dang and his family had to move to Sydney, Australia. With little money and only being to say the word “No”, Dang had to make new friends who could help him in his new life. Being a Vietnamese, the only friends he could make were those who could speak his language. In no time, Dang and his family had settled in.
Dang was at the age of 17, and with no special skills for him to find work, had to rely on his fellow friends, also known as his bro’s. The only way to success was to be involved in gangs. Since his friends were already involved, entering this field was a piece of cake. To stand up for his bro’s, and to help with the drug flow, Dang was successful. Fighting when his bro’s were in help gave Dang a closer relationship to them. They had all promised to be there for each other. The scene of gigantic mobs fighting over a small problem just to get respect was what Dang called fun. Due to this, he was kicked out of home. 
“I brought you here to have a new and happy life, but all you do is get into trouble,” his mum said. “If this is your choice in life, then I would like to ask you to leave and take your troubles with you.”
With that being said, Dang was ready to enter the real world of gangs where no one could tell what and what not to do. Dang had thought he was the happiest anyone could be. Truthfully, he was just getting started. His life changed when the girl of his dreams came into his life. This was when Dang realized that there was more in life than being a gangster. Having a girlfriend that cared for him a lot, made her more and more scared. She didn’t want him getting hurt or to commit crimes.
“Dang, if you’re going to continue with your life as a gangster, I don’t think I can cope not worrying about you. Please promise me you will never be involved or fight again. Do this for me please.”
As these words were spoken, Dang went silent. He knew that being a gangster was the only way he could make money and to be successful. Then he realized that it was a choice between his girl, or the gang world. Of course his decision was his girl. She was the girl of his dreams and he would never let her go by.
“Darling, of course I promise you. You are all I care about,” replied Dang as he gave her a warm hug.
Dang knew he had made the best decision in his life. He knew he was wrong when he thought being a gangster was the only way to live. Finding a job wasn’t as hard as he thought, especially when he had his girl by his side. Working in a restaurant wasn’t so bad at all. Of course being involved in the gang world before, Dang had enemies. Dang knew that enemies don’t just disappear just because he was out of the field. He was right. They were still after Dang. 
Everything was perfect between Dang and his girl. Coming home after work to a lovely dinner every night and having a warm bath was great, especially to be able to see his girl after a day’s hard work. However, one night was a little different. As Dang closed up the restaurant and washed the remaining dishes, he was ready to come home to see his girl. That night he didn’t come home. He was on his way home when out of the mist of the night, a group of about 14 guys were waiting for him. He stopped and had a closer look. They were his enemies. He knew they would find him some day. As the enemies moved out of the dark, Dang could recognize who they were. Dang was scared when what he saw to be in their hands were knives and machetes. He felt that he had the capabilities to handle these guys and knock them down. 
The mob moved towards Dang. Just when they were meters away, Dang threw a punch. This sparkled the mob and they all surrounded him trying to slice a piece of his meat. 
Dang was skilled in this field. He had been fighting most of his life and could take on these guys easily. Just when he pulled out his knife a rush of memories came running through his head. “Please promise me you will never be involved or fight again…” As he remembered these words, he dropped the knife. A clink was heard as it hit the concrete floor. He had to keep his promise. 
As more blood spilled out of Dang’s flesh, he then realized that he should have never got involved in the first place. It was too late. He couldn’t fight back. He had already promised and was waiting until his enemies were satisfied with their beating. A gunshot was heard. Dang fell down on his knees and into his puddle of blood. 
If only he had ran or defended himself with his knife, he may have been able to come home to his girl. A promise is a promise and Dang had to stick to it. Lost his life for a girl, a girl of his dreams…. All because of a single promise. 

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