"A Part Of You"
author: bby_bear

Part 1

I was making daisy chains as I was swinging on the swing made by a big tire held low by a thick tree branch. I was humming my favourite song …until  "Chaenari!" my oppa (brother in Korean) Jae Hyung yelled at the top of his lungs. I fell onto my bottom off the swing and sat on the grass awkwardly.
“Owee” I moaned.
Then the tire swang back to my head, “Ack.”
"Chaenari, what are you doing?" Jae Hyung oppa (brother in Korean) demanded.
"I fell off because of you!" I tried getting up.
"Sorry princess. Now let’s go." Jae Hyung called.
I ran up to him holding three books in my left arm.
“What were you doing?” he asked.
“Nothing.” I smiled at him prettily.
He chuckled and ruffled my hair.
"You have a smile that could deactivate a whole army,” he laughed, and then we started walking back home for a whole family dinner.
Jae Hyung is my god brother; he’s three years older than me. My parents are close friends with his. When his mother passed away, and his father was taken accepted in an American force for secret agents, my parents were to look after him. When we were small, here in Japan, he would always play with my older brother, Jun, and me. Jun is my blood brother; he’s been working in a University in Russia for a few years. Jun is almost 19 while I am still at the age of 15. When my mother said that we are going to have a big dinner at our house with our relatives, I was worked up because it might mean that Jun would be here.

* * * * * * * * * * *

“Wow, the food smells delicious.” I took off my blue school jacket and shoes, and walked to the kitchen with my books.
“When will the guests be here?” Jae Hyung oppa asked his godmother.
“Soon, now go and take a shower…both of you stink like rats.” Mother was making a wide range of Japanese food, and a few western foods.
“I’m taking the shower first!” I quickly ran up the stairs. Our house was given to my dad’s parents after they moved to China. My grandparents are rich, so we are lucky to have a big house in Japan.
“No, I wanna get to the shower.” Jae Hyung oppa said a few seconds after I climbed up on the staircase.
He ran up on my behind and started tickling me. I laughed wildly as the got me on the stomach. Knowing that I was ticklish, he took advantage of it so he could hit the showers before I did. I was left on the 5th step of the staircase laughing as he zoomed up to his room to fetch his clothes. As I got to the top, he closed the bathroom door.
“Jae Hyung oppa… I wanna go.” I whined.
He opened the door with his top off, showing only one eye.
“Dōzo (please in Japanese)?” I sucked up to him.

“*sigh* okay. But you better hurry.” He opened the door fully as he grabbed his clothes and stepped out.
“Arigatō gozaimashita.” I thanked him as I closed the door smiling.
I turned on the hot and cold tap, undressing myself. I turned around, slipped my hair to my left and checked my scar. It was placed on my right shoulder blade, and looked almost like a tiger’s pupil. I sighed wishing I had never had it, and stepped into the warm water pouring. I had the scar since the age of five when Jae Hyung, Jun were playing soccer on one side of the street. I came out with snacks to eat, as I stepped onto the road, a bike was coming straight at me. Jun was my savior as he skimmed across the road and pushed me onto the ground, that’s when I got scratched by one of the forks I dropped. I know it’s a bit strange having to use western cutlery as a Japanese, but our family likes to try different food now and then.
*knock knock*
“Are you done?” Jae Hyung asked in a deep voice.
“Yeah” I finished washing the conditioner from my hair and turned the taps off.
I wrapped my towel around my body and opened the door.
“Damn, you used a lot of hot water.” Jae Hyung said as the smoke escaped from the room.
“Yeah, I was cold.” I shrugged and smiled.
He slided into the room and put his clothes down.
“Oh, you still have that scar.” He pointed. “Does it hurt still?” He attempted to touch it.
“No,” I answered silently, “well, sometimes.”
“Oh…” he gave me a face showing that he felt sorry.
“Ah, sofu, sobo.” My mother screeched as my grandfather and grandmother arrived.
“You better hurry.” I walked away.

* * * * * * * * * * *

“Sofu, sobo, konbanwa.” Jae Hyung oppa and I bowed to my grandparents. Though he was not in the same family name as me, he was taken as part of our family, so he greeted them like I do.
“Chaenari, you have grown very pretty now. The last time we saw you, you were a cute chubby toddler.” Grandma said.
“And Jae Hyung, you have grown very handsome.” Grandpa patted Jae Hyung on his shoulder.
“Where is the eldest? Where is Jun?” Grandma asked.
“He said he might come, depending on whether he is working tonight or not.” My father replied.
“I wonder how he looks nowadays, and how he’s doing.” Grandma said sitting down next to the dinner table.
My aunties, uncles, and cousins came over, and soon, the house was roaring with laughter and noises.
“When is he going to come?” I immediately asked oppa.
“I’m not sure Chaenari, but don’t give up your hope.” He said as he took my little toddler cousin downstairs.
Later on, we ate altogether as I was anxiously waiting for Jun. He was so close to me when I was small, and he treated me like a princess.
*Knock knock*
Someone knocked onto the timber frame of our door. It must be brother Jun. I ran up to the door, hoping that he would hug me tight as I opened the door. I slide the door open and smiled with my heart pounding.
“Ah, Chaenari… what are you doing looking all surprised and happy?” My father asked me.
“Nothing…hehe.” I sighed with misery as he came back into the house.
Where was he? He hasn’t contacted us in so many years, and he can’t even come on a big relative come together.
After the dinner, I helped clean up the table as the ladies were washing dishes, and the men were chatting amongst themselves.
“Jae Hyung, could you please go buy some treats please?” One of my aunties asked.
“Sure, I’m bringing Chaenari with me okay?” My aunty nodded.
“Let’s go beautiful.” He dragged me outside.
“Cummon, don’t look so down. Cheer up, we’ll see him one day.” Oppa Jae Hyung
put his arm across my shoulders in a protective way.
“Let’s get some ice-cream.” He walked me out to the streets.
Jae Hyung oppa knew I loved ice cream. It would always clear away dark gloomy clouds for me.

* * * * * * * * * * *
~In October- 2 months later~

“Chaenari, could you please stay in the class after the class is dismissed?” Oniku sensei asked.
I felt eyes all looking at me once the teacher said that. What did I do? I have been doing well in school, and I don’t give the teacher any grief….or do I? The bell rang and the class was dismissed, this time, the other students were whispering to each other.
“Chaenari… do you have any idea why you have been called up?” Oniku sensei questioned.
“No.” I kept my answers simple.
“Just the day before today, I received a letter from the Students Education Administration.” I gulped, not knowing what my future beholds. “Now, I am not sure whether you would want to accept this, but they have allowed you to sign up in a couple of colleges in some western countries of your choice.” My heart pounded with joy as I grew a smile on my face. “I need you to give this to your parents, and give me their permission for you to go, or if they decline the invitation, that you return this back to me.” Sensei Oniku handed me the big envelope, and walked me out of the room.

I ran out of the school boundaries and bumped into Jae Hyung oppa as he turned a corner.
“Jae Hyung oppa, look!” I handed him the envelope.
“From the Students Education Administration?” He asked hesitantly.
“I’ve been accepted to go to a college overseas to study.
“Good for you!!” Oppa congratulated me with a big hug. “Open it!”
“I dunno. I really think I should give it to my father to read first.”
“That’s okay, I remember Jun received one of these at the same age as you. You mightn’t have remembered, but he chose to go to the Russian college. And now look at him, he’s now entering to being a secret agent.”
I can’t believe it. I have the chance to meet up with my brother finally.

“Mum, Dad! Look what I received!!” I stumbled across to the family room.
“What is it dear?” My father asked.
“It’s a chance for me to become what I have ever wanted to be.” …A secret agent.
“Wow, this must be your lucky day.” My father added as he opened up the envelope.
“Yes, you and Jae Hyung have received a package from someone very special.” My mother gave Jae Hyung the package. Oppa and I went into his pigsty as he opened the package.
“Look at this.” Oppa opened a jewelry case and there was a necklace shaped of a rose made of white gold. At the back of the rose scribed ‘There are many roses in the world, but you are the one that stands out.’

“Here, I’ll help you put it on.” Jae Hyung oppa lifted up my hair. “Your hair smells like perfume – do you spray perfume in your hair?” He asked foolishly as I giggled. “There… just like Jun says ‘you are the one that stands out’.” I caught him looking at my eyes.
“What else did he get?” I stirred up the silence.
There was a letter where he had written for Jae Hyung and me.

Jae Hyung and Chaenari.
Sorry for not coming to the big dinner night, I was at a very important meeting. I am working really hard in the last year of Uni. If I had missed it, I would have lost nearly everything. Please forgive me.
Chaenari, I heard that you have been accepted to come to the same college as I went to. Please come with Jae Hyung. I miss you two so much. Work has been tiring, but when I think about it, I have achieved a lot, and was worth it.
I hope you two like the two gifts I have sent (the Rolex for Jae Hyung, and the rose necklace for Chaenari). Say ‘Hi’ to mum and dad for me. I miss mum’s cooking! There is hardly any Japanese restaurant here.
I’m looking forward to seeing you two.


Part 2
~In late December~

  My parents have decided to let me go to the college, which is close to St. Petersburg State University. Jae Hyung oppa is coming along with me, promising my parents that he will take good care of me, and saying that he will get a job in Russia.
“Are you okay?” Jae Hyung asked in a worried caring tone.
“Yeah, just tired. I’m going to miss them.” I looked out the aero plane window.
“I’ll call you when we’re nearly there.” He let out his shoulder for me to lean on.
I quickly dazed off to sleep watching his watch tick away.
The next thing I knew was that I was in a yellow cab driving to Jun’s house.
*ding dong*
 Oppa rang the doorbell. The doorknob clicked around and opened softly.
“Jae Hyung!! Chaenari!! You two have grown up so much.” Jun hurriedly gathered our belongings into his house. There were portraits hanging on the walls. One picture was of our parents, and another of when us three were still in Japan.
“Sit.” Jun got some pre-made Japanese tea and gave it to us.
“You look more like your father now.” Jae Hyung mentioned.
“Really?!” Jun surprisingly asked.
He had gelled hair, with a ‘dragon fringe’, and his jawbones were sharp. His eyes were clear, and his figure was slightly built.
“You must be tired, Chaenari.” Brother Jun said.
“Kinda… in the aero plane, but not in the taxi. The lights were so bright and colorful.”
“Here, let me show you guys around.” Jun stood up.
He had three rooms, one for himself, and another two, which were slightly smaller. There was a study room where he had his cabinet, computer, and large working table. The bathroom was like the one back home, and his laundry room was small. The kitchen was large enough for a person living alone, and the living room was just perfect for three people.
“This is gonna be Jae Hyung’s room.” Jun opened the door and there was a bed with a small table and a closet large enough for him.
“And this is yours, gorgeous.” He opened the door, and there was a little cockle spaniel on the bed.
To its surprise, it jumped up and ran to me. The puppy had a dark brown patch around its left eye, and had low droopy ears.
“It’s for you… his name is Prince.”
“Thank you so much Jun!!” I hugged him so tight that I didn’t want to let go. Prince looked at me with his small gorgeous black eyes. I lifted it up into my arms like a baby.
“Hey, how come I don’t get anything?” Jae Hyung crossed his arms playfully.
“Yeah you do… it’s in your top drawer.” Jun told oppa. Jae Hyung was stunned that he actually had something.
“The person I bought it from said that it is the key to many treasures. I’m not sure how you open it.” Jun scratched his head.
“Nar, man. It’s cool. I’ll find out…one day.” Jae Hyung grinned.
He smiled as though he would really find out how to open it one day. He was always so determined to doing things in the future. Once he said to me that he would save the world. But we were young then.

* * * * * * * * * * *

It’s been a few weeks since we got here. Russia is a cold place, but our neighbors are friendly. Jun has been working hard on his new project, and it’s hard for him. Jae Hyung oppa hasn’t found a job yet, but he’s hoping to work beside brother Jun very soon. Me on the other hand, I’ve been working really hard to being a secret agent, though I’m at the age of 15 still.
“Merry Christmas Jae Hyung oppa!” I jumped onto Hae Hyung’s bed.
“Mmm…yea.” He said without enthusiasm.
He rubbed his eyes innocently and hid his head underneath his blankets. A second later, Prince ran into the room, trying to climb up on Jae Hyung’s bed. It struggled for a while, but got up afterwards.
“Oi, wake up.” I nudged him. Prince walked on top of my back and reached to my ear.
“Merry Christmas!!!” Jun jumped with arms and legs out wide onto the bed and squashed Prince.
“Oi, you’re squashing Prince!” I pushed Jun over.
“Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry!” Jun kissed Prince on its head.
I gave it a kiss on its wet nose, and then it licked Jae Hyung on his nose. How adorable it looked.
“You guys go and make breakfast, I’ll catch up later.” Jae Hyung moaned under his blanket.
I held Prince in my arms and walked to the kitchen as brother Jun trailed along.
“I’m going to make miso soup, okay?” I placed Prince onto the ground.
“Okay then.” Jun turned on his computer.
While making soup, I watched how Jun was working on his project. He flipped paper around, clicked many times, and groaned from time to time.
“What are you doing?” I asked him curiously.
“Reading info of a group called Knights. They’ve raped and murdered 4 nurses so far.”
“Isn’t this the type of work detectives do?”
“They do… but this is my study for University.” I glared at him with wide eyes. “Don’t worry, I know you wanna be a secret agent one day, but it’s not that hard when you are at the stage I am.”
My muscles let loose of the tense I was holding, and then I scooped up some soup for three.
“Here you go.” I gave Jun his bowl.
The room was silent, and the computer was making a fuzzing sound. Why is it so quite? Then I realized that Jae Hyung wasn’t out to have his soup yet. What was holding him up? I made fast paces to Jae Hyung’s room, then I found him still hiding in his blankets.
“Jae Hyung-ah. Get up.” I stripped the blanket off of him and found him lying with his hair covering his face.
“Don’t play around Jae Hyung, get up!” I nudged his body.
Still, he didn’t move. I brushed his floppy hair away from his face, and realized his face was freezing white.
“Jun! Jae Hyung is sick! Come quick.” I said in a worried tone.
“Oppa… are you okay?”
Jun came into the room, and checked oppa’s temperature.
“Crap, he’s one hell of a sick guy. Stay with him for a moment Chaenari.” Brother rushed out of the room.
“Oppa… say something, you’re scaring me.” I climbed into his bed, and pressed my body against his, hoping that his body temperature would warm up off for a while.
“Oppa.” I whispered in the room of silence.
“I love you Chaenari.” He made his words softly.
“I love you too.” Please let him be all right, he’s been a good brother towards me. I prayed.
“Chaenari, get out, you might get sick too.” Jun came back into the room.
“But niisan (brother) - ”
“Chaenari… please.” He cut my line and extended his arm to pull me out.
I took his soft hands and got out of bed.
“Please go and buy these things.” Jun passed me a small piece of paper and some Russian notes. I went to my room and wore my jeans and a long white jacket made of cotton. Then I left the house and walked down the cold street.
“Heat-pack, small towel…” I said aloud looking at the list.
Before I knew it, I was a few meters away from the local shops. I walked to one of the counters and asked if they had any heat packs, but the lady didn’t understand English. So hoping that the next shop would understand what I’m asking for.
“Do you sell ‘heat-pack’s?” I asked clearly.
The big man looked at me with confusion saying something in Russian.
“Heat packs?” I asked slowly.
Still, the man said something in Russian and tried to shoo me away.
“What is it that you want?” A man stood in front of me.
“Heat pack.” I gazed into his plain dark brown eyes and floppy dark hair.
He turned to the man at the counter and asked him a question. Within 5 seconds, the big man came back to me with 3 packs of them.
“It’s on me.” The middle-aged man offered, smiling down on me.
“Thank you.” I slightly bowed and left the store.
Should I tell Jun that a guy had offered to pay for these packs? Or should I lie and tell him that they were for free?
Should I tell him who I had bumped into? I remember him very clearly. The guy had a very strong face structure. His face structure and eyes was of a Chinese, and the rest was Russian, and he had an adams apple. What am I thinking? Jae Hyung is sick, and I’ve still got to buy another 4 more things. I walked fast to another store buying a small towel, noticing that the man I bumped into was following me. I quickly bought the last item on the list, and walked out of the store. Making sure the man wasn’t following me, I turned my head slightly and tried to find him at the corner of my eye.
“Two rubles to tell your fortune, young lady.” I bumped into an odd man.
He was short and had a dirty face.
He laid out his hand and said, “Love, danger, or future? Pick one and I can tell you.”
“Sorry, I’m not interested.” I tried to walk away, but he gripped onto my jacket, and pulled me back to him.
“I know you want to pick danger.” The man had big round eyes gazing at mine. “Your very have a very close person who you are about to lose. They are going to go far away from you, and you will be left feeling alone.” My heart pounded fast and I tried to push away, but what could I do if he was holding onto my clothes really tight? “No-one can make you feel as safe as THAT person can.” The man spat as he said what he said. “You are in emotional danger as I can foresee…”
“Get your hands off her!” The mysterious man approached to me again, helping me once more.
“Next time I catch you, you will pay me the 2 rubles you now owe!” The bum said and pointed before he returned to the dirty corner of the street.
“Are you okay, miss?”
“Yes, thank you.” I trembled out.
“My name is …Ivan.” He held out his hand.
I offered my hand for a handshake, but he lifted it up to kiss. I shiver went through from my hand to my right shoulder blade.
Ow. I felt as though I got scratched on my scar. So I quickly rejected my hand.
“I’m sorry if I scared you… I was just-”
“Never mind.” I cut him short. “I need to go back home. Thank you for your help.” I said in perfect English.

* * * * * * * * * * *

“Where have you been Chaenari? Jae Hyung is getting worse.” Jun asked.
“Gomenasai. I was lost.” I fibbed. I forgot about Jae Hyung the whole time. The two men were so scary. One was stalking me, and one was ‘foretelling’ my future. But what if the old bag was for real? What if that is my danger… that I would feel lost and alone because someone was about to leave me to a place far away? Could it be Jae Hyung? Was he the one that’s destined to leave me? Where would he be going? All these questions in my head… should I tell anyone about it?
“Help me Chaenari, your oppa is sick.” Jun popped my bubble of questions.
Jun and I had to get out an extra blanket and quilt for Jae Hyung, and placed a heat-pack on his forehead.
“Get well bro.” Jun left the room.
“Get well oppa.” I trailed along after Jun.

Part 3

For one week, Jae Hyung oppa was still sick. Jun and I made chicken and corn soup for him, and he started to get better. Prince had been with Jae Hyung the whole time, from watching him open his weak eyes, to sleeping again. Now he’s up and running, like the old him, and I thought he was go somewhere away from me. But I guess I shouldn’t have believed in that old bum anyway.
*ring ring*
Everyone looked at the phone ring from the living room.
*ring ring*
Jun went to the phone and picked it up to his ears with his head looking up.
“Yes, this is J- … oh… yes, sure. Okay then… yep… see you soon.” Jae Hyung and I gazed at Jun and how his facial expression changed throughout the conversation.
“Who was it?” Jae Hyung asked, rubbing his cold arms.
Jun walked slowly back to his couch as I grabbed oppa’s arm to keep him warm.
“It was Agent Yoon.”
“Who’s Agent Yoon?” I asked, finding the last name very familiar.
“Who else do we know that’s a Yoon?” Jun asked.
Jae Hyung Yoon, son of Agent Tae Ha Yoon. I looked up at oppa Jae Hyung holding his arms tighter. The room cleared with silence, even Prince as quite.
“What was my father calling you for?” Jae Hyung broke the awkward silence.
“He wasn’t calling for me, bro. He was calling for you.” Brother Jun sat down.
“He hasn’t called for me for a very long time. He was always too busy.” Jae Hyung sat still.
Hell yeah, it was a long time! Since my early years, his father had left him into his best friend’s care.
“He heard that you moved here with us a couple of weeks ago. He says he wants to meet up with you and take you with him to America.” Jun rubbed his finger and knuckles, and rolled them up to his chin.
“So when is he … where is he going to meet me?”
“Right here, in this house. At three o’clock.”
I shifted my eyes to the clock. It was almost eleven.
“Then what do I do now? Pack up my stuff? Leave everything behind? Leave you two behind?” Oppa started to scare me as he raised his voice. I tried to keep him a little less irritated by resting my head on his tough shoulders.
“We’ll stay together at heart, I can promise you that. We’ve been together as a bunch together so long, I don’t think we are destined to stay together, nor apart.” I agreed with Jun’s words in mind.
The fuckin’ old bum’s words were right. Jae Hyung is going to leave to America, far from my reach.
“I guess I have no choice anyway.” Oppa sighed. “I’ll start packing then.” Jae Hyung slipped my arms off his, and walked solemnly to his room.

* * * * * * * * * * *

*ding dong*
The bell rang. Time was up it was exactly three o’clock. Jae Hyung dressed nicely, hoping he wouldn’t give his father a bad image. He wore a V-neck white long-sleeved top with black baggy jeans, and a Calvin Klein belt. He smelt of his Armani Di Gio, and had his floppy hair combed properly.
“Jun, my young man. How are you?” Agent Yoon’s voice echoed through the house.
“Good, good. Your son is in the living room.” Jun said.
“Thank you.” Agent Yoon replied before Jun closed the door.
“Is this your house? It’s very nice.”
“Yes it is, I’m sure yours is much better.” Jun complimented as Agent Yoon chuckled.
“Appa.” Jae Hyung stood up as his father came into the room.
He was wearing a black suit with a red tie. His belly stuck out like how it did years ago.
“Jae Hyung Yoon. My son, you have grown finely. I guess you have been eating the right food from Aunt Kashima.” He shook chuckled as Jae Hyung gave a faint smile.
“And here’s Aunt Kashima’s girl herself. Young Kashima Chaenari.” I bowed politely with tears blurring my sight. I raised my head and looked straight into Agent Yoon’s eyes.
“Girl, you seem to have a fragile heart. Learn to keep strong before a man breaks it into pieces.” He wiped the tears from my eyes with his two thumbs, from the one side and to another.
“You’ve got your father’s eyes.”
“We’ll leave the two of you together.” Jun stretched out his hand to me. We walked out together with his arm around mine.
“Let’s go to eat.” Brother Jun closed the door behind him and walked me to a small restaurant. He ordered strawberry flavored ice cream and a hot cup of white coffee.
This has been one of the worst days in my entire life.
“Two rubles you owe, misssss.” A voice shook me. It was that damn old bag again. My heart skipped of shock.
“Go away, we don’t owe you anything!” Jun exclaimed.
“But yes she does, sir. I foretold her future danger and she walked away without paying two rubles.”
“Is that how bloody cheap you are? Please leave us alone.” Jun glared at him.
“I want my two rubles. Didn’t she tell you about my little magic? I told her that she has a very close person who she was about to lose. And what do you know, deaarrr, he’s leaving today.”
Jun was astonished and I was stuck, not knowing what to say or do. Jun took out two rubles from his pocket and slammed it on the desk, taking me away from that small jerk.
“Chaenari! How dare you let him tell you this crap?” Jun cried aloud in the open.
“I had no choice, he wouldn’t let go of me! I didn’t want to listen to him, but he spilled it all out. Jun, please believe me and forgive me. I really didn’t want to hear – OPPA?” I saw a black car drive through the street across from me with Jae Hyung inside. He left that sudden?
“Jae Hyung!” I shouted, trying to run to the car, but Jun held me back.
“No use trying! You won’t catch up to him anyway.” Jun held me tight so I couldn’t escape. Then it was too late. The car turned a corner and vanished.
“Oppa.” My voice broke as I whispered. My body felt weak and tears were streaming down my face.
“Hush, baby. Don’t cry.” Jun swayed me side to side. “Let’s go home.”
“I don’t’ want to go home. I don’t want anything at home.” My knees dropped and I let go off my brother’s arms. I felt as though half of my life flew away like a dove. The white bird of innocence flew where it belonged, in the rightful place, as it left nothing behind. Why did he have to go at a time like this? Why did that shithead bum come at a time like this? Why did he even approach me? If you love me so much, why don’t you stay? I want to cry an ocean… there is nothing left for me out in this world now.
“Girl, you seem to have a fragile heart. Learn to keep strong before a man breaks it into pieces.” I remembered Agent Yoon say. But it was too late.

Part 4
~5 years later~

I’m now finishing the very last year of my studies in St. Petersburg State University. Jun is working really hard to get into an intelligence program so he could be a regular 007. He’s been working on it for many hours and so much weight has been put on his shoulders. Sometimes he would work from early afternoon to early morning. Prince has grown up bigger than before now. He’s no longer a puppy, but he still looks adorable. Last year, Jun and I went to mum’s big family get-together. I never saw Jun so alive then, he acted as though he was still thirteen. My life is all about studying so I could be what I wanted to be, a secret agent. Nothing has toughed my icy heart since the day Jae Hyung left, 5 years ago. I wonder how he’s doing now. Let him be alright.
Class dismissed!” my World History professor said.
I gathered up my books and walked out of the classroom.
“Chaenari san!” I heard Jun’s voice call me. He jogged up to me and looked so very excited about
“Hey Jun. You seem very happy. What’s up?” I asked curiously.
“Hell yeahHh. Do you want to guess? Or do you want me to tell you straight off?”
“*sigh*… you can tell me straight off if you want!” I said carelessly. He slumped his shoulders and his head fell down. It was so cute!
“I really want to know, tell me!” I laughed. His grin returned.
“I made it into the elite intelligence program. Weeded out of over 15,000 young men, and I beat all of them. Once by one, I watched them suffer like poisoned worms.” Jun exaggerated, pointed to the ground.
“You made it?! Oh my god!!!” I asked, afraid I'll burst into tears.
“Now, I’m goin ta be a regular 007… but a better version of James Bond.” He showed off as I laughed.
“This calls for a celebration!” I jumped up for joy.
“Only if Jae Hyung was here, it would’ve been better.” That stopped me for a while.
“Yeah, it would.” I started daydreaming about how he is nowadays, inside and out.
“Tonight, we celebrate with Russian food and
some of the traditional Russian liquor, vodka.” He grinned.
“Yay.” I clapped my hands.

* * * * * * * * * * *

“God-fucking-dammit!” Brother Jun exclaimed as he threw a whole stack of folders, files and paper to the ground.
“What’s wrong?” I asked wide-eyed coming from my room.
“There’s a rising new face in the Russian intelligence program. He goes by the cipher name of Soldier and he’s as slippery as a fucking eel! I’ve spent a full term trying to track him down but he always has a damn escape!! God-dammit! Everything I’ve tried doesn’t work!” Jun blustered and raved out his anger and stress as Prince barked wildly.
“When was the last time he was seen?” I asked.
“He was in
Novosibirsk just four days before, talking to a drug lord named Fedor. They were trading 40 million US dollars worth of cocaine with some group. But what I want is his stats, everything about HIM. But he’s a fuckin ghost! He has no profile whatsoever. No bio, no files, NOTHING! Argh! The thing is that he’s always around.” Jun rubbed his temples and let out a big sigh of grief.
“Well, you could always get someone play undercover and find out about the Soldier.” I suggested.
“It’s not so easy, someone has a good chance of dying, and plus, Fedor and his pals recognize some of us already. We could get the US agents and help us, but then we have to know someone who we can go undercover as.”
“Hmm…  anyway, I need help in my last project in Uni.” I changed the subject.
“I’m gonna report about that group of murderers you did in Uni before. What was their name?? … Ummm…”
“Knights!” Jun exclaimed.
“Yeah” I clicked my fingers, “them.”
“Yes, THEM! You’re brilliant Chaenari!!! I love you! Name something and I’ll buy it for you!” Jun knocked me over and gave me a big bear hug.
“Uh-ha…yes…” I chuckled, not understanding what he’s going on about.
“It makes sense now! I will get someone to do undercover work as someone relating to the Knights, find out about Soldier, and stop Fedor from producing and trading more drugs.” I started to see the picture and understand Jun.
“Yes…” I nodded slowly.
“But who to do undercover work? I’ll need to call my boss first, and then ask the US agents for help. How many men do I need? I’ll call for a meeting first.” Jun paced around talking to himself.
Prince yanked my pants and looked at me innocently.
“Aww cutie, are you hungry? What do you want?” Prince kept yanking my pants asking me to follow him. He galloped to the front door and scratched his paw against the door. I opened the door and it stepped out side looking at me. He used his nose and pushed the newspaper to my feet.
“What’s this?” I asked and picked it up.
Frontline in bold letters announced, “Hero dog saved baby girl”. First I thought it was cute, until I looked at the picture carefully. There was a tall man in a long black coat he looked like…  [flashback]
“My name is Dimitri.” He held out his hand [end flashback]… I remembered the man who helped me out. I read the article and it said that the 4-year-old girl was in an alleyway between two tall buildings stuck in a hideout. The little girl said that a man tried to drop her from a window, but instead, he hanged her up somewhere high and where nobody could hear her.
“Chaenari, I’m going to a meeting, wanna join?” Jun yelled from the living room.
“Sure.” I answered closing the door after Prince.

* * * * * * * * * * *

“Mr Dostoevski, this is my sister Chaenari.” Jun introduced in his boss’ office.
“Nice to meet you Janari.” The old fella greeted me in bad pronunciation with a low bass voice.
“Nice to meet you to.” I shook hands with him.
“Mr Dostoevski, I am glad to tell you that I have found way to get Soldier, and catch Fedor.”
“Proceed.” Dostoevski played around with his moustache.
“Around five years ago, there was a gang called Knights. They murdered and raped 4 nurses and weren’t caught by the police. I’m sure that they have some sort of part to the 40 million US dollars worth of cocaine trading. The Knights are well known; we have their profiles and stats, and we could have a secret agent undercover as someone who relates to them.”
“I found this article this morning Mr Dostoevski, I think you should have a look at it.” I passed the paper to him. Jun turned around to me and looked astonished.
‘What?’ I made up with my lips.
“Very well Miss
Kashima. You should work with your brother one day.” He gave a hearty chuckle.
Brother laughed like a maniac, not wanting me to be in a ‘dangerous’ job.
“So Jun Kashima, how may I help you with this?”
“I would like help from the US… maybe 2 or 3 of their finest men.”
“Very well.”
Mr Dostoevski nodded.
“You may need one of our workers as a back-up. The US reckon they’re better than us, and I don’t want you to feel pressured around them.”
“Well, I could ask Peter… he’s one of your top men, but he’s on a vacation very soon. What about Agent Rimski? Or…”
“How about your sister?” I asked.
Jun’s head shot up and looked at me.
“Well, she does seem like a smart lady. Are you good at acting?” He asked cautiously.
“Top student in the Arts Academy.” I said proudly.
“Sorry sir, may I please speak to her privately?” Jun asked.
I smiled at Mr
Dostoevski and Jun pulled me over to a corner.
“What are you doing? This is really dangerous. You’re putting your life on the line.” He whispered in Japanese tongue.
“And so are you! You said that ice-skating was dangerous, and you said yourself that I’m a pro.”
“This is different!” He quickly looked at
Mr Dostoevski before turning back to me again with his hands holding my shoulders.
“Look Jun, how much time do you have? Don’t you trust me? Please let me go.” I pleaded. Giving him a pretty smile.
“Don’t smile like that!” I knew that I was winning. I smiled even more. He gave me a faced of indecision.
“Thank you Jun.” I gave him a hug, knowing that he’d lost. He’s always strong about things, unless it comes to what I want.
“I see you’ve made a decision.”
Mr Dostoevski smiled. “I’ll report to you when I get the men from US.”
“Okay.” Jun replied and left the room. I gave him a big smack on the cheek.
“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna be putting my life on the line.”
“And you’re my secretary, not my sister.” He pointed at me.
“This’ll be so exciting! My first detective work.” I said delightfully.
I was such a child then. I had no idea that the terrible horror was drawing faster and nearer.

Part 5

The glossy Mercedes-Benz pulled up near us and a tall old man came out. He was thin and looked around his late 40s. Snow fell in small flakes from the sky and decorated my hat and hair with white crystals.
“Mr Jun Kashima, I’m Toby Ronald, and this is James Logan. We’ve come to discuss some information about Fedor and the Knights.” I patiently listened.
“…So the Knights do have a connection with Fedor. According the research and tracking, the Knights have been creating crimes in the South American region for the last few three years. This year, back in Russia, just before four days ago, Fedor had been dealing drugs to the Knights. I was looking through some manuals in my office when I came across some files that were non-labeled. So, I opened them with curiosity and saw information on nuclear warhead procedure dated for next year in South Korea. There were no names or code names mentioned in the whole folder apart from Fedor, Knights, and the Three Soldiers.” I jerked remembering that Jun had been talking about a guy named Soldier just this morning.
“Just a few minutes later when I was about to leave the building, a troop of around 25 men or so came pouring in through the main doors and shot everything in sight. I heard the noise from my office and quickly escaped out via the emergency doors. Later when the police were searching the area, every file was destroyed and my office was wiped out. Only one man survived… Logan’s cousin, who’s now in hospital with sever injuries.” I looked up at the man James Logan standing beside the speaker Toby. His eyes were fixed still on Jun and me as though he heard nothing.
Jun and Toby Ronald shook hands. “Thank you for your time.” Jun shook James Logan’s hand.
“Our pleasure, do take-” Mr Ronald cut off his speech and Mr Logan grunted. I was confused, what happened? Mr Ronald fell stiff on the floor and his black suit was covered in bright red blood.
“Oh my god! Mr Ronald!” I screamed.
Mr. Logan was already lying on the floor with blood pouring out from his stomach.
“There’s a sniper, Chaenari, get out of here!” Jun pushed me away.
I looked around and the hidden agents ran around chasing after the sniper. I quickly had a quick view of him; he was tall and quite muscular wearing a black suit.
“Hurry!” Jun yelled, pushed me to the parking lot.
The sniper was out of sight and the agents were lost, not knowing where he had gone. The parking lot was dark and scary, but Jun unlocked his car with his remote, thinking that he could still chase after him. We were around 15 meters away from his car, and other agents came into the lot starting up their cars.
Everything was so fast but I caught every single second of that moment. It was all in slow motion for me… cars zoomed out of the lot, and a car’s back window was shot. The car swerved around and two other cars crashed into it. The three cars blocked the way out, and there were gunshots firing at some men.
Jun quickly retrieved and lead me to a dark corner.
“Stay here, don’t move at all! I’ll come back for you. I promise.” He grabbed my shoulders and hid me behind a big dark green room. I was stuck in a small confined space.
“Jun, be careful!” I warned him.
“Don’t worry Chaenari, you’ll be safe back in my arms soon.” I tried to smile, but tears came flowing from my eyes. All I heard were gunshots and cars driving around. People were giving directions and shouting saying the sniper was still around. I had a headache so I quickly closed my eyes, praying that everything will be all right.
“He’s heading that way!” Some man said. I peeped out from my position and saw the man again; he had floppy hair flying around. Like the guy I had bumped into at the markets years ago. Around one third of the agents who were already here ran after the sniper and the parking lot was dead silent. Where’s Jun? He said he’d be back.
I snuck out of my hiding spot, and looked around.
“Jun!!!!” I screamed. I saw my brother fall to the ground against the wall outside of the parking lot. Where all the pure white snow had been, it had turned into dark crimson color.
“Chaenari…” Jun’s eyes fluttered and looked across at me. I held him tight holding on to him, holding onto his soul so he would never leave.
“Who will look after my Chaenari now?” He addressed to me in third person.
“Don’t worry about me Jun, I’m brave, you’ll be fine.” I trembled.
Jun smiled weakly at me. “Don’t be so strong all the time. Let someone take care of you. Someone you can trust. Someone’s who stands by your side like an eagle. One who’ll watch…out…for… you.” Jun gasped.
“I love you Jun, stay longer please?” My tears dripped onto his coat.
He smiled and closed his eyes. A shudder went through my body as I embraced him with my shaking arms.
Don’t worry Chaenari, you’ll be safe back in my arms soon. I remembered him say before he left me hiding.
You were meant to hold me safe in your arms.” I whispered.
“I will find who killed my older brother! Do you hear me?!!! I WILL AVENGE JUN!!” I screamed as the parking lot echoed fiercely.
Until that day when I see my older brother’s killer, I will NOT be pleased. I swore to myself.
“I’LL GET YOU!!” I screamed once more. Hoping that the sniper would hear me.

Part 6

The funeral was held in Japan and Jun’s boss and some of his workmates came. It was the family and blood relatives who all came. Relatives and close friends gave money in white envelopes and hugged me tight before they left. They knew that I would miss him most, even more than my parents. I had also brought Prince along. But he had stayed in the family’s house.
“Big sister,” a cousin called me as her sister. “Where is Jae Hyung?” She asked.
“Yeah, doesn’t he know about this?” Another cousin tagged along.
“I don’t know.” I said without heart. My parents were the ones who arranged all the guests. I wonder why him and his father weren’t invited.
The day after the funeral, I went back to Russia to finish off at University. Playing secret agent isn’t all that fun anymore. But then how would I find out Jun’s killer? I must go on. Jun’s house was passed on to me. Prince was much more happier at home in Russia for some reason. He would sleep in Jun and Jae Hyung’s room as I slept in front of the computer or the TV. Some days, it was hard to sleep… I would wake up, thinking that Jun would be making breakfast. I look much more different now, my hair is longer and I have a rounder, but sharp face structure.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Few weeks later, I graduated Uni, and drove straight to my brother’s old workplace, and waited outside Mr. Dostoevski’s office.
“Come in.” Mr. Dostoevski’s bass voice announced as an older man walked out of his office.
“Good afternoon.” I greeted Mr. Dostoevski in English.
“Ahh, Miss
Kashima.” He remembered me. “What can I do for you?”
“I would like to apply for a job here…  as an agent.” He looked at me square in the eye.
“It’s quite a dangerous job, Miss Kashima.”
“I know, but I would like to take that risk.”
“Very well. Please bring all certificates you have received during your recent years. If you’ve finished Uni, I would like to see the reports. I’ll take a look at them tomorrow.”
I bent down and took out my lever arch file. “I have it here, could you take a look today?”
He looked into my eyes as I smiled. “Yes, sure… I can do that right now.” He smiled.
Dostoevski flipped through my work and certificates and read my reports thoroughly.
“You’re a very impressive worker.” He looked at me through his big-framed glasses.
“Thank you.” I gave him a small tilted bow.
“Mrs. Gogol, please send me Dimitri Nikolai.” He pressed onto a button on his phone.
“You are one of the very few high standard students I have seen. I’m positive that you can work in this building, but it’s not so easy to get in. Dimitri will show you around, and tomorrow, you come back to this building for tests.”
I nodded as a man of came in. This must me Dimitri. What a baby face!
“Dimitri, please show this young lady around.” I stood up and left my file for Mr. Dostoevski.

“I’m Dimitri.” He held out his hand, as we walked through the office room.
“Nice to meet you. I’m Chaenari.”
“Oh, Jun’s sister?!” I twitched when I heard that he knew my brother.
“I heard that you were with the agents when they were chasing after a sniper.”
“If you don’t mind me asking, what did it feel like? To be in that position, I mean.”
I giggled at his question. Such a fool!
“How did you know my brother?” I asked.
“Everybody knows him! He was one of the very top workers in this building. Here, let me show you his office.”
“You mean… it’s not cleared out?” I was surprised.
“A legend like him? No one wants to.” I smiled.
“Here we are.” He took out his hand and opened the silver doorknob.
I lightly pushed the warm door and took a step inside. Wow! Everything’s so neat and tidy! I wonder why he’s messy at home…
“I’ll stand out at the door. Call me when you need me.”
I nodded back at him. I walked to his large table and switched on his laptop.
 a window popped up asking for his password. I typed in his birthday… that didn’t work. I typed in my parents’ names… that didn’t work either. I typed in my name… wondering if it might work. The screen switched to his desktop straight away. How sweet… he used my name as a password. n_n
I browsed around his folders, looking at all his files, then shut the laptop off. I looked into his drawers and found a gold frame. It was of Jae Hyung, Jun and me. I miss you so much Jun. I stroked my index finger onto the frame.
“What are you doing waiting outside this door?” I heard someone ask Dimitri.
“Agent Jun’s sister is in there.”
“Wow! Really? Let me take a peep at her.”
“Hey! Don’t be rude. Give her a lil privacy, man.”
“You’re such a caring person aren’t you?” The guy joked around.
I heard his footsteps stroll away.
“Miss Chaenari? Are you done?” Dimitri called. Form outside of the room.
“Yeah.” I walked out to the door.
“Oh-gosh, are you alright?” Dimitri asked.
“I’m fine! Is there something wrong?”
“You have tears.” He took out a tissue from his pocket and passed them to me.
“I do?” I wiped my eyes and looked at the wet tissue. I didn’t know I was crying…
“Oh, break-time.” Dimitri looked at his watch. “Would you like to have lunch with my friends and me?” He invited.
“Umm…” I thought hesitantly.
“Come on, I won’t let this harass you in any way!” He smiled.
“Okay then.” I smiled back.
“Has anyone ever told you that your smile could disengage an army?” He complimented.
You have a smile that could deactivate a whole army… I remembered what Jae Hyung oppa had once said.
“Yes, there has been one.”

* * * * * * * * * * *

Dimitri’s friends were making sure that I didn’t feel awkward around them, since there weren’t any girls.
“Tell us more about your brother.” They asked.
“Well… ahh...” I didn’t know what to say.
“I heard he was good at turning chicks on.” A guy dropped a line. I started laughing.
“Well, do you know his secret?” They asked. I nodded slowly exciting them up.
“Tell us… puh-leeeaaase?” They gave cute faces.
“You have to be nice to a girl. Guys who stare at them, wink at them, put their arms around them are classified as either players, or boy sluts.”
“BOY SLUTS?” The guy beside Dimitri asked.
“Yep. So say ‘hi’ to a girl, ask how they’re doing, talk to them as if you know them and that you’re a caring guy.”
“Ooooohhhhhhh.” They all nodded in unison.
“I wanna try!” One guy said as everyone laughed.
It was a fun day, and Dimitri made sure that I got back home safely.

Day one to becoming and agent was over, next was day two.

Part 7

Day two of training was physical training, day three was paper work, within a week, and I started working as an agent’s assistant. My table was right in front of an office. I made sure my appearance was tidy, wearing a blouse and a black skirt with black shoes and stockings. My hair was tide up in half a ponytail, and I entered the building.
*knock knock*
I knocked on my boss’s door.
Come in.”
Nervous a little, I opened the door, and saw Dimitri at the table.
“Huh? … Are you my assistant?” Dimitri asked confused.
“I guess so.” I smiled, more relaxed.
What a surprise. I was the assistant of Dimitri. We got along with each other a bit more, and I learnt more about him. In the next week, I was a busy bumblebee working my ass off. But I guess it’s all worth it, since I still want my revenge for my brother.
“What?! Not again!” Dimitri pushed himself away from his table.
“What is it?” I asked, brushing my hair behind my ear.
“Fedor is back in the game.”
“Fedor? Again?”
“He’s dealing more drugs in Korea with the Knights.”
Then I recalled a man standing out of a Mercedes-Benz and said “I was looking through some manuals in my office when I came across some files that were non-labeled. So, I opened them with curiosity and saw information on nuclear warhead procedure dated for next year in South Korea. There were no names or code names mentioned in the whole folder apart from Fedor, Knights, and the Three Soldiers.”
I remembered it clearly.
“He’s not dealing drugs. You’ve got the wrong information.”
“What do you mean? There are agents waiting in Korea, trying to capture them.”
“You can’t put that many men in Korea, they don’t know where they are.”
“Every agent in the world has this info. You can’t say its wrong.”
“When I was with Jun that last day, when the sniper attacked, I listened to every single word given by two men. There was a folder destroyed before, which is evidence to me now, that they are going to set off a nuclear warhead procedure this year in Korea. They aren’t dealing drugs anymore.”
“10 agents and assistants who speak English of Russia will be helping to capture them drug dealers, 30 agents and assistants from America, and 16 from Britain. They are sneakier than mice, so we have many people helping. They are sure that they are only drug dealing. Why would they launch a nuclear warhead in Korea?”
“Because Korea is known for these weapons, and these guys are racists. Everybody knows that they are!”
“You may have a point, but it’s better to stick to our task, and watch out if they do any drastic things.”
“Who are going to help? And when are they leaving?” I asked.
“I’m not sure, there will be and assembly this afternoon, and notices will be given then. Could you please get me coffee?”

* * * * * * * * * * *

I waited for the assembly in the largest room of the building. Everyone sat down in chairs and talked until it started. It took so long, for them to make the announcement about the undercover work in Korea. I still didn’t understand much Russian, so I looked outside the window.
“…Mr. Dimitri
Nikolai, … assistant Miss Janari Kashima.” I heard people roaring and clapping.
“Chaenari!” Dimitri called.
Did they announce my name? They still can’t pronounce it!
“We’re one of the 10 working undercover for the drug dealing in Korea.”
“We are?” I was excited. I knew this day would come. My time for revenge! All this hard work has paid off, and I’m going to find who the sniper was.

Part 8

We arrived at America first, my heart was pounding knowing that Jae Hyung oppa and Agent Yoon was living here years ago. Some people changed their names into codes so nobody has heard of them before, so not even the British and Americans would know. Dimitri said it was safer, but he couldn’t because he had been working with his name for the last few years, and wasn’t a good choice to change now. So I changed mine into Selena. From that day on, Dimitri called me by my code name.
They held a shooting test the first day when everyone settled in, to see who was better at the guns, and who was better off with other work.
“Could I have a try?” I asked Mr. Johnson, who was the manager of the building.
“Sure.” He smiled with wrinkles crinkling beside his blue eyes.
“Play-time.” I said to myself. Everyone practiced in partners, so I went with Dimitri.
The lights turned off and noises signaled, with lights flashing in many directions.
“I’ll watch your back, you watch mine.” Dimitri said.
Our gunshots boomed like fireworks for around 40 seconds.
They pulled out the dummies to inspect our shooting.
“Pwah-hahahaha.” Dimitri laughed out loud. Mr. Johnson whistled with admiration. I had shot a hole straight through the crotch of one dummy.
“Gosh Selena… that’s really good… but I’d hate to be a criminal if you were chasing after me.” Dimitri cracked up.
“Thank you.” I was pleased at my accuracy.
“Wow, mama. That’s a perfect shot!” A tall Asian guy walked up to me.
“Thanks.” Somehow I felt as though I knew him. “Do I know you?” I asked.
“No, I believe we just met. Raphael.” He held out his hand.
“As if in Ninja Turtles Raphael?!” I asked.
“Yeah.” He chuckled as we shook hands. His grip was firm.
“This is my friend Dimitri.” Dimitri and Raphael shook hands.
“Hey Raph! Come’ ere.” A man called out to him.
“Catch you guys later.” He waved.
“Sound like a nice guy.” Dimitri commented.
“Yeah.” I nodded with my arms crossed, and biting my lower lips.
“Betcha like him!” Dimitri said behind my ear.
“Oi, don’t make up stupid things!!” I slapped him across the arm.
“Haha, just playing.” He backed away.
“Selena, the boss is on the phone for you.” A comrade yelled across the hall.
“Hello?” I answered.
“Ah, Kashima, this is Mr.
“Da.” I answered, waiting for his reply.
“Your ah…Prince… will be in your care very soon.”
“You mean my dog?” I asked surprised.
“Yes…” I could imagine him nodding.
“Thank you so much Mr. Dostoevski!”
“Ya, ya… be a good girl. Bye-bye.”
“Bye.” I smiled and hung up.
I couldn’t believe it; they allowed my dog to come with me.
“What was that about?” Dimitri asked, hanging his gear on the rack.
“They allowed Prince to move with me.” I bursted.
“What?! Really?!” His eyes grew wide.
I nodded. “Lucky you!” His arms opened for a hug as I threw myself in his arms. Little did I know, Raphael was looking at us from the other side of the room.

* * * * * * * * * * *

“Could I have your attention please?” Mr. Johnson yelled with one arm waving and the free hand beside his mouth. Everyone settled down.
“We’re now going to announce the room-mates made for in Korea. We tried our best to put everyone with their team. First room is Gregory Smith, Alicia Jones, Steven Chalk, Cameron Simmons, and Julie …” Gosh, the list went on forever! Some people even started playing card games. Well, I guess you’d know who I ended up with! Dimitri, and Raphael … and another two people who didn’t mind sharing our room.
“A few number of you have requested your pets over. They will be at Korea tomorrow when we will flying to Korea to start our mission. Could everyone please follow Mrs. Green on that corner to the cafeteria for dinner. Thank you.” Mr. Johnson ended his talking.
“Mmm, dinner.” Dimitri dreamily said.
“Knock it off!” I swatted his forehead lightly.
“Haha, why are you so mean?” He laughed.
The cafeteria was big enough to fit everyone in, and they were making roast dinner. I stood next to Dimitri waiting in line with our black trays.
“Would you like potato, pumpkin, or fried chicken?” A male chef asked me without any emotion.
“Potato please.” I smiled with my eyes squinty, wondering what was up his ass.
“Apple sauce or barbecue?”
“Ahh… aren’t you Raphael?” I asked the guy in a white apron and white cap.
“Boo.” He took off his cap, showing the rest of his head.
“What are you doing helping with the food?” I asked finding his “boo” amusing.
“I volunteered to help. What? A man can’t help these cooks?” I grinned.
“Do you think there’s any rice.” I whispered.
“Hurry up girl-at-the-front!” A guy far behind yelled.
“Shut your trap, or else she’ll shoot a bullet in your crotch!” Raphael defended.
“Haha thanks.” I looked down, ashamed. >_<
“I’ll get you some of the rice I made earlier on. Go to your table and I’ll find you.” He said.
“Thanks again.” I thanked him.
“I can tell you like him!” Dimitri whispered when we left.
“I don’t like you! You read minds.” I gave him my evils.
“So you do?” He eagerly asked. I wiped my cutlery clean with a serviette and pretended to ignore him.
“Ooh, you go girl.” Dimitri faked a lady voice. I almost choked from laughing.
A few minutes later, Raphael bounced onto the seat next to me and placed a bowl of rice and a set of chopsticks on my tray.
“Thanks.” I owed him.
“Well, I’m finished. I’ll leave you two together, I have to um, pack my stuff for tomorrow.” Dimitri lifted up his unfinished tray of food
“Cya.” Raph waved.
“See –you- later.”
“How’s your food?”
“Good, good.” I nodded. “Did you help make them?” I asked to keep the conversation going.
“Nah, I wanted to.”
“Oh, okay.”
“Hey, we’re going to be room-mates soon hey?” He jumped.
“Yeah, we are.” I gave him short answers, hmm… if I talked longer, it might scare him off.
“Why are you giving me short answers?” He asked as though reading my mind.
“Oh, the food is … scrumptious.”
“It better be!” He teased.
“Do you like cooking?” I asked.
“Yeah, I used to cook for my family, and close family friends.”
“Oh, that’s nice.” I commented.
There was a short silence.
“Uhh, no offence, but could you not answer me with short answers and talk to me… as though…” He stopped and thought for a moment, as though re-collecting his words.
“Who is the person who you talk everything out to?” He asked.
“My brother… wait, my dog.” I rephrased, forgetting that Jun has passed away.
“Haha? Your dog? Okay then, talk to me like you do with your dog.”
“Errmm…” Gee, he’s a weird one. I guess looks can be deceiving. “You’re so cute, look at your adorable ears?”
“Hahaha, okay then. That’s a start.” He said as I finished my dish. “Are you Korean?”
“No. I’m Japanese.” I spilled, forgetting that I shouldn’t reveal my real identity. Raphael looked down.
“I’m sorry, did I say something?” I quickly asked noticing his small frown.
“Nah, heh. I just… I used to like this Japanese girl.” He lifted his head, trying to cheer himself up.
“Oh, sorry.”
“Nah, it’s cool. Well, I’m Korean.” He attempted to smile.
“You’ve got watery eyes.” I saw tears forming in his dark eyes.
“Oh, haha… it’s just… yeah, I got something in my eye.” He rubbed his eyes. Must’ve been a special girl. He’s crying over his past love. I had a feeling that I would be talking to him more.

part 9
~Arrived in South Korea~

“Surprise.” A guy’s voice boomed behind my right shoulder.
I turned to my right but no one was there, I quickly turned to my left and found Raphael’s face and inch away from mine.
“Crap, you scared me.” Raph laughed as I reminisced Jae Hyung doing the same thing 7 years ago.
“Do you have your dog coming in?” He asked calming down.
“Yep. His name is Prince.”
“No way! One of my friends has a dog named Prince.”
“Really? Wow.” I said in the frosty air rubbing my arms.
“Here.” Raph took off his large black jumper off and placed it in my arms.
“Nonono, you keep it yourself. I don’t think I will have to stay out here for long.
“Sure?” He asked.
“Absolutely, take it. I threw it back at him.
“Okay.” He raised his eyebrows.
Five people waited for their pets outside including Raph and me. My scar on my shoulder blade was stinging like nuts.
“Well, it’s been over 10 minutes that we’ve been waiting here. I really think you should take my jumper.” Raphael offered once more.
“They’ll be here soon, I can stand it.” I said with my jaws frosted. I pulled up my turtleneck higher, and crossed my arms.
“You’re a brave one.” Raphael said. “But I really think you should take it.” He took off his jumper again.
“What makes you think I should?” I asked.
He slid his warm jumper on me easily without hesitating. What was wrong with my body? Why didn’t I use my arms to take it off?
“Because you are so frozen you couldn’t push my arms away from putting the jumper on.” He answered my question.
I gave him my warmest smile in the freezing dark night.
“I hope you don’t mind me asking, but… who was your first love?” He asked softly.
“Oh, well… I don’t think I should say his name, but he was in my primary school in Japan.”
“Oh, do you still like him?”
“Erm… I haven’t seen him for a very long time.”
“Who was your first love?”
“The one I love at the moment. We used to be fake siblings, cos we were so close.”
“Well, everybody wants a sibling to look after them.”
“But she was special. I lived with her ever since she was born, and I don’t think she ever really knew that I loved her.”
“Whoo, they’re finally here with our baby pets.” A lady cheered.
The dark green truck parked slowly. The truckie stepped out and opened the back doors, releasing our pets in leads or cages.
“Prince, sweety. Are you okay?”  I pushed the black jumper sleeves up so I wouldn’t dirty it, and rubbed Prince on the belly.
“Wow, that’s a charming dog.” Raph said.
Haha, funny he mentioned it. Prince charming.
“Here’s my little beauty.” Raph held his black and white Japanese Chin.
“Is it a guy or girl?” I asked in curiosity.
“Her name’s Baby, she’s a bitch!” He proudly said.
“Oh my… you didn’t have to say that.” I chuckled.
“I hope your Prince won’t mind having a female around him in the room.”
“I don’t think so.” Prince walked towards Raph, climbing on his leg to Baby.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The two dogs slept peacefully together in the room as Raphael slept on the mattress on the floor, I slept on the bunk above Dimitri, and the other two roommates Judy and Faith were on the other bunk.
The next morning, Raphael was already awake, playing with the two dogs. I pretended to sleep and watched him at the corner of my eye. He SOOOO reminded me of Jae Hyung and Jun…wait, more Jae Hyung. I wonder how he’s doing these days. I should search him up in the phone books.
Faith slammed her clock which woke everyone up and surprised the dogs.
“Sorry.” Faith apologized combing her blonde short hair back.
I climbed down the stairs of the bunk bed and checked if Dimitri was awake. But I didn’t have to wake him up, he was wide-eyed staring at Judy upon the bed across him.
“Judy and Dimitri, sitting on a tree…” I sang softly to him.
*Knock knock*
“Wake up sleepy heads.” Someone said from behind the door. “There’s a meeting soon, and work starts today.” She continued.
Everyone got up and changed, the dogs were fed, and were taken to another room. We all had our breakfasts, and then the conference started.
“We have no idea where they are dealing the drugs, or when, but we must start off with paperwork, only a very few number of you will be playing and act in this mission, the rest will be behind them, helping with tracking people, microphones, etc. Today, we are going to search up all information and see if there are any places where a few agents could go undercover as, or where the drug dealing would be held.”
Everyone started work like bumble bees. Computers, laptops, folders, books, magazines, and all sorts of things were being used as research tools. We worked from morning to six at night with 3 breaks; lunch, afternoon tea, and a short break time. There were a limited number of 3 people being able to go undercover. One was as a new waiter in a club, the second was as one of the performers at the club, and the third was as a servant for Fedor. The people chosen were announced as Raphael, Judy, and a girl called Brittany. The three were set for the mission, when the real action starts. 

“Selena!! Come… there’s a man on the phone for you. He goes by the name of Ivan.” Dimitri called. I quickly escaped from all the paperwork and answered the phone. Ivan… where have I heard that name?
“Hello?” I answered nonchalantly.
“Mizz Selena?” A clear voice broke through.
“Yes, this is she.”
“This is Mr Fedor, playing as Ivan. Da, I know who you are. You had uh… brother? No? He was a sneaky spy also?”
“Da… he was.” I answered in Russian. “How do you know me? I dema-” Fedor cut me off.
“And you had a false brother too, no?” Ivan’s heavy Russian accent was very unmistakable.
“Yes I did…” I answered cautiously. Remembering that he’s one of the most wanted men in the world. I made hands signs to some people around me, asking them to record the conversation.
“Ahh… so you know nothing. No worry. Now that I am sure you are Kashima Chaenari, I will tell you why I call you, ah?” He started playing cat and mouse with me.
“You know a man called Soldier yah? And also the Knights eh?” Five people started listening to the conversation while recording.
“Da, I do.” My pulse raced. What was he doing? How does he know me so well?
“Well, the two just left Moscow and is heading to South Korea. It’s called Blackhole House. He has enough cocaine there to make the world high. This is a tip off. Trust me.” Fedor said. Why is he helping me?
“Why should I risk myself and my comrades, Fedor? You’re on of the most wanted men in the world.” I said not believing him.
“Because I know your kind. You will go after I hang up. You’re that type. So was your brother.”
The line went dead.
“Wait! Wait!” I stood glumly with my thoughts racing, Fedor’s words were circling my around through my head. My comrades looked at me skeptically. I made up my mind that I WAS that type. 
“Sir, I think you should get some agents to the Blackhole House, the Knights and Soldier has an ass load of cocaine.” I spoke earnestly.
Everyone looked excited and surprised and they professionally got ready.
What did this have anything to do with Jun?
“Selena, how did Fedor know you?” Mr. Johnson asked.
“I honestly have no idea, Sir.” I said gravely.
“Well, since he knows who you are now, you’d have to go with the other agents. Get ready.”
“I am ready.”
In the next minute, everyone knew what was going on, Dimitri wished me luck and Raphael wished I wouldn’t go because it was “dangerous”.

Part 10

We all waited in silence in the wintry weather. The house was gloomy and we were set out tactically along the house. This was the worst part… the waiting… waiting…and waiting in the dark…
Two bright headlights of a van shined on the wall. Then another two pairs followed behind. The vans were almost the size of trucks.  Three silhouette figures jumped out of the van and opened the noisy door of the van. Another four or so men stepped out carrying boxes, and ten built shadows got out of the other vans and carried out the boxes. One agent signaled the rest of the agents to creep around a corner silently. A man in a thick black coat stepped out, immediately I knew that this was Fedor. His posture and the manner he walked showed that he wasn’t one of the dirty workers. We were signaled to take action,
“HALT!” The leading agent demanded the workers and Fedor. Everything zoomed in fast play and every single one of the sixteen workers were caught, tied up, and put in the cars. The boxes of cocaine were sealed for evidence. It was a quick and bloodless assail. All the agents were happy giving each other high fives and sharing heir experience. The attack was so easy. What happened? Was there anything else to it?
I suspiciously scanned the area around.
“Where’s Fedor?” I demanded. “Shit!” I took off in the direction that he might’ve gone. The icy air burned my lungs. Luckily the land was flat, so I could see things miles away. The man paced fast in the distance.
As I came 20 meters away from him, I noticed that he had black hair and his long black coat was waving in the wind.
“Stop!” I cried out. The man kept walking on but he slowed down significantly. I warily pulled out my gun.
“There’s no need to do that.” The man called out in the frosty air. His voice was deep, reverberating, not what I expected. Was this even Fedor? He sounded much different on the phone.
“How did you know I was here…Chaenari?”
“You called me, Fedor.” The man chuckled softly. He nodded as though he understood something I didn’t.
“Why was this drug kaput so easy? You don’t like giving up your drugs so easily. What are you trying to pull?” I asked directly.
“I don’t know that Chaenari. I guess you’re just lucky.” The man resumed his original speed of walk.
How did he know my name?? How did he even know my number? What is he doing to me? Was he Fedor? He didn’t have a Russian accent. I wondered.
“Wait!” I ran after him, wanting to know the answers.
“AH!” I yelled as I slipped through the thin ice. I hadn’t realized that I had stepped into a thin, deep frozen watercourse. My feet had cracked the thin ice and I fell in the water. The cold water was piercing. Pins and needles burned through my body. I splashed around, trying to get hold of a piece of floating ice block. Unexpectedly, I felt a strong hand pull me up by my elbow. I gasped as I was raised up to the surface. He slid me to a thicker, more solid ice and removed my outer coat. I felt soft warmth surround me. Did he just… did he put his coat on me? I asked sleepily. Then I was shaken violently.
my cheek stung.
“Chaenari! Wake up!” I heard his voice boom. His finger searched my body for something, then he pulled out his gun and shot it into the air three times. He rubbed his hands and stirred up some warmth on my frozen body.
“Why are you… saving me?” I asked softly.
“Because I’m a human being just like you. Here comes your comrade.” He said as he got up and jogged away.
“Chotto…Wait… Jang gan man…” I said weakly, unable to move my body. That was my last conscious thought. Then I was surround with complete darkness.

part 11

The bright fluorescent lights hurt my eyes. I opened one eye timidly and saw that I was in a hospital room. Looking around, I saw Raphael dozing off in a chair, and Dimitri staring out the window. I smiled and opened my mouth to say something, but instead, all that came out was “*coff coff*”
“Cha- Selena!” Dimitri swerved around and hovered over me.
“How are you?” He felt my forehead.
“Har? Oh… Selena… are you okay?” Raph snapped.
“How long have I been in here?” I asked curiously, trying to reminisce what had just happened earlier on.
“The other agents found you lying cold on the ice floor two days ago.” Dimitri answered.
“What about the mission? How’s that going?”
“It’s going fine, you’ve been promoted to being a regular 007 now.” Raphael said with his eyes shining.

~» f l a s h b a c k
“You made it?! Oh my god!!!” I asked, afraid I'll burst into tears.
“Now, I’m goin ta be a regular 007… but a better version of James Bond.” He showed off as a laughed.
“This calls for a celebration!” I jumped up for joy.
“Only if Jae Hyung was here, it would’ve been better.” That stopped me for a while.
~» e n d

“Selena? Are you okay?” Raphael asked.
“Yeah. Oh no, how’s Prince?” I forgot all about my little baby.
“Judy and Faith are looking after him and Baby.” Dimitri said.
*knock knock*
someone interrupted.
“Miss Selena, it’s your lunch time. A young tall man came in with a trolley of food. Raphael jerked, it seemed as though he was giving the nurse evils.
“Thank you.” I smiled brightly after two days of weakness.
“Is this your boyf-”
“No. I’m her uhh… cousin.” Raphael quickly answered.
Only relatives were allowed to stay in the same room as a patient, but anyone else was allowed if there was a family member. “And this is your…” The nurse pointed at Dimitri.
“Oh, I’m leaving now. Take care Selena.” Dimitri waved leaving the room. The guy placed my tray of food on a table and moved it towards me.
“Enjoy your meal.” He said before he left.
I stared at the food on my table. There was jello, and a plate of different mixed food. The colors turned my tummy around.
“I’m not eating.” I was disgusted by the food they cook.
“You haven’t even tasted it.” Raph said.
“I’m not eating. Look at those colours. That’s just… eww.” I commented.
I saw Raphael stare at the tray and made a sickening face.
“Well, I was going to ask if I could have your jell-o.”
“GO ahead, I don’t wanna eat that.”
“But… now that you’ve mentioned the colors on the other plate… I’ve lost my appetite.”
Raph sat on his chair blankly. There was five seconds of silence until,
“Actually, I gained my appetite back again.” He helped himself to the small bowl of food.
I smiled at him as he ate.
“I’ll make you some chicken and corn soup okay?” He almost finished eating.
“Thank you.” I snuggled comfortably into the thick blanket.
Raph stood up in black baggy jeans, a long-sleeved white top and a denim jacket.
“I’ll see you later. By the way, you look like an angel when you sleep.” He slowly closed the door.
the phoned shocked me. I picked up the phone and answered, “Hello?”
“So I see you hab listened to my advice, Miss Chaenari.” Fedor hissed. My defenses rose. Why was this criminal calling me again?
“Yes, I did… thank you.” I hesitated.
"It's such a pleasure to help out such a lovely young woman. How's your body? Has it recovered from the shock yet?" Fedor asked innocently.
“How’d you know?” I demanded.
“Who do you think came up with the idea of this little evil scheme of mine?”
“Wake up darling, are you still in shock? It wasn’t me who you saw. Huahuahua. Oh, I guess you didn’t hear then… it was…oh wait, I should keep it as a surprise for you.”
“Fedor, tell me now! What are you hiding?” I cried.
The phone line went blank. If that wasn’t Fedor that saved me, who was it? It must be either Soldier, or a member of the Knights. But if they’re such criminals… why did they save me?

* * * * * * * * * * *

Here you are sir.” I gave Mr. Johnson the file.
“Thankyou.” The file had information about the Knights.
Dimitri sat at the computer looking through the file Mr. Johnson had just flipped through. Dimitri tapped the keyboard and clicked the mouse a few times. He gazed at the computer screen and fixed up pieces of jigsaw information.
“Yes! Ive got it! Now we have a file on one of the Three Soldiers.”
“Good, print it out Dimitri.” Mr. Johnson patted his back.
“Nice go Dimitri.” I smiled.
“How’s Raph feeling about his undercover tonight?”
“I guess a bit excited and worried like the other two agents.” I shrugged.
“This’ll take a while to print, Selena, could you please file the papers after its finishing printing in a folder for me?” Dimitri asked as he stood up.
“Sure.” I sat on his chair and waited for the printing job to finish.

Part 12

I watched the view of the club from inside a bag. There was a small camera in Judy’s bag and I was to watch out if there was anything suspicious.
I had heard at that time that Raphael was already serving liquor to people in the club, Brittany was backstage getting ready for her performance, and Judy was nervously waiting outside the club for Fedor and the Knights. The bag was facing the direction in which the Knights and Fedor would be. A few seconds later, three men in identical black shirts and black pants came in the view of the camera and sat at the table. Then, along tagged three elder men, and a girl.
In the dark club, I could see Judy acting cool besides the three elder guys. Fedor must be one of them.
the printer finished it’s work. I shuffled the sheets properly and pulled out a yellow folder and a black marker pen. Red lights from the small TV flashed on the white paper like blood. The red lights caught my attention, so I looked at the TV. Judy was serving one of the elder men. He had thick eyebrows and a moustache. That must’ve been Fedor. He looked of a Russian man sort. I’ve finally seen you now, Fedor.
Curiously, I looked through the first few pages about one of the Three Soldiers.
“Pyongyang University acceleration program… double bachelor in Nuclear Physics and Organic Chemistry… Gosh, what a squid!” I murmured skimming through the page.
“Leader in Great Dragon project. Mission successful. Leader in Red Tigers operation. Mission successful. Crap, whatever this guy touches, he turns into gold.” I was impressed with this Soldier.
“Recent project: Million Pieces…”
I flipped through the pages and a paragraph stopped me to take a closer look.
“Wanted for killing seven South Korean, Japanese and Russian agents. Last killing was secret agent Speeding Wolf (ie Kashima Jun)…” My breath was trapped in my throat. With trembling fingers, I flipped through a few more pages finding a glossy black and white picture. It was the guy I saw in Russia when Jae Hyung was sick. His name was… Ivan. I recalled the day he had helped but scared me. How could he! He was the killer of my brother! Tears filled my eyes when I thought of the day when I held my dying brother in pain. My shoulder blade ached once again making me wince. He was always wearing a long black jacket. I remember now! Where is he now? What else about him? I want to know more.
I turned to the next page and looked at some of his other bits and pieces with my tears flowing down my cheeks.
“Age: 28. Birth Location: Moscow, USSR. Works with: Three Soldiers. Boss: Soldier (ie Agent Yoon Hee An)” … AGENT YOON HEE AN? The boss of my brother’s killer was Soldier. My best friend’s father killed my dear sweet brother?!!!! What in the world is happening? Red lights flashed at the paper again, and I raised my face to the TV. There was his face! A long shot of Agent Yoon. Jae Hyung’s father. The red club lights was shining on my face. I’m lost! How come so many innocent looking people are so deceiving?! What will Soldier do now? What about Jae Hyung? Does he know? Is he also working with this evil man?
Girl, you seem to have a fragile heart. Learn to keep strong before a man breaks it into pieces. I remembered him say. But he was the man who broke my heart. HE was the one who made my heart ache when Jun died. Luckily he hadn’t come to his funeral, he might’ve killed everyone I loved there! I HATE YOU!!!

* * * * * * * * * * *

I immediately picked up the phone. I cleared my tears away and tried to act normal.
“Has the printing finished?” Dimitri asked.
“Good, could you please bring it to me now? Then that way, you can listen to what they’re talking about.”
“Okay, I’ll see you soon.” I hung up and shutdown the computer. I wrote “Ivan Maksim Three Soldiers” on the yellow folder, and left the empty room. I shut off the lights and walked sadly to Dimitri and the others. In the other room, I opened the door, and everyone looked up. I walked to Dimitri and handed him the folder.
“Thanks, princess.” Dimitri said as I recollected how Jun and Jae Hyung used to always call me.
“May I?” I asked Dimitri if I could listen.
“Sure.” He said taking his headphones off and reading the paper.
“Dimitri, tell me when Selena has reached your room.” Raphael spoke through his microphone.
“I’m already here.” I said, not as happy yet. Not after what I had found out.
“Can you see that? There’s Fedor, facing my way.” Raph whispered.
“Be careful Raph, to them, it seems as though you’re talking to yourself. They ARE also agents.” I stared at the back of Soldier’s head facing Raphael’s camera on his collar.
“What’s this? One of the Three Soldiers is coming to the bar.” Dimitri asked.
“Raph, be careful.” I commented before the man came close to Raph.
“Hey, I’ve noticed that you’ve been moving your mouth more than making drinks. What is it that you’re actually doing?”
“Singing my own song.” Raph tried to cheer him up.
“This is Ivan from the Three Soldiers. Hang in there Raph.” I gave him some information.
“I don’t believe you, buddy, why don’t you step outside with me?”
“Tell them you don’t want to. Someone has to serve the people.” Dimitri snatched the microphone immediately.
“Well, I’m sorry, I can’t do that. I do have people to-” Raph was cut-off line.
“Now.” Ivan gave a scary face. His teeth looked like fangs, and his eyes were staring at Raph’s eyes as though he was going to kill him.
No! Don’t! I yelled in my head, hoping that Raph would hear me.
“I’m going in. Whatever I say to do, make sure it happens.” I ran outside the room with my jacket.
“Selena, don’t be so naïve! Come back here at once!” Dimitri yelled with the headphones on. I ran as fast as I could, hoping I wouldn’t trip over. I could hear footsteps trying to hold me back, but I leaped out of the building and straight into my car. As I started it up, Dimitri was coming through the doorway.
“Selena!!!” he yelled.
I couldn’t stop; I knew that Raphael was in danger. Though I haven’t known him for long, it felt like I knew him since birth. Was this love?
I zoomed the car out of the parking lot and swerved a dangerous corner. Within a minute, I found some shadows moving furiously in an alleyway. I parked my car in the middle of nowhere and ran like a cheetah. Once I got there, I saw Raph getting beaten up. The world turned upside down. I was in so much shock, I didn’t even know if I could move. Ivan, I remember which one he was.
“STOP!!! Let go of him!” Three men turned their heads around at me. Two were holding Raph’s weak arms as his head was drooping to the ground.
“Get out of here, bitch! Mind your own fucking business!” One guy pointed a knife at me.
“Leave him alone! Take me for him.” I knew that line was used in many movies, but what else was there to say? I jogged up to Raph as the three guys backed away.
“Are you okay?” I lifted up his bruised face. Blood was dripping from his forehead and mouth. There was a dark purple bruise on his upper left eye.
“Go, don’t mind me. Get away before they get you too!”
“Too late sweety!” Ivan stood behind me rolling up his sleeves.
“You fucking bitch! Why don’t you just leave everyone alone?!”
I gave him a bitch-slap across the face. Then suddenly, there was a blow coming right at me. I tried comforting my stinging cold cheek, but it didn’t help one bit. So I slapped him back.
Then another blow came back at me.
Before I could raise my arm to slap him again, strong arms held me back like chains. I tried to kick Ivan in the family jewels, but he had moved away from me.
“Fucking son of a bitch!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.
“Oooooh. So what? I helped you a few years ago in a market, and now what do you do? Call me rude names? Young lady, you should fix up your temper.” Ivan said deviously.
“Fuck you!” I yelled as he bitch-slapped me.
“Leave the girl alone! It’s me you want!” Raph managed to yell while one of the men we holding up one arm and using his foot to keep Raph’s body down.
“That’s right, I forgot about that.” Ivan flicked his finger at Raph and the man holding me back slipped off and starting punching Raphael. Ivan walked away back into the club and left the four of us outside the dark, wet alleyway.
Raph was beaten up badly so I fled to him, trying to cover for him.
That didn’t stop the two other men; without running out of energy, they kept beating him up as though he was a soft-toy.
They didn’t even try to avoid hitting me, an innocent girl trying to save a friend, maybe even a loved-one.

part 13
~Narrator’s POV~

“I’ve had enough of this!” Mr. Johnson exclaimed.
“They’ve hurt two of our good agents! We know where Fedor, and the Knights are heading to; we heard their conversation through Judy’s microphone. We want pay-back time!” Dimitri yelled with his two arms up high like a leader. The crowd of fifteen roared with encouragement.
“Settle down.” Mr. Johnson demanded. The crowd went silent.
“It’s not so easy. They might even know what we know. We shouldn’t take the risk.”
“Sir, haven’t you noticed? Those two are lovers. They don’t even know it. Can’t we do this for them? Can’t we make our countries proud? Isn’t that why we’re out here for?” Judy asked.
Everyone pleaded to change plans for the mission. What could Mr. Johnson do? It was an argument one-against-sixteen. Judy was right; the three countries were out to make their country proud. Everyone had noticed that the two were meant to be. Mr. Johnson agreed with the rest, but on one condition, “…that is, that we will capture Fedor, and the bunch of criminals”.
Raphael miraculously survived through the thrashing up he had been through, but was still in the development of curing.
“Hm…hmhmhmm…” Chaenari hummed a tune sung by her mother since she was a baby.
Raphael played sleep as Chaenari hummed.
‘This can’t be true!’ Raphael said to himself.
‘Chaenari? No…it can’t be. She’s with her brother Jun in Russia.’

[Author’s note: geddit now? Dya noe who ‘raph’ is??]

Jae Hyung (yes, Jae Hyung) listened to Chaenari hum right beside him.
Wherever you go, I’ll be there.
There is a world we’re meant to share.
Sometimes the words don’t come out right…’ the lyrics to the song circled Jae Hyung’s head.
‘No, I must stay focused; she’s not the ONLY one who knows that song!’
Chaenari stopped humming, and left Jae Hyung to ‘rest’.
Chaenari grabbed her clothes and headed for the showers. The taps turned on, and the bathroom door closed.
Jae Hyung slipped his arms out of the blanket and scanned his arms. Blue bruises that felt like nothing covered his body.
His eyes shift around in his room and he tried to look at something interesting. In a microsecond, a shiny jewel caught his attention. Moving his head around, and squinting his eyes a few times, he made out what it was.
A necklace made of white gold shined like an angel. Was it safe for Jae Hyung to get out of bed? What could hold this curious fella back? He rolled his sheets up and headed towards the necklace. He came up close to the object and lifted it up to his wondering eyes.
There was a pendant of a rose shape. Behind the rose shape were some small words.
‘There are many roses in the world, but you are the one that stands out.’
‘Now where have I heard that from?’ Jae Hyung scratched his head.
*click click*
Selena opened the door and came out with jeans and a white shirt.
“Raph? What are you doing? You should be resting.” She dropped her towel from her hand to the closest table.
“Oh, just looking at this.” Raph drew his hand out to Selena and showed her the necklace.
“Don’t worry, I’m fine now. Thanks a lot for looking after me!” Raphael smiled like a thirteen year old.
Selena smiled back and looked at her necklace in Raphael’s hand.
“Where’d you get this beauty from?” Raphael asked.
“My brother bought it for me.” Selena combed her wet hair.
‘Her brother… hrmm… Chaenari’s brother bought HER necklace exactly like this…I wonder if-”
“That was before he died.” Selena finished off.
“Oh. Sorry.” ‘Jun hasn’t died. If he did, I should’ve known.’ “Here.” Raph returned the necklace to Selena.
*ring ring*
the phone rang and the both looked at it.
Selena smiled, asking to be excused and picked up the phone.
“It’s Dimitri.”
“Oh hi…”
“Just wondering, is Raphael okay now?”
“I think so… he’s standing up perfectly fine.” As Raph heard his name being called, he looked concerned. Selena mouthed the name ‘Dimitri’ to Raph, and then he shook his head, understanding.
“Really? Wow! Hey, we need two top agents in our new plan for the mission. And the boss wants you two!” Dimitri’s voice thrilled.
“Really? Wait, lemme ask Raphael first.” Selena covered the mouthpiece of the phone with her palm.
“The boss is asking if you’d like to be one of the agents in the new plan for the mission.”
“Sure. Just what exactly am I to be doing?” Raphael agreed.
“He said yes.” Selena removed her palm from the mouthpiece. “He wants to now what position he’s going to be.”
“Haha, Selena, he’s playing one of the top positions. He’s to be a lover of the other top component.”
“He says that you’re playing- Wait, you talk to him.” Selena passed the phone over to Raph.
“Hello? It’s Raph. What am I to do?” Raphael asked with one arm on his waist.
“You’re playing one of the top positions. You have to be the lover of the other component.”
“Oh, great!” Raphael was delighted. “Who’s the other component?”
“The beautiful lady standing in front of you. Meet me at the Round Coffee Place at six tonight. That’s where you’ll be starting the mission.”
*beep beep beep beep…*
Dimitri had hung up the line and left the two clueless.
“He says that I’m supposed to go undercover as your lover. Are you okay with that? Cos I don’t want you to feel pressured.”
“… I’m …I’m the second component? Am I the other main part of this mission? Wow!! That’s wonderful. Sure, I wouldn’t mind. Oh my gosh!” Selena knocked Raphael with a huge hug.
‘She even hugs like Chaenari.’ Thought Jae Hyung.

* * * * * * * * * * *

“He said to meet us here at six.” Raphael wore a puffy white jacket and white baggy jeans. His hair was groomed nicely. In the dark evening, you could hardly see his bruises.
Selena wore black flared jeans and a dark velvet jumper. Her hair was clipped to one side, and her round face made her look cuter than usual.
“Well it’s six now.” Selena looked at her watch.
“Agh!” Selena jumped into Raphael’s arms once she was scared after Dimitri greeted her unexpectedly.
“Wow, you’re really good playing undercover as a lover.” Selena realized that her arms were wrapped tight around Raphael.
“Here’s your two weapons, I’m sure that you two would find this mission like a piece of cake.” Dimitri slyly handed them a few hundred dollars and two cold silver guns, loaded.
“Don’t forget, you two are lovers. Nothing else. Just act normal. You’re not even agents anymore. You’re now lovers.” Dimitri disappeared.
“What now?” Selena asked, not knowing what to do.
“Well, we’re not agents, and we’re lovers. If we were lovers, what should we be doing?”
“Ummm… what would you do with your loved one?” Selena asked.
“I would… take her to a beach. But we’re far from the beach. Ummm… I’d take her to… an amusement park!”
“Wow! I’d love that. Which amusement park is closest?” Selena jumped to joy.
“We’ll just ask the man in the cab.” Raphael said once he saw a cab coming.
“Take us to the nearest amusement park please.” Raphael directed.
In a few minutes, the two arrived at the amusement park “Fun Kudos”.
There were yellow, red, purple and greed lights at the entrance. Raphael used the money given by Dimitri to pay for the cab fee and the entrance tickets.
“Let’s go on the Ferris wheel!” Raphael suggested.
The two hopped onto the seats and sat opposite to each other. Raphael’s heart melted as he saw Selena’s eyes twinkle like the stars behind her.
“Tell me, what made you want to become a secret agent?” Selena asked Raphael.
“Well, my father was a secret agent, and so was my best friend. Encouraged by them, I decided to take up this job.” Selena nodded as she listened.
“Are you cold?” Raphael asked.
“No, are you?” Selena asked immediately.
“No, haha.” 
The Ferris wheel turned around slowly, then stopped when Raphael and Selena were hanging at the very top.
Selena started to hum her song once again.
“A part of you.” Raphael recognized the song.
“Yeah. My mother used to sing it to me. And my siblings.”
“Really? I love that song. How many siblings do you have?”
“Well, one really, the other is just a close friend.”
“What made you want to become a secret agent?”  Raphael asked, wanting to know.
“Oh, that’s cos-”
The Ferris wheel started again, then made a few annoying noises. Suddenly, a few orange sparks flew in the air.
a piece of the Ferris wheel fell off. Luckily no one was in it. People screamed, but all that Selena did was sit beside Raphael.
“Wow. It’s gonna be a big jump from here.” Raphael comforted Selena in his arms.
“Let’s jump.” Selena said spontaneously.
“You might break your leg.” Raphael said warning her.
“I don’t think so. You owe me a soft-toy if I don’t.”
“Okay then.” Raphael held Selena’s cold fingers and was ready to jump off.
“One, two…WAIT! At the count of FIVE, we jump.” Selena said.
The two counted in unison…





They flew out of their seats and landed on a tent cover.
“That’s a soft-toy you owe me.” Selena grinned cheekily.
They laughed of the excitement and waited to slow down their heartbeats.
“I wonder what caused that to happen.” Raphael asked facing at the sky.
“Let’s explore the place.” Selena tried to slide off the tent.
“Be careful.” Raphael said, hoping that she wouldn’t hurt herself.
“It’s okay, I live in a wild life. Everything’s what people call ‘dangerous’.” Selena quoted with rabbit fingers.
“Is this what you call dangerous?” Raphael jumped from the tent.
“You mean jumping from high distances, or my job?” Selena asked, swinging Raphael’s large warm hands.
“Well, both of them seem quite dangerous for a pretty girl like you.”
“Then I guess looks can be deceiving.”
‘There’s something special I see in this Selena. She reminds me so much of Chaenari.’
“Let’s go.”

part 14

They entered a long white tunnel, which seemed to lead to nowhere. It was quite, and it seemed as though it was a restricted area. But they kept walking.
“…Then we’ll do … … … so we could …” A few mumbled words came from a door.
“Hey, Selena. Come here.” Raphael waved at Selena to return to him. Listening by the door, Selena and Raphael heard the same words.
“Gentleman, we are just five minutes away from our master plan. Soon, we will launch the weapons, and the world is a step away from us.” A very few hands clapped after the speech.
Raphael pulled Selena to another corner a few meters away.
“What do you think it’s about? Launching weapons at an amusement park? Are these maniacs controlling the park?” Raphael commented.
“Wait, let me see.” Selena crawled silently like a mouse to the door. She peeped her head to the small glass window, wanting to know who was in the room.”
the door opened!
Scared to wits, Selena ran with Raphael to the opposite end of where they had entered.
“COME BACK HERE! Sir, there are two youngsters who have heard our conversation.”
“DON’T WAIT AROUND, GO AFTER THEM!!!!” Another voice yelled.
Both hearts pounding like crazy, they ran to the nearest hideaway.
They stood chest-to-chest, waiting for the man to appear, so they could shoot him.
“Fedor, do not go after them, you’ll get caught. Let’s get to our plan. We don’t have much time.”
‘FEDOR?’ There was only one person they knew called Fedor. Smart brains think alike. Selena knew that it was definitely Fedor. Remembering the day she collected information from two men with her brother Jun, she knew what he was up to.
Steps slowly came closer and closer.

… closer

Raphael shot the man following us. The tunnel echoed. They quickly got out of the hideaway, and ran as far as they could, until they could find an exit. Puffed out, Selena slowed down slightly.
“Don’t stop now, let’s go.”
“I can’t… I’m too weak.” Selena could hardly breathe, and her legs knock down to the floor.
Raphael tucked his arms around Selena’s legs and back, lifting her up on her side. Without struggle, he ran as fast as he could.
In a few seconds, Raph too turned weak. They hadn’t done any physical activities for a long time. They walked behind a bin and hid.
“Shit! I dropped my gun while running.” Selena cursed because of her carelessness.
“Wait here, I’ll get it.” Raphael disappeared.
The last time someone had said that to her, they end up wounded, and didn’t come back.
Selena dusted her hands and stood up looking at her dirty clothes.
“CRAP!” she cursed once more.
A cold metal was directly on top of her head.
“Gotcha.” The man grinned.


Cautiously, Selena lifted her head up, finding herself lucky that she wasn’t the one dead.
“Gotcha!” Raphael blew the top of his gun.
“Here you are.” He handed her gun to her.
“Thanks.” Selena thanked him for finding her gun, and saving her life.
“There should be and exit somewhere here. Let’s go.” Raph pointed to his left with his gun.
They jogged their way out and say the exit sign glowing. But something had caught Selena’s eyes.
“Look, there’s a mass of files, let’s head in. There might be something useful for the mission.”
Without argument, both of them walked into the white heated room, and looked through the sheaf of files and folders lying around neatly.
“Selena, come and look at this!” Raph announced.
Selena walked decisively to Raphael and looked at the large yellow sheet. There were lines crossing parallel and many directions, circles plotted in many places, and a large cross in red. At the very bottom of the sheet read, “Activating the nuclear warheads”. Beside the sheet were the following names:
- Fedor
- Soldier
- Three Soldiers
   -Ivan Gogol
Peter Rimski
   -Soo Yong
- Tae Kwang
- Hae Il
- Joo Kim
- Man Gook

“Here’s all the proof we need.” Raphael packed up the plan sheet and the sheet of the people working in this dilemma. “Let’s go before they come back.”
Selena and Raphael headed out shoulder-by-shoulder, and walked out of the tunnel. As they walked, Raphael gave the papers to Selena to look at and hold. Rain started pouring down and darkened the skies.
“Wow, that was so easy, just like the time when I went to the Blackhole House. There must be a catch or something.” Selena said hesitantly. “What do you think of this, Raph?” Selena asked.
But he didn’t answer, as a matter of fact; he wasn’t even by Selena’s side.
“Raph?” Selena swerved around, looking for him. But she saw nothing but thin air.
‘Fucking hell! What the hell is going on?’ Selena cursed in her head.
“Raph?!” she called out to the noisy atmosphere.
‘Oh god, where is he?’ Selena tried to find her phone.
She picked it up and punched in a few buttons.
She waited on the line, calling him on his phone.

*ring ring ring,

ring ring ring,

ring ring…*
Selena relentlessly waited.

“Selena, run!” Raphael picked up and shouted.
“Raph?!” Selena called, unaware of what was happening.
“Hello.” A creepy voice crawled to the phone.
“Who’s this? Raph?” Selena said in speed.
“You don’t recognize my voice? Well, I guess it has been a long time since we’ve met.” The voice said slyly.
“Where’s Raphael? What have you done to him?”
“Guess who this is first. Wait, better if I let your friend here tell you.” His voice faded away.
“Selena run! Fedor is after you.” Raph shouted from the end of the line.
“Stupid kid, let me tell you who I am. I’m not Fedor …obviously.” The guy sounded like a pussy.
“But, I am Soldier himself. Do you know who I am now?”
“Fedor? Agent Yoon!!!” Selena raised her voice.
“Yes, your Uncle Yoon; father of Jae Hyung. How are you these days, my dear?” He asked harmlessly.
“Oh-my-god.” Selena trembled with one hand covering her wide-open mouth.
Nearly braking down in tears, she fell upon her knees.
“Now, give me the papers back, or I’ll shoot your friend here!” Agent Yoon threatened Selena.
“Let him go!” she pleaded.
“I want the papers.”
“Selena, don’t give them to him.” Raphael yelled in the background.
“I’m going to give you five seconds before I blow his head off!” He said scornfully.
“One…” He started counting.
“No, no, don’t kill him.” Selena pleaded.
Selena wept in tears.
What should she say? She wanted to pick Raphael over papers, but what would it mean if she agreed to give the papers to Soldier?
World threat or a person she seems to love?
Words circled in her head and made her dizzy. I can’t believe how evil this man was!
“Time is up, say goodbye…”
“Wait! No, Agent Yoon!!! Stop!” Tears welled up in my eyes.


The clouds formed darker, and the rain poured harder.

Part 15

“NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s all I have left!” Selena screamed her lungs out.
Her phone dropped and she fell upon her knees.
‘This guy is EVIL! All that time he had been a traitor to our family! Where was Jae Hyung? Was HE also a part of this mess? How can they do this to me? He’s been a criminal for many years. Now he goes and shoots a friend, a person who I really loved.’ Questions in Selena’s head kept rising.
She dropped to the dirty, wet ground and cried looking at the phone.
“No, it can’t be. Please god, tell me it’s not true!” She whispered in the air, failing to get air through to her lungs.
There was silence.
Tears streamed down my face. Why was fate so cruel? It took away her remains of her loved ones… first was Jun, her brother. Second was her best friend, her first love, one of the biggest parts of her. Now, she’s left alone with no one, not even –
Selena looked around with a stream of tears rolling down her cheeks.
No one was in sight.
“Selena……… Selena!!” The voice seemed to have come from her phone. Though it had fallen on the ground, the line was still on.
“Speaking…” Selena was shocked and surprised.
“Selena, are you okay? It’s me, Raph.”
‘RAPH? OH MY GOD!! Thanks to heaven and the gods above.’ Selena thanked the skies.
“Raph!?” I exclaimed, my heart leapt in joy. “I thought… I thought you were dead…” I sobbed openly. More tears fell down from my eyes; tears of joy.
“I pulled the trigger Selena. I had my gun still.” Raphael grunted in pain. “I’m not sure if he’s dead. I think I may have missed, but he’s either unconscious or dead. Come help me please.”
Selena instantly ran to the room they were previously in, and busted the door, calling for Dimitri and their boss. 
“I called the boss, they said that they’ll be coming soon. Are you okay?” Selena held Raphael so tight.
“Let’s leave now.” Selena dragged Raph up and held him by his waist.
Walking out together, they knew it wasn’t just over yet.
“If you see anything suspicious, make sure you take care of it. I have a feeling it’s not over yet. We still haven’t captured Fedor and a few men.” Raphael said.
Selena looked out at the sign “Fun Kudos” shining brightly in yellow, and then turned around. Thinking that there wasn’t anything suspicious, she walked on in the rain.
*POW! *
A bullet shot through Selena’s right arm.
“Ow! Crap!” Selena cried. Her scar on her shoulder blade ached and started to flood with blood. The rain stung her shoulder, but she held it in.
Raphael and Selena shot glances around high areas where the sniper could’ve been. There was a black figure passing in front of the ‘N’ in the sign “Fun Kudos”, so instantly, Selena sharply aimed and shot the figure. A moan was let out, that gave the two a hint that there were snipers there.
Then there were two other black figures hiding around the ‘DU’ letters. Raphael shot four times at the direction.
Walking in fast pace, to the sign, a man came out grinning like a maniac.
“FEDOR!” Selena yelled in the noisy rain. Recognizing who the man was.
“I see you know who I am now.” Fedor said in his silky voice.
“But you don’t really know where your loved ones are, do you?”
Raphael squinted as he saw the blood poring badly from Selena’s arm. There was a bald patch in her jumper where she’d been shot. Raphael was looking carefully at the scar Selena had on her right shoulder blade.
‘But Chaenari, too, has the exact same scar on the exact same shoulder blade.’ Raphael thought.
How could this girl be so similar to his love, Chaenari?
She sings the same songs as Chaenari, she almost looks like her, she has her personality, her necklace, her scar, and even the smell of her hair.
‘She MUST be Chaenari!’
“Chaenari.” The name busted from his mouth.
Selena turned around.
“Sorry, who were you calling for?”
“Chaenari, it’s you isn’t it?”
“I- I’m sorry, I don’t understand. I’m not Chaenari.” Selena tried to hold back her lies. Though she was still working under the same mission as Raph, she couldn’t spill out her real details.
“Hahaha!” Fedor gave a dry laugh. “He knows who you are now, CHAENARI!” Fedor laughed even more.
“Don’t make me shoot.” Selena held her gun at Fedor.
“Chaenari, it’s you isn’t it?! Your real name is Chaenari… right?” Raphael butted in.
“Wait, not now. I promise, I’ll tell you who I am in a minute.” Selena tried to reject Raphael for a moment.
“No, it’s fine CHAENARI, you talk to your friend here, and I’ll just escape from you.” Fedor teased.
“FEDOR! Don’t move!!” Selena aimed at Fedor’s head.
“I want to know who you are, RIGHT NOW!” Raphael demanded.
“Raph, wait.” Selena resisted Raphael’s pulling.
Raphael was sick and tired of waiting, so he used his two strong arms and turned Selena around.
“Did you know a guy called Jae Hyung? Or Jun Kashima?” He asked.
“Wait! No.” Selena budged and swerved around, before Fedor could run, she had shot the letter ‘S’ from the sign a few times.
The large ‘S’ was unstable, and fell directly on top of Fedor.
This left the sign with only the letters ‘F’, ‘U’, ‘K’, and ‘U’.
“That’s right, Fedor, FUCK YOU!!!” Selena blew at the top of her head.
“Can you tell me now? Do you know a guy called Jae Hyung Yoon? Or Jun Kashima? Tell me if you do.”
Selena hesitated to speak, but she managed to say “yes.”
“You must be Chaenari! You have the same personality as her, the same background, the scar on your right shoulder blade. EVERYTHING! Do you miss Jae Hyung?”
Selena felt bad, Raphael now knows everything about her. All you need is the real name of a person to find the rest. Tears came from her eyes once more.
“Yes! I do. Now can you leave me alone? You know everything about me now! Are you happy?” Chaenari yelled out.
“Huh? Are you happy!? Yes! My name is Chaenari Kashima, I’ll tell the whole world now! And stop bringing up those names! You’re hurting me even more.” The rain poured like crazy.
“Chaenari.” Raphael tried to stop her.
“NO! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! Only my loved ones can stop me now.” Chaenari ran off and left Raphael alone in the dark amusement park.
Chaenari cried and cried, missing the two parts of her heart and life. Running from people was the only way Chaenari did to solve her problems.
She sat in a dark corner, cold and wet, hoping that no one would find her.
Crying a river, she played her song in her head.

»Wherever you go, I’ll be there
there is a world we’re meant to share
sometimes the words don’t come out right.
Maybe, I’d find the way tonight.
You’re still the sun in my world
forever still you give me enough
to the end of time, I’d always be a part of you.

Strong, warm arms wrapped around Chaenari.
“Chaenari, I love you. Don’t leave me like that anymore. You’ve scared me two times already. Don’t ever do that again. Please…. don’t. I’ve loved you ever since the day you were born, I had never really got to tell you. But when I did, you would think that I was just saying it because I was your oppa. Chaenari, don’t you recognize me?”
Chaenari turned around, looking at Raphael eye-to-eye.
“My oppa?”
“Chaenari, I really do love you.” He squeezed her.
“Oppa? J-Jae Hyung? Oppa?” Chaenari realized that Jae Hyung has been by her side as Raphael for the last few weeks.
“Jae Hyung, I love you too! I thought you left me.”
“You had never left me, Chaenari. You were always a part of me. You were always in my heart, and forever you will be.”
“Jae Hyung, do you know who Soldier is?” Chaenari asked curiously.
“He’s a guy that tried to separate us apart.”
“No, Jae Hyung, Soldier is also known as Agent Yoon.”
‘Agent Yoon? My father? My father tried to kill me?’
Jae Hyung pressed his body to Chaenari even more.
They sat together holding each other in their arms, in their rightful place.
Tears flowed from their eyes.
“Chaenari, I want to say to you that you are what your brother said to you. There are many roses in the world, but you are the one that stands out. I’ve loved you ever since you were born. You are the angel in my life; you glow in the dark, gloomy clouds. You’ve never said to me that you loved me, maybe you don’t. But I just want to tell you that I really do. Don’t think that I’m just lying so I could flatter you. I will take care of you ‘till the end of time. I want to be someone you can trust, I want to stand beside you like an eagle. I want to be someone who’ll watch out for you. Will you let me do that?”
Chaenari wouldn’t say a thing, she reminisced the last words that her brother Jun had said to her before he passed away; “Let someone take care of you. Someone you can trust. Someone’s who stands by your side like an eagle. One who’ll watch…out…for… you.”
“I’ve never said this to you before, I’m sorry that I didn’t. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me.”
“You don’t need to thank me for anything. I should be thanking you! You lighten up my darkest days. You are the rainbow after the rain.”
“Jae Hyung.” Chaenari pulled away from Jae Hyung.
“I love you. Every single part of my heart says so. I will love you until eternity. I love you.”
“I love you more.”
“Say it again.”
“I love you Chaenari.”
“Say it again, you don’t sound like you mean it.”
“I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, you are drop-dead gorgeous.”
“Once more, I can’t hear you, the rain’s still pouring.” Chaenari played around.
“CHAENARI KASHIMA, I LOVE YOUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jae Hyung yelled in the rain with his arms out wide.
He knocked Chaenari over when she was laughing, and then gave her a sweet, longing kiss.
“I still owe you that soft-toy, don’t I?” Jae Hyung smiled.
Chaenari nodded, wanting another kiss.
The rain eased down, and the amusement park was empty.
Three police cars later arrived at the amusement park, now called “fu ku” because of the letters Chaenari and Jae Hyung blew up.
“Sweet as candy, sweet as rain, that’s what you are, and I’ll say it again.” Jae Hyung said poetically.
“We have some catching up to do. I’ve missed you for so long.” Chaenari whispered in his ears.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Agent Yoon aka Soldier was unconscious in the room, then was set behind bars.
The smoke in the air filled the dark cell room. He asked himself questions in his mind.
‘Why did I join them in the first place? You were pressured after getting drunk.
‘I knew I shouldn’t of got drunk that night. But your wife passed away that day. You were depressed.
‘Now look what I’ve done! I’ve destroyed many lives including my old best friend’s own son! I’m the most pathetic person in the world. Not even my son knows why I did this. He didn’t even know it since that day I left to America.’
He puffed out a loop of smoke from his cigarette and regretted that day he became what he is now. A father who failed to do what a father wants to do; be loyal to the people around him, especially his child and wife. Looking out at his window made of bars up high near the ceiling, he wished his son to have a bright future, and for him to never do anything like what he himself did. The stars shined and he gave a smirk.
“Sorry I let you down, my dear. But I promise that our son would be forever happy and successful in his life. I miss you so. How can I ever get back with you?”
He slowly turned to a policeman walking by. Watching the silver gun hang over the policeman’s belt.
The mission team celebrated the day after, and promoted Chaenari and Jae Hyung to the highest positions. They refused the opportunity, and instead, decided to have a long vacation in Japan. Their dogs Prince and Baby had 6 baby puppies, and were named Sweety, Gorgeous, Boo, Teddy, Mystery, and Wish.
They lived in a big double story house with two friendly maids.
A year later, they got married Japanese tradition because Jae Hyung’s mother had passed away, and his father died in prison after the mission. They gave birth to a baby boy named Jun, though he couldn’t replace the real man himself.
Fate is something that really exists, but when fate comes to you and wants to do something good for you, you have to do it on your own.
Don’t ever be afraid of telling that special someone that you love them, because maybe one day, you might not have the chance to tell them that.

"You have a smile that could deactivate a whole army,” he laughed
* * * * * * *

“Arigatō gozaimashita.” I thanked him
* * * * * * *

‘There are many roses in the world, but you are the one that stands out.’
* * * * * * *

“Your hair smells like perfume – do you spray perfume in your hair?” He asked foolishly
* * * * * * *

he said to me that he would save the world
* * * * * * *

 “Girl, you seem to have a fragile heart. Learn to keep strong before a man breaks it into pieces.”
* * * * * * *

 “Stay here, don’t move at all! I’ll come back for you. I promise.”
* * * * * * *

 “Let someone take care of you. Someone you can trust. Someone’s who stands by your side like an eagle. One who’ll watch…out…for… you.”

* * * * * * *

~» T H E  E N D «~


[author’s note: haha, bet you didn’t think it was worth reading, anyway… for some of those people who didn’t understand some things, I’ll answer them for you…

** The Knights is a group consisting of:

-Soldier- Agent Yoon (Jae Hyung’s father)
-Three Soldiers- Ivan dude (guy who helped Chaenari with the crazy fortuning-telling man), and some other guys ^-^.v,
** Agent Yoon killed himself that night in prison. He thought that it was the only way for him to see his wife. He was the one who saved Chaenari when she slipped into the ice. btw, he was also given an invitation to Jun's funeral, but he declined it.
** Kudos IS a word!! LOL… it’s like
cachet, esteem, stature, status, standing, reputation, or regard.
** You’re a slowass if you still don’t get this… but:
-‘Selena’ was a codename for Chaenari to use as a secret agent.
-‘Raphael’ was a codename for Jae Hyung to use as a secret agent.]