One Day
[author: unknown]

One day, but not just that one...a young man at the age of 18 was dying...dying from a serious sickness. He wasn't allowed to go out  or have fun like the other boys his age did. Him and his mum lived in a house together.
One day without his mum knowing, he decided to go to the CD store nearby, and as he went inside the store he saw the most beautiful girl of his dreams. He wanted to talk to her to hear her,  but was too shy to say a word. He decided to buy a CD so he could at least hear her sweet voice...
"Hi, can I please buy this CD?" He asked as the girl smiled and nodded.
"Would you like it wrapped up?" The girl asked, and the boy answered, "Yes!"
So she went to the back of the store and came out again with it wrapped.
Off the boy went back home. The next day the boy went to the store and did the same thing, but this time as he gave her the money, he also gave her a piece of paper saying...
'Hi, I'm Daniel. Give me a call on 9249 4659'
He did this everyday until his mum found out that he was going outside when he wasn't allowed to. His mum thought it was cute and said nothing about it.
About 2 months later...
Without both of them doing what they actually wanted to...he kept up with this process of buying and wrapping the CD's. The young man would wait everyday by the phone for the girl to give him a call, but had no answer.
Finally, the day came when the boy didn't show up at the CD store for the first time...
*brrriiinnngggg*, the phone went waiting for someone to pick it up...finally his mum picked up, the girl asked saying...
"Ummm, hi, is Daniel there?"
Daniel's mum suddenly went silent, then broke down in tears saying...
"Sorry, he passed away yesterday!"
There was a big silence on the phone...both of them said nothing until the girl finally dropped the phone.
A week or 2 went past after Daniel's death. His mum was missing him, so she decided to go in his room and look through his stuff for some memories...
When she looked in his cupboard, she saw stacks of little packages wrapped up all nice and neatly, filling his whole cupboard. His mum being curious about what was inside, decided to open one...
When she opened one package, she found a little note with a CD saying...
'Hi, I'm Jess, ummm I think you're really cute, do you wanna go out sometime?'
His mother opened another one and found a CD and a note saying...
'Hi, I think we should go out sometime, here's my number 9248 6594'
Daniel's mum opened all the packages and found a number of different little notes inside each and every one of them!!!
Daniel loved a girl, and was loved in returned, but the 2 were so afraid to talk to each other. Daniel died, not knowing that Jess had slipped a little note with every CD he had bought from the store she worked in.

When somebody's born,
Somebody dies.
When somebody laughs,
Somebody cries.
If you love someone,
Let them know.
Coz they might not be here tomorrow,
and may never have known!

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