100 reasons to why I HATE KISSES!!
[author: xainoangelx]


I woke up in a plain ordinary Wednesday morning. I put on my thick-framed glasses and braided my hair, and got ready for school. Perfect. I thought. Then I went downstairs for breakfast but my mom would always ask,
"Um..Jeanne...I think you'll look MUCH better wit your hair straight and your glasses thrown away...??"
Then I would always say..
"I think it's prettier this way.."
I really thought it did.... BUT when I went to school, everyone would just laugh at me. I didn't get it. Why is everyone laughing? Don't I look pretty in these glasses??... Then ONE DAY, my whole life changed.


It was a rainy day.. and rainy day..meant bad luck! Anyways, I rose up out of my bed and looked out the window.
"NOOOO!!!"I screamed out loud. I must have looked stupid..
The school bus was already here!! Ugh!!! I quickly dressed up, and wore my precious(?) glasses. Then I ran out.. But it was too late. The bus had already left.. so all I could do was...RUN!~~!!~~ So I did...BUT.................................SPLAT!!
I fell down on a great BIG puddle. 
"Ouch!!"I groaned. I scraped my knees.
"Puhaha!!"I heard someone laughing from behind. I took a glimpse, but I couldn't see his face.. Huh?? Where are my glasses?? I squinted harder to look for them. Aish, I can't see a thing!! But then.......
"Oh!! I'm really sorry!! I'll buy you another-" The guy who was laughing at me suddenly stopped talking. 
"You!! You broke my glasses!! You big jerk!!!"I yelled at him as I rose out of the puddle.
" shouldn't wear your glasses.. You've got..."
What in the world is he talking about?! Then after a few seconds, I realized...
"ArghhH!!! I'm late for school!!"
"Hey! Want a ride? I'll give you a lift. By the way, what school do you go to?" he asked. Ooh~ a car? That's nice.. Heh..
"I go to 'Shinhwa High( ^^;;.. )'..."I said, as the guy was driving in the car. I still couldn't see his face.
"Whoa~ That's great ~That's the school that I'll be going to from now on!! My name's Hyesung. You?" He asked.
"Hehe...Hyesung's a cute name... My name's Jeanne." Then I smiled. I guess Hyesung's not a bad guy after all.
Few minutes later, we were at school. then Hyesung went to the office, and I headed for my class. As I opened the door, the classroom became quiet. 


??..Why the h*ll is everyone staring at me? Something on my face??;;
I sat at my desk, while the class remained quiet as ever... This is weird.. Then someone came up to me and asked..
"Who are you? You look hot~"
Ugh~ what a pervert!! Hot?? Me?? No way~
But how come they don't know who I am??
"Don't you people know me? I'm Jeanne!! Jeanne Kim!! "I told them.
There was silence in the room... Then the whole class broke out into laughter.
"Puhahah~You don't mean that dorky girl who always wears those huge glasses~? Haha~"
"I lost them this morning..;..I...uh...fell over..( -__-;;..).."I answered. Well..I couldn't tell them that I slipped in a mud puddle!
Everyone just stayed quiet.. Untill Mrs.Suh, our homeroom teacher, came with a news. She cleared her throat and looked around the classroom. then she opened her mouth and said,..
"Well, class, we six new students today. Well, come in, six of you, and introduce yourselves."she said, opening the door behind her.
Then I saw six tall guys walking in.. but I couldn't see their faces. I heard some girls whisper, 'Ooh..They're so HOT!!' or things like.. 'Yes!! this is a good chance for the prom night!!' Weirdos. I did always want a boyfriend, but I never had one before. Even my first kiss. Poor me..
"Ooh!! Jeanne!! It's me!! Hyesung!!" called out one of the boys... Wait a minute.....Hyesung?? I squinted again, but he came closer and handed me a small box.
"Those are contacts.. I think You'll look better with those on. Heh~ Try it on-"He said... So I did. Whoa. I guess contacts are okay.. So I turned around to thank Hyesung...
"..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I was shocked and amazed at the same time! Hyesung was my ideal type of a guy!! He was so hot!! And even the 5 others who were behind me. I suddenly blushed furiously at the thought of this morning when I was covered in mud.
"Um...?? May I talk now?" began Mrs. Suh, "Where would you like to sit gentleman? No one sits next to Jeanne...Wait!..Where's Jeanne??"
"I'm right here.."I answered in a small voice.
"Oh. I see. I guess you've done something with those eyes." She said coldly. For some reason, I didn't like this woman, and she didn't like me at all, too.
Few minutes later, the seats were arranged and we sat like this:
[Minwoo]..[some other girl]
The bell rang, and history class started as Mr.Lee came in..


.. The history teacher, or Mr. Lee.. was known as the most boring teacher in our school.. AND he was known as a mad man. Once, he was almost got fired because he touched a girl's butt. He always bothered pretty girls, but I wondered why he hadn't bothered me. Maybe because I hid my face behind my glasses? Anyway, for SOME reason, he was bothering me today. 
"Miss Kim, come up and answer to this question" He said, pointing at me.
I came up to the teacher and I answered it correctly. BUT it didn't stop there. His hands ran down my back and he was touching where my bra straps were!!!!.. I got scared and I just froze right in front of our class. But suddenly, Junjin stood up and walked up in front of the teacher and....... POW!!!!!!!
"Ugh...Do you have a problem, Junjin??" Mr.Lee said.
"Yeah, I got a problem.. You pervert.. Get your @ss outta here or you'll get FIRED."
"Who do you think you are? You're a student. You're NOT the principal-"
"Oh, yeah? I know that my Uncle is one, though."
Then the five boys in the back laughed loudly.
"Didn't you know that?" Andy yelled out.
Then I saw the most funniest thing. Mr. Lee's face went blue... and soon he rose up and tried to run...but his belt was caught on a hook...and with a LOUD ripping noise, his pants fell upto his knees showing his boxers, with unicorn patterns on it. The whole class roared with laughter. I just giggled slightly.
"Are you okay? " he said, smiling. He's so cute!!!
"Yeah....But is the principal really your uncle?", I asked.
"Yeah he is.. and we six..(he pointed to the other five and himself) are cousins. All...relatives.." He said. NO wonder they were all so hot!!
Then several hours later, school ended.. and I went home, feeling happy because Mr. Lee was fired!! But I wasn't happy for long..When I had gotten home, my mom was crying...and as soon as she saw me, she ran up to me and hugged me tight.
"Oh...Jeanne..I'm so sorry sweety.."she said, sobbing harder than ever.
"Why are you crying?"
"...Oh...Jeanne..You know your dad liked gambling and betting on things..Right?....But...But....Oh... He lost in a game... and Oh I'm so sorry.."
My mom told me everything. She said that my dad had nothing to bet on, so he used me. And I was supposed to go to the winner's house tonight, and live there forever..
Soon, I was in front of a GIGANTIC mansion with my eyes red from crying.. I pressed the bell next to the door..a door bigger than our school gate.




.. The doorbell rang again. Few seconds later the door opened, and I froze when I saw who it was. It was Hyesung. I guess he was pretty shocked too. His face turned blue as if he ran out of breath.. but he raised up his warm hands and touched my cheeks with his long finger.
"Hey.." He said. The was a note of happiness in his voice as he smiled gently at me. I was relieved to see who I was going to live with. But I felt sad at the same time by the thought of leaving my family forever. I felt tears in my eyes so I turned my face away from him. But he lended me a hankerchief with his initials, [H.S] on it.
"Thanks.."I said with a ringing voice.
"Heh..come in..the other guys live here too.." Then, he led me to the living room..which was big as an indoor basketball court. The five other guys were laughing as they watched a TV program. I just stood there quietly with Hyesung. Andy was the first one who noticed me.
"Jeanne..??" As Andy called out my name, the others quickly turned their eyes onto me.
"She is the person who was bet on?? Ugh!! Screw our uncle, Lee Sooman!!!" Junjin shouted out with fury... Wait.....Lee Soo Man..?? Our Principal?...He knows my dad?
"Nah, it's okay...I'm nothing compared you guys....heh...Can you show me where my room is..?" I asked. It was true. I AM nothing compared to them.... they're rich, handsome, and nice , too. But... I'm......just nothing...
"I'll take her upstairs." said Eric, as he took my hand and walked to the stairs.
"Do you always keep your hair in a braid??" He suddenly asked.
"I think it'll look much better....with them unbraided.." He said quietly. I couldn't see his face. He faced away from me. But I saw his ears....whick were pink.
"Really?"I said. then i un braided my hair and showed Eric.
"How is it now?" I showed him my hair.
"///////////"His eyes widened as he looked at me..and his face was red....VERY red..
"Really good...heh...this is your room...////////.."He said, as he opened the door.
I was just amazed. The room was totally covered in lavender, and there were vases on the window sill, with purple jasmines in them. There was a great queen-sized bed next to a big window, which reached up to the ceiling, and faint scent from the jasmines made me drowsy.. I suddenly didnt feel my legs, and I fell asleep as I felt an arm catching me.


*Minwoo's POV*

.. I woke up in the middle of dawn. There were frosts on the window, and in the blue sky, there was a faint crescent. Then I heard a low footsteps in the hallway. Maybe it's Hyesung.. So I rised up out of my bed and opened my door and took a peek. I guess she was the girl who came in last night. Girls. I hated girls. They always wore thick layers of make-up and tried to be attractive. Wait.. is that her?? She had no braids. I came out of the room to look at her... Then we faced each other in the hallway..
"Ooh!!///..."She said. I couldn't see her face in the dark.
"Got a problem?" I aked her coldly. I bet she wore make-ups, too..
"Um...your top.." she said, pointing at me.
I looked at my self. I had long pants on with no tops. It didn't matter, though.. Since we only lived in this house.
"Sorry..But why are you wearing a mini skirt?" I asked. She was wearing a very short skirt. She was just like the other women, I guess..
"I....I don't know...I was going to ask you that.. When I woke up in the morning, I was wearing this..""she said.
...So she didn't wear that on purpose? must be...
"Eric." I said lowly. Hah...Eric...I didn't know you liked women. I walked towards her..and ripped her blouse..
"!!!! What are you doing?!!!"her voice was trembling. Weird... there never were girls who refused me...but I was only trying to check..
"Checking for something. See..? Look here.." I pointed to her shoulders. There was a red mark.. Probably.. Eric's..
"Huh..??What's this thing? Did I bump somewhere??"she said. 
She doesn't know anything... Maybe...she can be the one I can only trust..I took her in my room and gave her a T-shirt and long pants.. She nodded then she went in to my bathroom and came out few minutes later. I turn all the lights in my room and saw her face. She was still blushing..
"This is not a body show, you know..."she said, blushing more. "Well.. see you later..Oh yeah, what's your name?"
Hah...she doesn't know my name? Maybe she is really different... Be careful, Jeanne.. I might love you, too....ha..
"My name.."I said, " Lee Minwoo."
Then she nodded and walked out of my room.

*Back to Jeanne's POV*

.. What a shock!! How can he rip off my clothes like that?! And why was I wearing that skirt??
My face was burning red..Then I walked down the hall. But, suddenly, something grabbed my arm and I found myself in another room.. with Hyesung. I felt his hands shake. 
"What did Minwoo do to you..Why did he rip your clothes off like that!!" He leaned me against the wall and shouted at me. I began to shake..For the first time in my life..I was afraid of a guy.
"I....I..-mmf!!.." I tried to answer back but he lowered his face and forced a painful kiss on me. But, it felt weird.... even though he was kissing really hard, I felt that he was not trying to hurt me.. Then another thought crossed my mind. My first kiss!!!..I refused him and pushed him as hard as I can. Then a few minutes later, he finally took his lips off.. and I was shaking, stiil. Then he took his hands to my shoulder.. and said.,
"Calm down...I didn't do that to scare you..I did it......because...I...."
"Never mind.. I can't say it.." He looked like he did... I heard a thumping noise echoing..a heart beat.. But it wasn't coming from me...But it was from..Hyesung.. He gave me a soft kiss on my forehead and left the room...I can't live here for long..I sighed. 


.. After a few weeks, I started to learn what kind of people these guys were. First, the oldest....Eric. He was a creepy guy.. He opened the door in my bathroom when I was taking a shower, and sometimes he touched my lips, which made me freak out. 
The second oldest, was Dongwan. He was a really nice guy. But I think he is a bit addicted to body building..-_-;...He often took me to take a jog in a great backyard behind our mansion. But to me, he's like a best friend.
The third... was Hyesung. He didn't talk to me much after my first kiss. But sometimes, he was staring at me with some kind of dreamy expression. I admit...I did get pretty...with his help. I still secretly like him though..But I often wondered what he was about to say after he kissed me.
The fourth was Minwoo. Lee Minwoo. If I can nickname him, I'd call him 'the Mystery Man' or 'Ice Prince'. He sometimes looked at me with really cold eyes.. which made my goosebumps rise. But another times, he would smile really cute. But the weird thing is, he never said things that made sense to me. Dongwan would always nod at his sayings, but I didn't get any ideas of what Minwoo was trying to say.
The fifth was Junjin. He's a nice guy just like Dongwan. He would beat Eric up, when he always looked in to my bathroom...and he would comfort me when I cried from a nightmare. 
The last.....was Andy. He was so cute!! I played with him always and he was just like a perfect little brother! He usually came to me for help with his homework. The weird thing was, he was older than me, but I felt older..

Today, it was sunday, so we stayed in the living room, watching TV. As usual, I was chatting with Andy, Dongwan was doing push-ups, Minwoo was shooting cold looks at me, Hyesung was reading a really thick book, Eric was looking at me...with weird eyes, and Junjin was shooting cold looks at Eric..-_-;
It was a week before christmas. Suddenly Andy asked me,
"Jeanne, what kind of boys do you like?"
Few seconds, Eric froze and looked at my face, so did everyone else.
"Me..? I like tall, nice, and slim guys. Dongwan.. I don't hate you^^;;."I answered.
Then suddenly, everyone looked at Hyesung. 


"Wait~!! I didn't finish yet! And you guys are getting the whole thing wrong!! I don't like Hyesung..He's..Um..never mind..-_-;;...But anyways, I like people that are like oppas!!"
"....-_-....;;..."The guys looked at me as if I was acting dorky or something, but Hyesung's face was turning blue.. I guess he's a bit shocked..
"Hyesung, don't worry I don't hate you. You're nice, too." I said, tapping his back. But he stood up and walked to his room quietly.
"Uh oh...Hyesung is...angry..." said Andy. Angry? Why should he be angry? His uncle is the one who separated me from my family!!
For a few minutes there was silence, but after a while, everyone was doing what they were doing before. Then as the sun was setting, and everyone was getting ready for dinner, but Hyesung didn't come out.
"Jeanne, go and call Hyesung for dinner^^*."said Dongwan. Call Hyesung? I didn't want to.. he might be still mad at me.. But I found myself walking upstairs to his room..
Knock knock-
No one answered. So I slowly opened the door.. and I was really surprised at how clean his room was. It was all white, and there was a smail vase with a white rose in it. 
I forgot all about Hyesung, and I walked towards the veranda.. and I found something that I never saw before. There was another garden.. a small one on the veranda, and it was filled with sweet scent from the white roses. Hehe..I guess he likes roses..
Then I turned around to walk out of the room, but I saw someone sleeping on the bed. It was Hyesung. He was sleeping sideways, facing me. Suddenly, my heart was beating madly. 
And soon... 
I was leaning towards his face.... 


.. I was getting closer..and closer..
UGH!! I MUST'VE TURNED CRAZY!! I feel like as if I'm a stalker!!
At the thought of this, I stopped my face in front of Hyesung, with my nose almost touching his. I couldn't move, because I heard him breathe.. MAN..These guys here made me into a perfect pervert..T-T..But I couldn't move!! Argh!!
Luckily, I finally became perfectly normal, and I stood up, with my heart still thumping.. I shouldn't wake this guy up, I thought to myself. So I turned around to go out of Hyesung's room...BUT!! Something was grabbing my hand..T-T!! Ahh~ It must be a ghost! Ahh~ I'm getting the goosebumps!! Help me~
I turned around to push the hand off of me, but I was freaked out to see ............Hyesung!!.. Fully AWAKE, grabbing my hand!! He wore a slight frown on his face..
"What do you want?" He asked in a low tone.. Uh- oh...Hyesung's angry..
"Um..D..Dongwan said to you for d..d......dinner..-" I stuttered back..-_-;;;...I was freakin scared at this guy!! He looked like an angel less than a minute ago, but NOW, he looks like a very, very, angry.. devil..T-T
"Hm...I see.. So you weren't in my room to take a look at my face?" He asked.. rising out of the bed.
Aaak!! H..How did he know that!!
"+_+;;....Were you awake??"
"No..I was sleeping until I heard the door open.." He answered back. Ahh- That means...that means he knows that I was staring at him stupidly?!...Waaah...T-T..Suddenly I felt my face going red, and my heart thumping faster than ever..I lowered my face..
He still didn't let go of my hand.

* Hyesung's POV*

I woke up at the sound of someone breathing right in front of my nose. I think it's Jeanne.. Soon, I heard her trying to turn around to go back downstairs, but I caught her hand. I opened my eyes and gave her a frown as she tried to go out, I still was shocked at the fact that she didn't like anyone..But what's this? Jeanne's hands were shivering.. but as warm as a mug of hot cocoa.
I held onto it tighter..Then I saw Jeanne.. 


.. She was looking as if she was freaked out or something..
She told me that Dongwan had sent her up. What is this guy, stupid? Doesn't he think of what's going to happen to her? I might do something nasty to Jeanne!!
I rose out of my bed and went downstairs with her.
And while we ate dinner, I glared at Dongwan with the scariest eyes that I can ever make..-_-;;

*Shinhwa's POV of Jeanne*

*Eric's POV*
.. Jeanne was the prettiest girl I have ever seen. And she was really poor, too.. But she always seemed to think I was a pervert.!!T-T. For example, I often drank beer with my friends and came late at night. But I always got confused with my room and her's. So I often went in to her bathroom by accident.. Which made her scream so loud, that made Junjin come running in front of me, and beat me up, half to death..-_-;; from then on, I decided to look at her when she's not...erm..busy-_-;;;...
*Andy's POV*
.. I love Jeanne so much~!!>_<*~ I can talk with her all the time, and she's just like a nice noona to me!! I think she's been bit tired.. Because of all the other guys around her. I mean who wouldn't be tired after living with 6 guys?I hope that she won't run out of the house...-_-;;
*Dongwan's POV*
.. Jeanne is so nice~ None of the other guys wanted to take a walk in the backyard, but Jeanne did.. Well, I don't think she really wanted to, but I guess she didn't want me going out alone^^Well, anyways she feels like a best friend to me!!
*Junjin's POV*
.. I really do feel sorry for this girl..-_-;; How many times did Eric freak her out while she was taking a shower? And Dongwan would always take her to the backyard, but she always came back, sweating, and trying to breathe..-_-;;; Sometimes, my cousins DO look very stupid & evil..-_-..From then on, I decided to be her bodyguard..-_-;;
*Minwoo's POV*
.. She IS different. When I see her, it always made me smile. But when I see her smiling with Andy, I wanted to punch him-_-. Haha.. Is this.... jealousy?.. No... this isn't being jealous.... This is envying...Finally, I found someone who I can trust. But does she trust me?
*Hyesung's POV*
.. A week ago, I was driving my car to my new school. But I saw a girl running after .. a school bus-_-;;.. But she suddenly fell.. flat on her face-_-..
So I came out of my car to help her up. But then... She turned her head, and I saw big, deep grey eyes..My heart thumped madly...But she was squinting, though.. then a few seconds later, CRUNCH. I stepped on her glasses by accident..;;...Then I gave her some other lenses.. Afterschool, we went home, then our uncle told us that some stupid man bet on his daughter, and she was supposed to come tonight. Then an hour later, the doorbell rang, and I was shocked to see who it was. It was Jeanne........My first love. 


*Jeanne's POV*
.. It was the first day of winter vacation!!>_<* It's a sunny morning, with frosts all over the windows..The living room was filled with the smell of delicious breakfast, which the maids were preparing for us. And WE...were going to make.. a Christmas Tree!!^.^~
First, we cut down a tree from the backyard, then we brought it upto the living room.
Next, we had to buy ornaments for decorating the tree, But no one wanted to go, so we decided by 'rock, paper, and scissors'..-_-;;... And these were the results...
Eric: Rock
Minwoo: Scissors
Junjin: Rock
Me: Scissors
Andy: Rock
Dongwan: Rock
Hyesung: Scissors

T-T...I had to go with Minwoo and Hyesung..-_-;;;..So few minutes later, we came out ofthe mansion, and headed for the market..-_-;;;..I don't think Minwoo and Hyesung liked going to the market, because they've never been to one before.. They're all rich and all...
"Um...hehe...We're here..." I said, as we were going into the market..;..To tell you the truth, I was kinda scared because these guys were 
giving me creepy vibes..T-T..
Minwoo only cleared his throat, and Hyesung said,
"Why should we follow you??..The Christmas tree was your idea.."
I could'nt say anything, because it was true..T-T..
Well, It began this dawn...I woke up to early because I had a nightmare, then I started to cry. Eric, who was right next to my room, heard this, and asked me what was wrong. So I said that a Baby Jesus was chasing after me to put a Christmas tree in the Living room...-_-;;...Then Eric laughed really loud, which woke everyone up, then he told the guys, " Jeanne wants to make Christmas tree!" Which was half true..;;.. so now I ended up here, in this market with two guys, who were giving me a cold stare..-_-;;...
Few minutes later, we were back, and we decided to put on the ornaments after we eat breakfast. The breakfast felt like lunch, because we woke up to early. Then after we filled out tummies, we headed to the living room, to decorate the tree.


.. We were decorating the Christmas tree.. but I don't think some of the guys liked this idea. Especially Hyesung and Minwoo. They kept on growling(?) like mad animals, which made me feel stupid..T-T.. But Andy seemed to like it really alot, and Eric kept giggling at me, making me feel like it's all my fault. Dongwan was tired from carrying this tree from the backyard..-_-;;..That's SOME Superman-power he's got..-_-..
"Ouch!>_<,;;.."Shrieked Andy. He showed one of his fingers, which was bleeding a bit.
"Oh, Andy, I've got bandages right now^^*, Come here~"I said.
"Yay~" He said..He's so cute!!>_<* After I put the Band-Aid on his finger, then he gave me a hug... BUT I felt a cold!? Hm...who is it?@_@?? I looked around and I saw Hyesung and Minwoo glaring at Andy, who was hugging me harder..T-T..Hm..+_+.. was it just me, or did I see blood veins popping-out on their foreheads?-_-;;
Anyway..-_-;;..The few seconds of danger was over....and Andy went to Dongwan to play with..-0-..;;....But I had to face another challenge..(?)..-0-;;..I couldn't put the 'star' decoration on the top of the tree!!T-T..So I grabbed a stool and stretched my arms as far as I can, but I still could't reach...T-T...Eric, who was giggling, bursted in to a laugh..-/////-;; immature!!!-_-^...
I ignored him, and I jumped high as I can to reach the top...but a few seconds later, I reallized that I shouldn't have..T-T...After I jumped, I slipped off my chair, which made me fall
Then I couldn' t remember from then on... 


.. "Mmm....>_<" 
I woke up on my bed, groaning.. But...wait@_@!!Why am I here??+_+?? I tried to bring back what happened yesterday. I was trying to put up the 'star' decoration..then I jumped...and fell?? So it must mean..I fainted after I fell? Hm... weird. After pausing to think, I rose out of my bed and walked in to the living room. No one was there.. Hm... what time is it?...Mmm..=_=;;... 5:30...-_-;;;; WONDER they weren't here yet....It's dawn...-0-;;..
"Bleh.. I'm Thirsty..."I whispered to myself as I headed for the kitchen.
I got myself a glass of water and went to the table to sit down. It was still dark..I didn't turn on the lights because I was hot.. As I approached to the table, I saw...a sillouette of...a guy? I squinted through the 
darkness.. The sillouette didn't move..So I turned around to turn the lights on. 
"Don't turn it on." I heard a husky voice.
"Oh...Who are you?" I called out. I couldn't see a Maybe a ghost??@_@;;
"Minwoo." He said shortly. Oh... It was Minwoo^^;;;... I thought it was a ghost...-_-;;...
"Why are you here?" I asked him. It was odd, because all the boys were too lazy to get up for a glass of water..-_-;;;;...Hm..wait.. Minwoo was awake in the first night I came here, too..
"Me..? I was just thinking.." Said Minwoo. Then why didn't he turn on the lights?;;
"About what..?" I asked him again.
"About...a girl who drives me crazy.." He said, as he gave a sigh.. I began to see his face a little.. it looked a bit tired..
"Oh... In a bad way?"
"I don't know exactly..."He replied back. " She makes me feel good.. She makes me laugh, and frown at the same time... and sometimes, I want to be her owner.. No, I wish I could keep her in a cage so she can't meet with any other guys.." He added.. 
Hm... That's love.. Yup that's definitely l-o-v-e..heh..I never thought he had a crush>_<..Oh how cute!!..
" Hm.. I think you like that girl alot^^" I told him.. 
"Heh..Like....or Love..."He said lowly. *sniff*...hmm.. I smell beer..!!..@_@;;..
"Minwoo? Are you okay? Did you drink some beer? Are you drunk?" I asked him.
"Drunk? Heh..Yeah, I'm DRUNK..." He answered.
Then he suddenly rose out of his chair.. and grabbed my hands..Then I felt his head on my shoulder.. I stood still..
"Let's just stay this way for a minute...Please.." He said. 


.. We stood there for a few minutes, until Minwoo fell to the floor with a loud THUD. Aaah!! Is he dead??@_@;;.. Wait.. what am I thinking?! This dude's sleeping..-_-;;..
"Ugh!" I grunted as I tried to lift him up.
.... But this guy was just too heavy..T-T..So instead of lifting him up, I decided to drag this guy over to the couch in the living room.. Hm..I wonder who carried me to my room..+_+... After, I layed him down on the couch, I headed for my room.. The hallways were getting brighter... hm... It's 7:00....At this time, Eric, Hyesung and Dongwan wakes up. Eric wakes up to bother me, Hyesung wakes up for no reason.. -_-..and Dongwan wakes up to exercise...-_-;;....
I just saw Eric sneaking into my room..Heh.. He didn't see me...I followed him soundlessly, and I stuck a finger at his back. He froze..
"Raise your hand" I told him. I lowered my voice to pretend that I was a burglar...
But this didn't trick Eric...T-T....He grabbed my hand, and threw me down on my bed..and he was right on top of me!! I freaked out and I tried to sit back up. But he was too...too strong..I looked at his face, and it was all pinkish- red...-_-;;;....did he get drunk too??
"Get off, Eric" I told him.
"What will you do for me if I get off?" Said Eric. Eish! He's so mean~~T-T
"Um...I dunno..??^^;;"I answered back.
"Kiss me, and I'll let you go..."He said.
"Ki..kiss.!!!?? Aaak!! No way~~~>_<" I shrieked. Ew what is he talking about!!
Then I regretted saying that last few words...T-T.. He put his lips over mine, and tried to get though my lips with his tongue.. But i didn't welcome him at all. Ugh!! My second kiss!! He pushed my lips harder with his tongue. Then he suddenly ran his hands down my back and.....
"Aah!!" I moaned. He had ripped off my bra!!
Then he took that chance to get into my mouth.. It felt horrible. He tried to take me as his uncle took me away from my parents. I tried harder to push him away, but still...It was useless...But....
Someone had punched Eric..Eric was on the floor..gripping his right cheek.. I looked over to the left side of my bed to see who punched Eric................... It was Hyesung.. 


.. Eric stood up slowly.. with a stunned look on his face. He looked at me, then he looked at his hands, and got if he just realized what he had done. Then I looked at Hyesung's face, burning red.. Hm..Why would his face be red?? And those eyes...they were glaring at Eric.
"J...Jeanne...." Said Eric, shaking all over.
"Get out." Hyesung spat out coldly.. I've never seen him like this..
And he did. Eric ran out of my room, still shaking. Then Hyesung walked closer to me. But I was scared of him. He's just made Eric like that!! Shaking all over! Then what would I be? I kept thinking of all the bad things he might do, as he sat on my bed, right next to me. I closed my eyes tight.
"It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you like that." He said, as if he had read my mind. This made me feel better. 
So I slowly opened my eyes and looked up at his face. His face was white again as ever.. and his hair was dripping with water...I think he was washing his face..The water running down his neck made him look;;;...What in the world am I thinking...-_-;... and he still had soap bubbles on his cheeks.. hehe.. and somehow he looked really cute. I took out the handkerchief that he gave me last time, and wiped the bubbles.
Haha>_< his face was soo cute>_<* he was getting redder and redder. Then I showed him the handkerchief with the bubbles on it. I giggled a bit, and I regretted that. He held my hands and gave a soft kiss on my lips. -_-;;.....aaak!!!!....T-T..I REALLY hate kisses....
"'m going to wake everyone up now...Oh yeah, I guess it's our third kiss..heh...^^;;;..."He said.
"..!!!??...Third??.." I asked. What in the world is he talking about!? It was our sec-.. WAIT. Something must've happened yesterday...T-T..
"Ahhhhhh~~~!!!"There was a scream in the hallway, which woke everyone up. Everyone ran out of their rooms, and so did we. It was Dongwan who screamed.
The reason Dongwan screamed was so....obvious.-_-;;;....On his way to the kitchen, he found Minwoo sleeping on the floor. Then we all gave a sigh. and Junjin carried Minwoo to his room.......-0-;;;...The after breakfast, Eric called me to his room.-_-;;.... Hyesng gave me a look... which seemed to mean ' Dont go there..+_+!!'.. But, I ignored him and went into Eric's room. He was red too. I didn't get it. I was freezing..>_<;;....Then Eric spoke out.
" I'm so sorry..I'm dead sorry.. I was out of my mind, and I was being so stupid-" He said. Haha!! He was apologizing!! Aww how nice!!
"Then can you tell me what happened yesterday? Then, I'll forgive you." I said.


.. "Um..You see.." Eric began to say.."this is what happened..-_-;;.. Do you remember when you fell off that chair yesterday??..well you see, you actually fainted BEFORE falling on Hyesung..-_-;....and then.. um... Your face fell on his, and Hyesung was freaked out, because there were lip-gloss on his lips which means...that him..-_-;;;...." 
........A kiss..??.......=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Jeanne thinking=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=...Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! I actually kissed Hyesung!!!!!!>_<;;.....I can't believe this!! I was the one who hated kissed because these...'wolvish' boys did it on me so often!!T-T...Ah.....!! My virgin lips...T-T;;.... 
"Um...Are you okay?" Asked Eric. He did have a worried look on his face..=_=;;... 
"No...T-T" I answered back. 
"Well, Cheer up!^0^~ It's Christmas eve!! Heh.. Let's go downstairs!^0^*" He said.. For a moment I thought he had just gone mad..-_-;;...he was so different from what happened earlier in the morning..-_-;;.. 
Oh yeah....It's Christmas eve today...I completely forgot about that;;...Sheesh, time flies........T-T.. 
Then I walked out of the house secretly, to buy these guys a present... 
But I was Minwoo!! 
"Ahh~~~" I screamed for no reason..-_-;;....actually, I was freaked out because his hands were so cold... 
Then, I ran for it... 
But I heard other steps behind me.. I took a glimpse, and Minwoo jumped right at me...!!...and.....THUD...=_=;;... I fell flat on my face, and Minwoo stood in front of me. 
"Where are you going?" He asked..with suspicious looks..+_+;;... 
"I was going to ice cream!!!^0^;;" I answered back..-_-;; 
"PUHAHAH!!!..-_-..Ice cream in middle of winter??-_-^...I don't think so...I think it's better to tell the truth or else..-_-..." 
"Okay!Okay!! I was going to buy you people Christmas presents!!>_<" I told him. 


.. Now.... I was walking to the fancy shop with Minwoo. His silver hair(3rd album) looked so much better compared to my blue-black hair...T-T.. He had his mouth shut the whole time, until we got into the shop. 
"Yay~We're here!" I said. 
Minwoo looked at me as if he was watching a baby..-_-;;....well anyway, I was picking the presents.. 
I'll get....a teddy bear doll for Andy, a boxing-glove shaped keychain for Dongwan-_-;;.... sunglasses for Junjin....and.... um.....candies for Eric...=_=;;....... 
I found two necklaces.....which were so pretty...The chains were made of sterling silver,..and each had a blue crystal...which, in my opinion, was prettier than the Hope Diamond. So I took those two and bought & wrapped them all. When Minwoo and I went back home, we ate lunch, and we watched outside as snow started to fall slowly. It was just like a picture... Then as the hours passed, it became dark, and outside was covered in snow. Maybe it'll be a 'white' Christmas this year... I thought, as we ate dinner. 
That night....I was wide awake and I heard all the six guys coming into my bedroom, to put a sweet>_<*And as each of them came into my room, I would hear them say, "Merry Christmas, Jeanne"...or just touch my cheeks when I 'pretend' to sleep. 
After all the guys took their turns, I went into their bedrooms and placed the presents right next to them. Then I walked into my room slowly and fell into a deep sleep......... 

The next morning.................. 
I looked outside of my was all white..... 
A White Christmas. 
Then something came into my eyes. there were six boxes, small and big, sitting right at the foot of my bed.. I got excited, and then I began to open the biggest ones first. 
The biggest box.....was from Andy. When I opened it, There was a huge teddy bear... about 100 bigger that the small doll i gave him. I was, and I felt a bit sorry for him at the same time. I should have gotten him a bigger and a nicer one... 
The second largest was from Dongwan...It was cookies....only that they were made up of wheat, and all the other healthy foods.. I laughed to myself....heh....I found a note attached to it, and it was filled with health tips.. How sweet...hehe...and I was really impressed by the handmade cookies by Dongwan. 
The third one was a jewelry case..... from Junjin .....which was filled with accessories and make-up. this one also hade a note which said 'Merry Christmas, Jeanne, and tie your hair when it bothers you.' 
The fourth one, was from.....Eric^0^*..First, there was an apology note attached to the box. Then, When I opened it, there was a pretty white skirt with matching high-heels. I wore it instantly...hehe.....It fitted perfectly..^0^ 
The fifth....was from.........Minwoo.. It was particularly smaller than the other presents, and so was the sixth box, too.. When I opened it, a sweet scent was floating around my room. It was a bottle of perfume...which smelled so good, that it made you sleepy.... I sprayed a bit on...but not too much. It felt somehow very precious. 
Then I began to unwrap the last present slowly........... 


.. The last present...was from Hyesung..but it was too narrow.....-_-;;;....what could possibly be in this wrapper..?..@_@;;...a Christmas card?-_-;; was.... A frilled Christmas card..-_-;; heart fell down.....I was actually expecting something big from him..something nice..something sweet..
But something made my heart thump again. 
It was written :

I want you to come to my room at nine o'clock tonight..
I hope you would...I wish you would.......
I won't write anything else now,
But it's your choice...


Ahh~!! My heart was going crazy!!! No,no...I AM CRAZY!!! What the...?Something fell out...
A white rose...
I pickd it up carefully, and stared at it as if I was stunned. Well, I was stunned actually..
I walked downstairs, almost dragging my self...I was to impressed and happy. But what will he do in his room tonight..?? As I was drooping down(?) Junjin caught me. He was happy to see me tying my hair. So he lifted me up, and we both safely got downstairs and ate breakfast with the rest. Suddenly, Andy rose up and shouted, " MERRY CHRISTMAS!!", which made everyone jump.-_-;Then lunch came and passed... and I was HOPING that time would run slow today, but the clock ticked away.......-_-
Soon.....we ate dinner, which felt like a feast, with roast chicken, potatoes, pork, beef steak, onion rings, etc,etc.. And everyone was stuffed up, then we went into our bedrooms for a nice snooze. But I couldn't sleep. The clock was ticking......... 7 o'clock............ 7:30........... 8:30...... ahh!!... 8:50................T-T..........I walked silently down the hallway........ step by step...... 
and soon, I found myself standing in front of Hyesung's door.


.. "Gulp......."
I gulped and grabbed the door handle. And I opened it slowly... 
But something fell out of my eyes as I saw what was on the other side of the door. Or 'Who'....
It was Hyesung...
But he looked different..Nothing was different on his face, clothes, or anything. It just seemed that way. He was holding a white rose in his hand. He gave it to me, and he gave me a box...small...but pretty... I just couldn't talk. But I didn't know why.. 'Why aren't any words coming out of my mouth?' and 'Why are tear drops falling...from my eyes?'...
I repeated these questions in my head.. and I felt weird.. I wasn't crying because I'm sad... But because I felt something warm..from his hands....
"Open it.."
He said. It was a trembling voice. Is he shaking like I am?..
I did so as he told me.. inside the small box was......a ring... a silver ring with a pearl.....
Then he took the ring out of the box, and held my hands.
";;..."He stuttered.. His hand were shaking more than ever!!.. so I grabbed his hands tight.
"Don't're making me shake too...T-T.." I told him.
"Oh!..;;..haha sorry... now um....what was I going to say?..o_o....;;...." He muttered to himself..-_-;;
"Huh?.." He forgot?!o_o;;... 'Well, that broke up the mood....'..I thought, as hyesung bumped his hand to his head..
"Oh Yeah!! Jeanne, close you're eyes^^..."He told me. What was he going to do? I closed my eyes tight, and just stood there stiffly, yet still shaking.. but the shaking stopped.
Hyesung put the ring on my finger and he tugged me closer to him. NOW, I was beginning to be as stiff as ice.
He put his lips gently against mine and stopped there. Then, he looked at me, as I opened my eyes. Then the next words made me fall to the floor.
"Jeanne, will you first love...?"
"T-T...sniff....sniff........." I sat right there on the spot and cried harder than ever..>_< I was too happy!!
But another thought crossed my mind.
I wasn't as perfect as Hyesung..or the other five guys.
I wasn't that well-affording type...
and I definitely felt that I didn't have what it take to be his first love.
"I can't.. I can't...I can't afford a great person like you...I cant afford living with you guys here.."
"Don't say things like that.. You mean alot to us..."
He wrapped his arms around me.
"Oh, Hyesung,.. I have a question..." I said to him. I shouldn't hide my feelings, I decided.
"What is it?.." He asked.
".....Will you first love.....?"
"........." I waited for his answer.
"Sure.." He said.


..That night, me and Hyesung talked about everything. Parents, life...But I soon got tired.. and fell asleep.


I front of my door..waited for Jeanne.
Soon, the door opened.. and I tried..... not to laugh.-_-;;
Jeanne was sweating all over, and she was stiff as a wooden board!!
I started to get nervous too. I handed her a box with a ring in it. Next I kissed her.. but I realized that I was making her more nervous. So I let go of her and asked her,
"Would you be my first love?"
But she seemed to think that she couldn't me..
I did feel sorry for her..And I suddenly felt angry..My uncle...Lee Sooman. He loved to bet on lots of things. He once brought a girl to our house 2 years ago, but the girl killed herself because she thought her life was over..Dongwan used to like her... After she died, Dongwan wasn't able to talk for 3 monthes. So I was worried about Jeanne, too. She always looked tired, and she had sad eyes..
Soon, Jeanne was crying harder than ever.
Then she opened her mouth to speak.
".....Will you be my first love?"
"Sure.." I told her.
That night, she fell asleep on my bed. So I quietly I tip-toed downstairs and slept on the living room couch. It was like a night mare. My toes were like freezing..aaak!!
The next Morning, I caught a cold. Aaargh!!


" Mmm..."
I woke up in my bed.....Wait. IS this my bed??
Wait....Wait........Ahh!!! I'm in Hyesung's room!!T-T;; But where's Hyesung?
I ran out of my bed and ran downstairs.
The reason I screamed..-_-
Hyesung was rolled up(?) in his quilt, and his lips were blue.. That dude caught a cold!!>_<!!!!!
"You babo!!! you could've slept in MY room!!-0-!!"
"Oh yeah...ah..chooo!!"
Ugh... Boys-0-^
But still, I loved him more than ever.. ^0^v


..Now were were back to school.. still, nobody knew that I was Hyesung's girl. Hyesung told me to keep it secret.. But he did not tell why.. Minwoo looked tired these days. Whenever I talked to him, he told me to leave him alone. What did I do wrong?..
..I looked at my notebook blankly, as class started.
[ Jeanne Kim, Please go to the principal's office.]
.....??What could be wrong NOW?? I stepped into the principal's office, and saw our principal, Lee Sooman, sitting on a chair.
"You called?" I asked. I hated him. He was the one who separated me from my family.. But I kinda thanked him too...If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have met Hyesung...or the other five...
"Yes, Jeanne. There is something I have to tell you."
"What is it?"I asked coldly.
"Well.. I don't know where to start it from.. but..I'll tell you this. The family I separated you form, is NOT your real family. They adopted you. Your father, is a friend of mine. But when he got married, his wife, or your 'fake' mother, couldn't be pregnant because she was very weak. So your REAL father..and your 'fake' father promised each other to give the daughter back to her parents when she is over 16..."
" my parents tricked me?? You're lying....You're LYING!!!"
"No Jeanne...Your mother doesn't know about this promise....So I guess your 'fake' father told her that he bet on you.."
"..........Why are you telling me now?"
"Well.....Your REAL father....died recently...So you'll have to go to his funeral..He left us about a few days after Christmas.. Your mother will me waiting in the house, right now. I have a car waiting outside the school. Go now.."
!!!!!!!!!..... I ran out of the school instantly and headed for a white limo with a man waiting in front of it. Then, as soon as I rode the car, I was heading see my mom for the first time in my life.


.. With a loud THUD, I opened ther door and I saw a young woman.........drinking tea??....o_O;;?? She turned her head to look at me, and I was surprised. This woman looked almost identical to me!! And another shock came..-_-;; She started sobbing......alot-_-.
"Um...!..o_o;;...Why are you crying?? Did I do anything wrong??-0-;;"
"Oh JEANNE!!~T_T~~ It's ME~!! Your MOM~~*>_<*~~!!!!"
"Wh..What?? You can't be!!! You look so..young-_-;;"
"Well...I'm only 36-years-old....." She said, counting with her fingers....-_-;;
"Oh yeah!! I'm afraid you can't meet your dad soon....." She said suddenly.
"Of course I can't see him. He's...uh....dead.." I told her. But she started laughing..-_-;;..I guess mom's gone crazy...I mean, who saw a woman laugh after hearing that her husband's dead?...... My mom does-_-;
"PUHAHA!! Dead??>_< You're kiddin'^0^~ Your dad is sleeping on the couch over there!!^^"
And he was.
What just happened?? The principal told me that my dad was I had to meet my mom... But my dad's normal..which means.....
I got tricked? Aaargh!!!>_<!!
"Um.. Why did you want to see me?"I asked her queitly.
"Oh..we just wanted to see how you're doing^0^~ I guess Sooman told you nonsense....Am I right?"
"Yeah..."I said. My head felt blank...-_-;;
"Oh, and Jeanne, how about living with us?^0^ We're going to move to France for few years^^"
...France? If I go to france... I'm never gonna get those kisses from the guys again! BUT.. I can't be with Hyesung....T-T;;....Hm....
"I wanna stay~>_<!!" I told once-_-;;
"Oh well..^^;;... Hm..maybe we can stay for dinner tonight...^0^*."
........Well.......this is a twisted day....-_-....I thought to myself, as I waited for the boys to come home. They saw my mom, too. Actually, they thought she and I were twins...-_-;;...And soon. my dad woke up. He seemed to be a nice person.^0^* He was one-year older than my mom.. like me and Hyesung>_<!! Hehe.. But soon......a problem came..-_-
"Jeanne^0^~ do you have a boyfriend?^^*"
"COUGH,COUGH!!>_<..Mom!!!o_o!!" Aaaak!! I choked on a garlic bread as we ate dinner..T-T;;..
"You don't have one?? Awww...I'll find you one if you want.....^^" She said... Is she crazy? I have a guy!!>_<!!...wait..o_o!! Heh...I'm gonna test Hyesung~!! I'll see how he acts when I tell her.....
"Sure!!^^" I said. Hyesung choked on a roast potato-_-;; But so did Minwoo...He um...accidently 'sprayed' the table with apple juice...-_-;; And soon.. dinner ended.
My parents decided to sleep in another room.. and soon it was dark. I lied on my bed, and I hugged a pillow right next to me. It was thundering!!....T-T...I slowly rised out of my bed and headed straight for hyesung's room..
But as I walked down the hallway, I bumped into another person.
"Um..?? Who is this..??o_o;;" I asked.
"Me." Some one said with a low grunt............... It was Minwoo. 


.."Where you going?" He asked. His voice sounded sad.
"I'm...a...going to my parent's room..^^;;" I told him..This was a lie.
"Your parent's room is the other way.."
"Oh, it was??^^;;;;;;....uh, um...then where are you going?" I asked him. I felt very-_-....stupid.
"I was going to your room....."
"Is it....true?...what you said during dinner.."
"Uh........" I couldn't tell him that it was a joke..;;..but I wanted to tell him that..No it wasn't true!!>_<!!......But suddenly, Minwoo wrapped his arms around me. I felt him shake a bit..
"Minwoo!! What are you doing!!...o_o!!.."
"If you don't have a guy, can I be yours?"
".............." I couldn't answer him.. I didn't want to hurt his feelings..
"...Ca..can you give me some time..?.." I asked..
"Sure.." He said. Then he walked back to his room. 
Aaargh!! Why are things always happening this way!! I don't want to hurt anyone..!!I turned my step and walked back to my room. And that night, I couldn't sleep because of thet thunder...T-T;;..
The next morning..............
"Goooood morning sweetie~^0^*" My mom was a very...and I mean a VERY cheerful woman. She never seemed to lose her smile.. Lucky she's married......T-T
"Mom...=_=;;...I'm to sleepy..." I answered. I spent the WHOLE night with my eyes WIDE open....=_=...
"No way miss, you're getting up right now!^0^~ It's a wonderful(?) saturday~"
"Wonderful?? Mom!! It's still thundering out there!! o_o;;..!!"
"Hm......I think Jeanne has a problem...^0^.... Is it a love problem?" She asked me.
"H, how did you know? o_o??!!"
"It's written on your face^^.. had that face, too..before I got married.. It's the face that you get when you get an unexpected love confession from a guy......"
Dang... She's good. o_o... I thought to myself. She was reading my mind!!..;;=_+;;..... Then I asked her..
"How can you know?"
"Well.....I had a really hard love life, you see....but then I met your dad, Sungjin. He was the funniest guy I've ever met. If you wonder how I got so cheery everyday, the answer is him. I was the most cold- hearted person in my town, but no one hated me. Actually, they all loved me. But I didn't feel any love for them. Then one day, your dad moved in..and your dad was too contagious>_<!! Haha~ Then we got married when we were 20 years old....>_<.....Oh, I love that man~^0^*"
"Wow....... "
"So if you have problems with guys, go lean to the one who comforts you the most... And then he's your's forever!!>_<!!" She said.


.. I stayed on my bed to think...and think...and think. There were too boys that I really loved, and they loved me back. I didn't want to hurt any of them. What should I do??.... As I kept repeating those thoughts, someone came into my room. It was Hyesung. I felt awful.
"Hey..^^" said Hyesung. He was smiling just like the other days.. But something was hidden behind those eyes.....Sorrow....
"...Are you okay?..Sit down..." I told him. He did.
"So...I've heard.." He said.
".......!!...." I was shocked.
"So I guess Minwoo said something...hah.. Jeanne.... If you're having a hard time because of me, we can break up.." he said quietly, and sadly...
I just sat there.. My head was blank, and my mouth was open, but no words came out. I didn't want to do this, but I needed to.
"I.....I'm so sorry.." I finally bursted into tears. I felt stupid, ashamed, and guilty..
"Can... I ..kiss you?...For the last time..??" He asked. His voice was so quiet.. It sounded as if he was trying all his effort to say one thing.
I didn't answer, but I nodded silently.. Then the kiss swept over me.. and it felt..somehow like the first time he kissed me. He loved me, but I couldn't love him.. No, I love him...and I love all the rest, too. But I didn't want to hurt them..
After the long kiss, Hyesung slowly rised and walked out of my room.
I wonder how many hours passed as I sat on my bed and let my tears all out. The clock was ticking really fast. After all the sobbing, I soon got tired, and fell asleep on my bed.
Then I was dreaming.......
I was in a green field of grass.. I walked and walked, and found two roses lying on the grass. One was a white rose, and the other was pink. I reached my hand out for the white rose, but it faded away. Then, I reached for the pink rose...I held it for a while, but it also vanished in my arms. I groaned to myself...
Then, a few seconds later, a silhouette of a rose appeared.
But what color is it??
Then I opened my eyes.
.....Hm..?......... I can't remember what I dreamed about..
I looked out my window.
It was a rainy day. 


.."Ugh.." I groaned as I saw my pillow all wet... because of my tears. It was raining alot outside, and the humidity and the hot weather made me feel uncomfortable. I felt that something was wrong....very wrong. But what could it be?
As I was thinking....I heard a loud THUD coming from downstairs. So I rushed to see what happened. As I finally reached downstairs, I saw five guys standing in front of the door....Wait. Five?? Who's missing??
"Um..What happened?..?"I asked quietly. But nobody seemed to pay any attention to me. Then Andy carefully turned around and looked at me. 
"Hyesung left.. He says that he'll be in his villa for a few weeks.."He answered.
"And he didn't tell us any reasons.. Something's weird... He took ALL his things as if he was never going to come back. And he said never to come near the villa.." said Eric. He had a dark look on his face..and his dark eyes were looking into mine.. He looked as if he knew what was going on between me and Hyesung.
"You mean he's living alone from now?" I asked again.
"Yeah... I don't get it... we never got seperated like this before..." said Dongwan.
The rain continued to fall through the night. I sat on my bed, because I couldn't fall asleep. The door opened and Eric walked in. He sat on my bed, too. And he stared into my eyes sadly.
"Why did you do that to him?" he asked me.
" I didn't want hurt....anyone...." I answered back. It was hard to finish one word...after another.
"But do you think Hyesung's not hurt?"
".............." He was right. Hyesung couldn't probably be happy. And after all, Minwoo was his best friend. Which made it harder to decide.
"You don't have to answer me, because I know what you're thinking. You're not thinking about taking Minwoo, are you? If you are, I have nothing to say for you.... You can find out yourself.." He said, as he walked up to the door to open it.
I remained silent as he left my room. What does he mean by..
'You can find out yourself'....?? 


.. It has been a month after Hyesung left..
Things changed alot. My parents decided to live next door, instead of moving into other places. Eric seemed to be quieter than ever, and Dongwan goes out for a jog with my dad each morning. And the biggest change.. I was now Minwoo's girl..And minwoo was super-nice to me. But there was something missing.. Something hurt.. As if I lost something very important.
It was the beginning of February. 
Our school was all decorated with pink and red hearts...Because Valentine's Day was coming. So was Eric's b-day. The school bell had rang, and I decided to buy some chocolates and Eric's presents in a fancy store..I bought a bunch of coin chocolates, and chocolate bars.
Then I walked over to the other side of the isle. There was a bunch perfumes. But one of them strangely came into my eyes. It was an ocarina-shaped bottle.. and there was silverish liquid perfume in the bottle. I read the name of the perfume.
[the tears of love]
.......I felt blank.. This name was almost referring to me..and Hyesung. I grabbed the two bottles and took them to the counter.
one for Eric...and one for.....someone in my heart.......


.. The days passed quickly, and it was Valentine's Day. The smell of chocolates filled the school halls, as passed them out to each other. I, of course got Minwoo a nice present, too. I prepared a small box of chocolate, and a perfume bottle, which I couldn't give them to him yet. 
The reason was..
When I saw Minwoo open his locker right next to me, about 60 cards, all love letters, got scattered everywhere. same happened to the other boys, too.
..Hm..I wonder if Hyesung got anything..
I suddenly thought to myself. I can still remember the sad voice he said to me with on that rainy day..
"Hey, Jeanne, 'you okay?" Minwoo asked me with a concerned look on his face.
".....Huh?'m fine......"
"Well...okay...And Jeanne, it's History time, not Health..-_-;;.."
I was so stupid>_<!! I had my Health textbook out during History. Why are things going on so wrong these days? Grades dropping...making mistakes wherever I go.. 
Soon, school ended. The halls were empty, but there was a faint smell of chocolate coming from the wrappers on the floors. I sighed and walked out of the school. Minwoo was waiting for me in his car as usual. I grinned and got in the car. And without a word, he started driving... But, wait. This is not the way to out house!
"Um...Minwoo? Where are we going?"
"A park." He answered shortly, with a small smile on his face. But something looked sad in his smile. 
And soon, we arrived.. and we sat on a bench nearby. The park was nice.. There were trees full of cherry blossoms, which haven't bloomed yet. And there was a cliff next to a huge lake, and a small white, clean house on it.
" I have something for you." Minwoo said. 


..'Something for me?' I thought to myself as he told me quietly.
The wind blew a bit stronger than before, and the branches of the cherry blossoms on the trees waved gently. The blossoms shook helplessly on the branchs, and looked very fragile.. 
"Jeanne... I think it's time..." Minwoo began to say. But he said no more than that. Instead, he took out an envelope. As he handed the envelope to me, I saw his hand shaking a bit. I looked up to see his face, but he lowered his face quickly, which made his eyes hidden in the shadow.
"Minwoo..?"I called out his name..but he didn't answer.
Then I froze. Something shiny fell out of his eyes...and that something was unmistakably a tear drop. Minwoo was crying.. Why is he so sad?..Why?
I tried to wipe his tears off his eyes, but he moved away and ran to his car.
I just sat on the ground, and cried,cried, and cried. Not because of Minwoo but because I didn't know why he left me like this.. and how he sad eyes made me sad too. The sun set, and the sky was getting dark. The clouds moved out and the moon shined bright.
As I was crying, I noticed that i didn't look inside the envelope yet, so I opened it carefully and took out a piece of paper.. I held it in front of my face, and read it:

:: To. Jeanne..
.. It's been months ..
.. since you lived in our house ..
.. And I only want to say.. ..
.. Thanks ..
.. But I think you know ..
.. that you need something desperately ..
.. and I hate to see you uncomfortable when you are with me ..
.. So this is my last present to you as your guy.. ..
.. but not the last present as Minwoo, your friend. ..
.. You'll see what I mean ..
.. .. .. -Minwoo- .. .. .. ::

'I don't get it..' I thought to myself as I looked up at the pink blossoms which the moonlight covered with its blue glow. Then something reminded me..of long ago..

[ "Jeanne!! Let's go out!!"
"But it's midnight right now, Hyesung!!"
"I want to show you something!!...hold my hand and close your eyes.."
"Argh..all right."
"You can open your eyes now...^^"
" mom used to love these white roses and I finally found out why.."
"They look like blue electric bulbs under the moonlight once a month when the full moon rises...^^"]
I felt something warm running down my cheeks again as I reminded myself the time Hyesung took me to his white-rose garden.
I turned my head instantly as I heard my name being called by a familiar voice.
Under the starry sky, I saw a tall silhouette of a person..

<The Last Story>

..The wind blew hard. 
The moon shined brighter and revealed the face of the person who stood few yards away from me.
I fell again. My legs became lose as he called my name with his soft voice..
I tried to stand up and call his name, but nothing came out of my mouth..I finally realized what Minwoo was saying in his letter. The missing part.....
He meant someone who I was trying to find for months....
Someone I missed..
Someone I loved so much.....
He ran up to me as he saw me falll and lifted me up. I sobbed harder.
"...Hyesung....Hyesung....Where were you!! I was always looking for....for you..." I said to him. He looked quite surprised. Then he smlied gently and lifted me up. It felt warm... I heard him breathe and a faint scent of mint made me drowsy. 
"I got a present for you..."
And he carried me all the way to the small house on the cliff.
Inside, it was very, very clean. And as I expected, there were vases of white roses on the windowsills.
He carried me to his room and he sat me down on his bed.
"Wait here."He said shortly.
And he closed the door as he left the room.
I looked around his room... 
I saw something sticking out of his drawer... I took it out.
It was a picture...........of me.
Suddenly, all the lights went off, and hyesung came in with a white rose and a lighted candle.
He handed me a rose and he looked in his drawer for something.
"Heh... Found it..."
He said.
"..I, Hyesung will swear that I will never leave Jeanne again, and I'll love her forever.."
"Here..." He turned me around. I felt something slip on my neck...A necklace? I tried to look at it, but I couldn't see it. it was too dark.
" It's a Moonstone." He told me..
..He turned me araound again and thins time, he kissed me. Few minutes later, he took his lips off mine.
We both smiled at each other. Then, we fell in to a deep sleep..

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Few years later~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

"Argh!! that baby!! Do something about it!!-0-!!!" This was Minwoo's voice. He yelled furiously as our baby cried early in the morning.
Now, Hyesung and I got married, and my parents moved back to our house.
"What do you mean 'it'?!!!"Hyesung yelled back. 
"You guys QUIT IT!!" I yelled at the two-_-;;...

::It always started with a loud morning, but I was happy. And so was everyone else.
There are many difficulties in life....and there are many happy things going around...which we don't know. 
So I will live my life to the best(?)...!!
And if you feel lonely and depressed, look around~
There is someone who always loves you..
Well, Ciao!!............... From: Jeanne Kim::


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