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    user : battle_duck133
    pet : bonjour138
    NP : 71,626

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    100 / 163
    Power 100%
     Kasuki Lu
    17 / 86
    Power 100%

    bonjour138On the last move...Kasuki Lu
    You release a powerful blast of earth from the Illusens Earth Potion at Kasuki Lu

    You have shot a powerful blast of water with the Trident of Poseidon at Kasuki Lu

    You fiercely attack Kasuki Lu!

    Kasuki Lu throws an Exploding Pizza Pasty at you!

    Kasuki Lu strikes you with their Kasuki Lu Blade!
    Kasuki Lu uses Scorch against you!

    You defend yourself
    Kasuki Lu dries up your water attack with Scorch!
    29 hp
    30 hp

    Quoth Kasuki Lu:
    HA!!! What a pathetic attempt on your part!

    Equipment (select up to two)

    Call on the power of the sea.  Shoot powerful blasts of water from this Trident.
    Trident of Poseidon
    The powerful Snowglobe Staff can attack with the power of a blizzard, or defend against the icy snowball!  This is a tempormental item though and doesnt always work for the whole battle...  Limited Use.
    Snowglobe Staff
    Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...
    Battle Duck
    This pocket-sized weapon will serve you well in battle.
    Lost Desert Dagger
    This rare gem will restore your pet fifteen hit points, but it can only be used once per battle.
    Bronze Scorchstone

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