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    And He Thought He Could Last One Round...Lol

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    user : battle_duck133
    pet : bonjour138
    NP : 474,654

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    New Event! BattleDome Opponent Waiting
    (curse_you_all has been looking for you i...) (show all)


    191 / 191
    Power 60%
    0 / 13
    Power 100%

    bonjour138On the last move...curse_you_all
    You toss some of your Honey Potion at curse_you_all

    You release a powerful blast of earth from the Illusens Earth Potion at curse_you_all

    curse_you_all hypnotizes you with the Hypno Helmet and now you will lose a turn!
    curse_you_all fiercely attacks you!
    You defend yourself against curse_you_all's physical attack by Burrowing into the ground!
    curse_you_all heals themself using the Red Scorchstone.
    curse_you_all heals!(20 hp)
    0 hp
    74 hp

    You have beaten curse_you_all!
    You have won this fight!

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