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    user : battle_duck133
    pet : bonjour138
    NP : 83,137

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    82 / 163
    Power 100%
     Ghost Lupe
    0 / 84
    Power 100%

    bonjour138On the last move...Ghost Lupe
    You shoot the Grand Lightning Beam at Ghost Lupe

    You sneak up behind Ghost Lupe and stab at them with the Lost Desert Dagger!

    You fiercely attack Ghost Lupe!

    Ghost Lupe tosses a Super Lupurus Tooth into the air, it explodes and showers sharp pieces down on you!
    Ghost Lupe uses their Aura against you!

    Ghost Lupe reflects your light attack back at you with the Dual Battle Mirror!

    13 hp
    25 hp

    Quoth Ghost Lupe:
    What did you say you sissy...

    You have beaten Ghost Lupe!
    You have won this fight!

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