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  • Avoiding Scams

    1) If you have a lot and some one offers a real good item, than Cancels and offers again make sure you read it carefully so it is not a differt item as before.

    P.S This has happened to me before

    2) If you chat on aol or any talk service and a stranger you dont know says click my page or guestbook. More than likely if they ar from neopets it may be a cookie grabber that takes all your neopoints.

    P.S.This has happened to me only it was with 648,000 np.

    3) Some people say that there items are worth over 1 million np and they are selling it for 20k. That tells you right away its a scam. If your not comfertible with what you think is a lie check other lots with the same name on the trading post, shop wiz, or auction house.

    P.S. I'm not dumb anough to fall for this one!

    4) If you get a page that comes up and says "You are not logged in to view this page," make sure it says at the top and not (example, dont log it because it is a scam. Unless you want to hand a scammer your username on a golden plate.

    P.S. This will not ever happen to me!

    5) Sniper Auctions Need 2 People. 2 Of The People Keep On Bidding And Bidding Untill The Price Is Way Up For No One To Bid. Then The Last Bidder From The Action Banks All Their Np Leaving The Person Under Them Which Is The Partner The Lead Of The Auction. All They Do Is Bank All There Np And Leave Only The Amount They First Bidded. So This Way They Get It For Really Cheap.

    P.S. To Avoid This Put Your Items Higher In Increasement.

    I hope none of se scams or any other scams will still your accout or mine. Remember have fun and play the good way!