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Just a reminder folks, if you're using diaryland the list of codes that need to be changed are provided beside every template. I use dx myself so the full code will always be in dx format. You have to change the codes yourself. Please do not email asking me to do it for you. Its really easy. Just follow the instructions.
Thanks :)

5 new templates added. And about bloody time too :)

Oh yes dahlings, CrazyA Design has gone upmarket. Web space has been bought. Bandwidth has been expanded. Life is getting good. Mwah ha ha. So with this new home for the wee crazy templates comes some changes. Nothing massive cos I'm knackered :)
The fun and games begin with a fully functioning message board which I'm hoping will be put to use
The only other big change is that template code is now laid out a bit differently. Due to the large number of people that email me over diaryland codes, I put in a section on each page telling you what you need to change to make it work over there. Aren't I deadly? ;)

So if you're new here then have a nose around and see if you can spot anything you like. If you're a return caller then have a nose around and see if you can spot anything that aint working. If there are links that be broken then let me know.

Anyway, I'm off to make more templates. Cos its my day off. In need of a life? Me?.........