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  Used Musical Instruments You Can Afford


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any sweet, pleasing or harmonious sound

  1. Accordions

  2.  Banjos

  3. Cellos

  4. Flutes

  5. Guitars

  6. Keyboards

  7. Violins

About Our Shop

On one cold winter evening back in 1992, two gentlemen by the names of Johnny "Broken Horn" Murry and Brian "I've got the blue so bad because I lost my Guitar again" Jones were in a desperate situation.  They had a gig to play in just a few hours and needed a horn and guitar fast, and cheap too.  If they blew this gig they'd have to find another line of work. 
As they sat it a corner of a quiet coffee shop, tired, cold, and down on their luck since they couldn't find a place to sell them a new horn and a guitar, the idea hit them.  They would open a shop that sold used musical instruments that hip cats like them could afford. 
This was the start of Music 4 a Song.

2000, Angel Gamez