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Fill in the Blank

True or False?

1.  File Transfer Protocol C.  FTP
2.  Transfers a FrontPage web to a Web serve A.  Publish function
3.  Applications that enable publishing via HTML D.  Server Extensions
4.  HTML port B.  Port 80
5.  The Publish function uses either HTTP or FTP to upload files.
6.  Server Extensions must be installed on a Web server to publish via HTML.
7.  Three examples of common Web servers are Internet Information Server, Netscape Enterprise Server and Apache.
8.  FrontPage's Publishing feature uses HTTP to publish (instead of FTP).
 False 9.  The only way to upload a FrontPage web to a Web server is to use FTP.
 False 10.  FrontPage Server Extensions are only available for Microsoft Internet Information Server.
True 11.  The FrontPage Publish function can be launched from the Menu bar or from the Standard toolbar.
True 12.  You can publish a FrontPage 2000 web to a server running FrontPage 98 Extensions.
 False You can publish a FrontPage web to a Web server that does not have FrontPage server Extensions installed (but you will not enjoy the benefit of FrontPage-specific features in your web).