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>>Aeris Gainsborough<<

--Player Information

-Name/Alias: Brie
-Age: 15
-Gender: Female
-E-mail address:
-AIM: Kirfles

--Character Information

-Name: Aeris Gainsborough
-Age: 22
-Race: Cetra
-Birthday: February 7
-Birthplace: Icicle Village
-Gender: Female

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Mother: Ifalna Gast
-Father: Professor Gast
-Siblings: None
-Marital status: Single
-Children: None
-Pets: None

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Eyes: Green
-Height: 5'3"
-Weight: 112
-Hair color/style: Honey-brown / Falls just to her thighs, and is usually bound in a braid or ponytail. She has large, thick bangs that spike up and curl to the sides of her face, oftentimes getting in her way. Two miniature braids usually lay over her shoulders, as she doesn't like to keep all of her hair tied up into one braid.
-Complexion: Fair

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Distinguishing marks: Aeris has a rather unique appearance all together, but she does have one scar. It's small and you can't even really notice it unless she brings attention to it, but above her right eye and curving above her eyebrow is a tiny scar she received when she was hit in the head by some debris when Meteor struck.
-Build: Small and slender. Aeris might not be as curvy or well-endowed as Tifa, but she's attractive, and has some muscle tone as a result of jogging and training with her staff.
-Voice: Playful and light most of the time, but it carries a variation of tones. She's very expressive, especially with her voice.
-Clothes: She is most comfortable in dresses and skirts, having been raised by Elmyra (who always insisted that her little girl dressed like one), but is not against wearing jeans or shorts, as long as they're a decent length. She can often be found in pretty, girlish outfits, and though she sometimes gets teased for it, she's very much a girl and likes to dress like one. She doesn't much like jewlery; in fact, the only piece she wears is a locket, and she only wears that because it has a picture inside of Ifalna, her biological mother.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Personality: Aeris is cheerful and optimistic for the most part, and full of spirit. She is also a very determined young woman, and knows what she wants, and can usually figure out how to get it. Most would look at her and just pass her off as an innocent, weak little girl, but it couldn't be farther from the truth.

She's not innocent. Growing up in the Midgar slums made that impossible. She saw a lot of things that were... less than pleasant, as an understatement, and was constantly pursued by the Turks because of her bloodline. However, rather than let these things get her down, she remained cheerful instead, and almost always manages to have a smile in place or some kind words ready for anyone.

While she did not become jaded as a result of living where she does, it didn't stop her from developing a sense of shrewdness, and learning to wield a staff for self-defense. In most situations, she appears to be a defenseless, silly little girl that has no idea what to do in real battle, and she uses this to her full advantage by surprising them with her actual knowledge. She has evaded many a perverted man and soldier in this manner, and while she is no exceptional fighter, she can take down the average pursuer with minimal difficulty.

As a general rule, she likes people, and will go out of her way to help someone in need, as she feels a lot of pity for the crippled or ill and would do almost anything to help out. She can tell when someone really needs help and when they're faking it, however, and it is extremely difficult to pull a fast one on her. She doesn't take kindly to being deceived, either, and will probably work up some highly painful way of getting you back, even if it's not physical pain.

She is highly intelligent, and relies on her shrewdness and tactical abilities rather than mere strength when fighting, and nearly every other situation. In order to survive in the slums, you have to. She's just learned to adapt to her environment.
-Background: Professor Gast, the leader of the science division of Shinra Inc., fell in love with a woman named Ifalna. This woman was the last remaining Cetra, and together they had a child which they named Aeris. For the first bit of her life, she lived in Icicle Village with Ifalna and Gast, the entire first few weeks of her life being documented on video.

Hojo, a man bent on exploring every reach of science, had heard of the Cetra woman and her child. He had been placed in charge of the science division when Gast went missing (to protect his family), and was set on finding the Ancient and her daughter so that he could study them.

When Aeris was only a few weeks old, he found where Gast and Ifalna were, and killed Gast so that he could capture Aeris and Ifalna and take them back to the Shinra building.

It was then that he began to study them.

For several years no one intervened, and Hojo was free to poke and prod and perform any kind of experiments he wanted. At this time, Aeris really didn't understand, but she found comfort in that she was allowed to stay in the same cell as her mother. Ifalna, with a burst of courage, broke herself and Aeris out of their cell and made an escape.

However, they were spotted as they attempted to escape, and Ifalna was fatally wounded. Each movement painful, she managed to get Aeris on to a train in the Midgar slums. After they got off the train, they came across a woman named Elmyra, who, after hearing Ifalna's dying request, took Aeris in. But before she died, Ifalna managed to pass to Aeris a certain White Materia called Holy.

Aeris was too young to understand what her mother wanted her to do with Holy, but growing up with stories of her people and how they were in harmony with the Planet, and how some day, since she was the last Ancient, she would have to make a decision for the Planet, helped her understand a bit more who she was.

Elmyra, the kind woman who took her in because she had no children of her own, could not understand why she wasn't sad about her mother's death. In truth, Aeris was sad for a little while, but one day she went into the abandoned church in Midgar, where she heard her mother for the first time since she had died.

After this, Aeris visited the church often, comforted by the fact that she could now feel her mother's presence there, as well as several people that she didn't know. They were all friendly, however, so she grew to enjoy their company, and began to tend a dying flower garden while she listened to what she considered their souls talking. There were no words, but whenever she felt sad, she could go to the church and take care of her flowers, and the warm feelings that came with their presence always lifted her worries and sadness away.

Elmyra always wondered that she was such a bright, cheerful girl, even though she had lost all of her family, and had grown up in the place that she did. Aeris has seen many things growing up that have left their mark on her, but they were never enough to make her completely jaded. Rather, she remained cheerful in spite of her situation, and a large part of it was due to the fact that she continued to grow flowers in the church until there wasn't enough room for any more to grow.

Once this happened, she carefully uprooted some and planted them in the soil outside hers and Elmyra's house, taking care of them as lovingly as she did the ones in the church. In time, she had a flower garden large enough to fill their entire yard (which had before been nothing but dirt), and decided to make a profit from it.

Elmyra was hesitant about letting Aeris wander the streets of Midgar with only some flowers in a basket, so she agreed to train with a staff and usually carried it with her, though it more greatly resembled a walking stick than anything else.

Eventually she learned that no one wanted to pay for a flower, and had to keep lowering her prices from what was initially twenty-five gil until she was practically giving them away for a single gil. Discouraged, she was about to give up sales when a spiky-haired youth was persuaded to buy one, though he wasn't very kind about it. She cheerfully selected a flower for him and went home, forgetting all about him until he fell through the roof of the church and nearly landed right on her.

Everything just blossomed from that point. The Turks came, and Aeris convinced Cloud to be her bodyguard, promising that she would repay him with a date. She really didn't expect him to come to collect, however, and imagined that after they were both safely out of the church, they would go their separate ways and never see each other again.

However, she learned from Cloud about his friend Tifa, and how he had to find her. When they saw her go by in what was obviously a cart for Don Corneo's mansion, Aeris made up her mind to help him get her back, though she wasn't quite sure why. Feigning helplessness, in a roundabout way she managed to get Cloud to agree to take her, and helped him get into the mansion.

Ever since that point, she felt that this was what she wanted to do. She didn't want to sit around and wait for life to pass her by. She had already made up her mind to force Cloud to take her along with him, when she was again captured by Shinra. Only, this time, Cloud came to save her, instead of Aeris escaping herself.

As they traveled together, Aeris began to develop feelings for Cloud, but at first she thought it was because of his uncanny resemblance to Zack. As time wore on, however, she saw that Cloud was very much in need of help, though she didn't know how to help him. There were moments when she could see the real Cloud, not who he thought he was, and she decided to help him become who he was.

Aeris grew fond of Cloud, and might have pursued a relationship with him if things had worked out differently. As it was, the only major obstacle she had to overcome was Tifa; she could tell that his childhood friend also cared for him. What she didn't know, was if Cloud felt the same way about Tifa. Because she is naturally a playful person, Aeris tried various ways to wheedle her way into Cloud's affections, but wasn't ever distracted from their ultimate goal: save the planet.

Her mother's warning always at the back of her mind, Aeris knew from the moment Bugenhagen took them up into the observatory what she had to do. She had to summon Holy, and pray that the planet not eliminate humans. Knowing that she would only be held back if everyone tried to come with her, she opted to steal away in the night, traveling to the capital of what was once the Ancient civilization.

She managed to cast Holy, and prayed with all of her being that humans not be eliminated. All people, she reasoned, were good to an extent--for some, it was just buried. She prayed and prayed that they not be destroyed, and was still deep in prayer when Cloud caught up to her.

At first, he seemed to be attacking her. She knew what was coming, but didn't try to stop it. Rather, she saw her death as a sacrifice she would have to make, and offered herself instead of the human race. She merely shut her eyes more tightly, and prayed a little harder.

When Tifa's voice brought Cloud back down to earth and stopped him from killing her, she couldn't help herself. She glanced up and smiled, certain that it was somehow a sign that she needn't sacrifice herself--surely, the Planet had listened to her prayers.

It was then that Sephiroth descended, and she heard the Planet scream. It wasn't for her, no... she knew now that the Planet had decided to rid itself of humans. She finally understood. And now, she had cast Holy, and would be the undoing of the human race.

Before Sephiroth managed to kill her, however, Cloud leapt and grabbed her, rolling away from the inner altar and barely escaping being stabbed himself. Sephiroth yanked his sword out of the ground without hesitation, and lashed out at them. The only thing Cloud could do to keep both of them from being killed was jump... unfortunately, this didn't stop Sephiroth from summoning Meteor.

While the Planet had not heeded her prayers, the souls in the Lifestream had, and all around the world great cracks were appearing in the surface, the Lifestream welling up into them, waiting for the moment when Meteor would strike. The Planet responded to Holy very quickly, and cast the white and dark magic spells at the same time, Holy aiding Meteor in destroying the humans.

What the Planet hadn't counted on, however, was the Lifestream.

Welling up from every possible orifice, the Lifestream rose against the combined powers of Meteor and Holy and managed to stop most of it, though Meteor still hit Midgar, and still damaged the Planet. Aeris' prayers had been listened to, however, and the humans lived on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Skills: Getting what she wants, tending flowers, persuasion, remaining cheerful, resiliency, artful decorations, and chess, surprisingly enough.
-Occupation: Works in a bakery with her mother
-Weapon(s): Princess Guard

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Extra-curricular activities: Apparently, saving the world. Aside from that, she likes to swim, jog, paint (though she's not very good at it), and play cards.
-Quote(s): "Stop giving me that look! It's a -good- surprise!"