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Hi! I'm Am-Chau Yarkona. Welcome to my general fandom and fanfic homepage, starring Spike, Hawkeye and lots of other nummy treats! There's quite a few colours, lots of fanfic, both my own and my recommendations, but nothing very fancy in the way of javascript etc, so all you need is an open mind, a love of fanfic including slash, though I do write het and gen as well, and- well, a good dictionary might help. Navigation is via the links below.

At last count, there were 10 fandoms, approximately 33 guys and girls, and 91 stories in which they either get it on or don't.

God(dess) knows what browser it looks best it, so pray before you come in.

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effulgent a. 1738 shining forth brilliantly; diffusing intense light; radiant

eclectic a. & n. (Ancient philosopher) selecting from each school of thought such doctrines as please him; (person, doctrine) borrowing freely from various sources; not exclusive in opinion, taste, etc.

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