[The Pennsauken Crew]

Pennsauken Crew updates and such coming soon....curse you laziness! XD

"Pay attention to the cracked streets
And the broken homes
Some call it the slums
Some call it nice
I want to take you through
a wasteland I like to call
my home
Welcome To Paradise"

[Allison] Allimason, Allie, Allie-son, Allison...whatever you call me, I'm still me. I don't remember where Allimason came from..but the name stuck. And I know I'm stealing this from your site Lauren, but it fits me so well.... "If somebody said it was a happy little tale, if somebody told you I was just your average ordinary girl, not a care in the world.....somebody lied".

[Lauren] God, Leminem, and so many more nicknames. She's probably one of funniest and most insane people I know. "Who needs drugs, when you can just hang out with me?"-Lauren "HOLLA!" CRUSTY CRUNCH!

[Nicole] Moo, Cole, Nicky. She's also one of the more silly people I know. She's great. Always knows how to to make me smile. Animal Crackers for life. Rock on Moo!

[Dennis] Zero, Fer, Den-Den (but only Maria can call him that...dont ask), and I know he's got more, I just can't remember them >_<;;. He's Dr. Dennis. Always there when you need to talk or get something off your chest. Not many words can explain him. He's a genuine person. Straight up, gangtah. Rock on.

[Jeff] Epoch, Jeffey, and more. He's started up so many bands I can't remember half of them. But I know his attempts won't go to waste. He's gonna be a famous rockstar one of these days. He's definitley creative and in my eyes..wears his heart on his sleeve [in a good way, 'course]. Chicken parms for life, man. Word.

[Matt A.] Laundry, Animal Cracker Nazi. He's one pretty cool dude. He always knows how to make me laugh and cheer me up and I feel like crap. He's also the loudest scream I know. "DEEZ!" Herman Pringle for life, man! "For real? You ain't playin" Fo sheeze? Mah neez?" (ugh...).

[Matt P.] Papa. He's my DDR hero. I don't see him as much as I'd like to, but he's definitley one straight up gangstah. And who can forget the fact that he's got a ballgina. He's also growing penis in his backyard. Poor Papa. Anywho, rock on Papa, never ever change!

[Rob] Binder. He's my very own Jesus. Who can't love Binder? I've never been around him and not laughed myself silly. He's definitley the goofiest kid I know. He's also one heck of a gamer. Gamers for life, my friend.

[Anne] Jonas. She graduated this year, lucky her. I don't get to chill with her too much. But she's definitley one VERY nice person. She's a talented photographer and artist. Not to mention she's managed bands galore

[Jamie] Moon. Jamie is always able to crack me up. Who can forget all of her crazy antics and mishaps..and well..about everything, ^_^. We love Jamie Moon. She graduated this year along with Anne, lucky lucky. OMFG Drama! ROFlamingos! Rock on Jamie Moon.

[Allyssa] ...the OTHER Allie...hehe. The coolest...and onlyest lesbian I know. She's one HXC chick and she rocks muchly. She's definitley one cool and genuine person. Rock on Allie. Straight up gangstah.

[Liz] Iwixabit Yatez. Liz is such a cool chick. She's funny, and goofy, and has a great personality. Definitley carefree and geniune. I love ya Liz. Good times...good times..

[Gemma] Gemma..Gemma...what can I say about this insane girl? Oh wait, I just did XD! Love ya muchly Gemma. She's definitley a talented person, artistically and musically. Remember all the good times...good times.. ^_^v

[If I missed someone, PLEASE let me know, I'm brain dead, don't blame me...blame my mother for giving birth to a retard XD!]