MorningPhase: Hey Dennis...
Dennis: yea?
MorningPhase: thanks
Dennis: bitch
MorningPhase: whore
Dennis: your dog
MorningPhase: your mom
Dennis: you
MorningPhase: no, you
MorningPhase: Dennis..
MorningPhase: no seriously...i wanted to ask when you were going to the mall tonight
Dennis: ill be in the food court by 6:45
MorningPhase: thanks
Dennis: you know what...\
MorningPhase: nope, what?
MorningPhase: *hides in my little corner*
Dennis: thanks
MorningPhase: DAMNIT!
MorningPhase: well, not we're even.... -_-
Dennis: but seriously...can i ask you somthin?
MorningPhase: Nope.
Dennis: oh okay
MorningPhase: ^_^(^)
MorningPhase: Anywho..
MorningPhase: Sure, ask away...
Dennis: thanks
MorningPhase: *thwaps you in the forehead*
Dennis: you are such a...
Dennis: such a
MorningPhase: such a what?...
Dennis: thanks
MorningPhase: Oh dear god... Dennis your seriously..
MorningPhase: okay, i need to stop before one of is gets hurt. lmao
MorningPhase: *us
MorningPhase: its 4:00 already?
Dennis: yea
MorningPhase: jeebas..
MorningPhase: ewww...
Dennis: what?
MorningPhase: thanks
Dennis: now i press this button right here
MorningPhase: >_<
Dennis: thanks
MorningPhase: >_x
MorningPhase: .....
MorningPhase: nyo?
Dennis: thanks
MorningPhase: actually I wasnt even going to say that..but now that you mention it...
MorningPhase: thanks
Dennis: what are you saying thanks for? you didnt get me. you cant thanks a thanks
MorningPhase: your mom can't thanks a thanks... oh shit...
Dennis: you're retarded
Dennis: lol
MorningPhase: *bows* I know..
MorningPhase: :|
Dennis: what?
MorningPhase: thanks
MorningPhase: booyah
Dennis: thanks
MorningPhase: *falls over* x_x
Dennis: thanks
MorningPhase: >_<
Dennis: thanks

[Aim conversation between me and Zero (aka Dennis)...his screen name was not given because we all know that your probably some weird stalker who is overly-obsessed with poor Dennis. Mine on the other hand is fixed so no one like you can IM me anyways, buwahaha! Anywho, thanks.