Mall nights are definitley a highlight of our week here in Pennsauken (REPRESENT! HOLLA!). Woooo...anyways...Basically this little shindig is pictures and tales of the many adventures of the Cherry Hill Mall Rats. [yes, the mall is not in Pennsauken, but who cares?]

Leminem. [aka, Lauren, aka God] She's gangstah! HOLLA! PENNSAUKEN REPRESENT. Boy do we need to get lives...

Lauren again, bustin' a move in the food court. The expression on people's faces when this girl busts a move is definitley one to remember.

Nicole. In the foodcourt. Caught her a bit off-guard with this one. The face is priceless. ^_^v

"A picture's worth a thousand words"...I think Lisa could give you two. Lauren on the other hand..well...let's just leave that up to your imagination.

This is Ricky. Ricky's has a toilet seat cover on his head. Don't worry about him..he's a Mexican. Me and Lauren gave it to Ricky as a present. He liked it muchly. ^_^v. Muchly isn't a word....oh wait..NOW IT IS! hehe.