[Monday, July 21st, 2003]
Babies! Babies everywhere!

I went to my nieces christening yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Got to see my brother and sister...and all the babies! Jade, Elizabeth, and even little Leslie. And who can forget Ms. Rosie? "She's gonna to be a supermodel!" I swear she is. Of course me AND Rosie get in trouble for making faces at each other during church. I love that kid. Nothing to do today...as usual. If anyone wants to chill, give me a "HOLLA!". ROFlamingos! (lol, i love you Jamie!). Gonna go load on some more images and what-not. I'm also adding a "More Pictures" Section where I'll put my less serious "photography". W00t! Anywho... AMUSEMENT ENSUES...BABIES!!!

Ms. Rosie, after making probably the funniest face ever at me.

7/19/03 Sleepy?

It's Kaff-Kaff...asleep.
Sleepey....It's about 4:30pm and I've got to go to church for my nieces baptism. At least I can take some pictures. She's so cute! Didn't do anything today except add more stuff to the website..put up a photography page...should be loading more stuff onto the site soon. Keep a watch out. I might be getting a subdomain if I can possibly find a decent one somewhere. This area of site is going to be for my journal, since Deadjournal is for some weird reason blocked on my computer >_<. Oh well. The background on the site is of my pajamas. Hehe...Amusment ensues..

[Friday, July 18th, 2003] "Pretty in Punk!"

Did I mention Allie's...
..the OTHER Allie that is...^_^v
That is Lauren...Lauren is a real Punk...Lauren is mocking the Delia's (a very uber-preppy store) window hence the sign.."Pretty in Punk!". We basically just mocked the shiznits out of this store. I never liked it...but now I have a reason to dislike it extremely... Posers already frustrates the bajeebas out of me..now look what they've gone and done! And that down there is Allie's "Pride" pin...because she's well...Queer as Fuck! Woot for lesbians! Anywho..hung out with Lauren, and Moo, and Lisa..and Dennis and Jeff for like negative 3 seconds >_<. They traded in their XBox for a playstation...I thought Jeff was going to crap himself when I told him he could have kept the XBox and I'd lend him my Playsation. Amusing. See? Hence the purpose of this website...to amuse you all. I decided to make an extremely Emo-type title for the website..lookie at the top (see what I mean?). I'm hoping to freshen up on my HTML skills and get this site running soon. Ive got the whole summer to screw around with it. Well, off I go. Toodles. -The Allimason