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The Adventures of Dan

Dan... rules. Tribute had to be made, and so, it was done. Enjoy.


10/28/03 - Hey guys, I know its been a LONG time since the last update, but I have been mad lazy/busy, so just be patient. The cartoon isn't dead. Well anyways, Shane Sacco made a lil animation, so I've added a new section and added it to the bottom, the Fan Submissions. If you have a flash anim or a pic or some other dan-related media that you want added to the site, e-mail me, and I'll put it up if it's good and appropriate.

10/16/03 - New episode added. Took me an unusually long amount of time to finish this one. I hope you guys like it.

10/14/03 - I know it's been a few days since the last episode, but to make up for it, the new episode is ENTIRELY FILLED WITH AUDIO (and still takes up only a little space)! Enjoy. Note - it is larger though, and I needed to add a preloader so you can download the whole thing before playing it.

10/9/03 (Part II) - Thanks to Justin Cohen, I remembered to add the audio to episode three! The recording quality isn't great, but everyone seems to like it better with sound (note: only Dan's voice has been added), so I put it up. Click here to watch it, or select it from the list below (next to the old episode 3).

10/9/03 - New episode... I'm tired... watch it and tell me if you like it. Also, if you have ideas for episodes, email them to me or tell me on AIM if you have my SN.

10/8/03 - Uploaded new episode. Check it out.

10/7/03 - Just put the third episode up. We showed Dan the cartoons today and he cracked up. Check below for the new episode.

10/6/03 - The Site is up! Only a few of you have seen the actual animations thus far, but after rigorously searching for a host better than angelfire, I was eventually stuck with them. In any case, the first two are up, and as soon as I make the new ones, I'll post them too. NOTE: Altough there is no audio now, I plan on getting recordings of Dan for the movies, so don't worry, I'll add some soon. By the way, if you want, Tuesday after 9th I'm going to tell him about the toon, if you want to see his reaction.


- Episode One: Vector addition -

- Episode Two: The Chalk? -

- Episode Three: Real Life - ][ *NEW VERSION WITH SOUND!*

- Episode Four: Monkeys -

- Episode Five: Why Dan became a Physics Teacher

- Episode Six: What would happen if the Earth suddenly stopped rotating?

- Episode Seven: Problem Solving Strategies

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Dan is the Man, by Shane Sacco

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All animation and images produced by Scott Weiss, 2003, all rights reserved.