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A Demon Called Cole

This page was built mainly to satisfy my need to gush about the most extraordinary character I have ever come across in books, TV or film, as well as to share what little talent I have in making screensavers on the theme of Cole Turner.

The screensaver software is iScreensaver Designer made by Xochi Media Inc

The pics and caps I use are not captured by me. The credit for them goes mainly to Jaguar who used to run the marvellous site Unofficial Julian, The Demon and Extraordinary Julian unless otherwise mentioned.

All things related to Charmed belongs to Spelling Inc and various other companies. The songs featured belongs to their respective owners.

I intend NO copyright ingfringement - just to share what gave me pleasure to make. If any material here belongs to you and you do not wish me to post it, just mail me at and I will remove it immediately. Please note and respect that I do not open attachments from strangers!

I am not making any money from this only the pleasure that comes with sharing.

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. If you want to leave any feedback, you are welcome to do so here and please come back and visit again!


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