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My Campaign Tools

In your Campaign Tools tab you will find:
  • Smart Value Comparison Chart - I would click this and make a copy, show your friends and customers. Alot of people buy makeup in other places for more, you can make good sales by showing or knowing this chart
  • Compare & Save Worksheet: This is valuable & I give one to each of my new customers to fill out and return with their next order, simply print copies and hand them out with a brochure. You will be surprised who will fill them out and return them. And the sales are great too!
  • Fashion Capitals Jewelry & Holiday Jewelry Open House: I print these out and give one to each customer in a November Campaign. On website you can do online events and eParties. I make an eParty for these flyers and put the sales there. When your customer orders from these and their products arrive, I go into invoice each customer in "weboffice" under invoice. Save the invoice to view. There is a checkbox asking if you want this to go to an online event. Select the correct one and submit it.
  • One of your most important tools will be "Product Reference Guide". I always refer to this for discontinued items and replacements. This is a very valuable tool because it has alot of products with ingredience. A very useful Tool.

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