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Amuro Ray
Amuro Ray, the legendary Gundam pilot of the One
Year War returns and fights in this era. After the war
ended in U.C. 0079, he was put under house arrest by the
Federation. The Federation knew his capabilities and that
he could do real damage if he went against them. After 7
years of house arrest, Amuro escapes and joins Karaba
which is the resistance force on Earth. Karaba and the
A.E.U.G. work together, therefore putting Amuro and Char
, the greatest newtypes, on the same side! Although Amuro
was the main Gundam pilot in the last series, in Zeta Gundam
he doesn't recieve much spot light.

Hayato Kobayashi
Hayato is the leader of Karaba. He once again joins the battle.
He's one of the legendary pilots onboard the White Base in the
One Year War. He becomes the commander of the Auduhumala
when it got captured after the raid on Jaburo. After the One Year
War, he got into a relationship with Fraw Bow, and eventually
married her, and adopted the 3 orphans on White Base.

Kai Shiden
Kai was also a legendary pilot on the White Base during the One
Year War. He know is a reporter. He got captured by the
Federation when he was trying to help Reccoa Londe on a mission.
After being rescued by Kamille, he soon discovered the real
identity of Quattro Bajeena who was Char Aznable. Kai doesn't
recieve a lot of spot light either, he's only in a few episodes
which isn't good, because he was an important character.

Fa Yuiry
Fa was one of Kamille's classmates back on the space colony
Green Noa. She's a very good friend of Kamille's but they tend
to fight quite a bit. Eventually, she undergoes training and
becomes a mobile suit pilot. Although she doesn't have much ex
perience, she does prove to be valuable more than once.