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Wing Zero Post

Heya Gundam Fans,

Welcome to the Wing Zero Post. This site is dedicated to voicing the opinion of you, the ones who set your VCR to record Cartoon Network at 5:30 everyday, you, the ones who have gotten ahold of Endless Waltz and watched it over 10 times, you, the one with the Bandai Gundam toys, you, the die - hard fans.

Any subject goes, if you want to talk about the sexual orientation of Quarte or which Gundam is the most powerful go right ahead.

If the site is a sucess, other aspects will be added, in other words, you control the destiny of this site.

Have fun visit frequently.

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12/11/00 - New poll up, check it out. The results from the last poll is in! And yes, according to you guys, Quatre is gay. I alwayts thought he was anyway.

My Favorite Web Sites After-colony - In my opinion, the best Gundam Wing site on the web. Mutimedia, Bio, Mobile Suits and and episode syopsis, this site has it all. A great source of information - A great looking site with a lot of info and over 300 pics - The Official Gundam Wing site Toonami - The site were you can find info on when the series airs on cartoon network

Trent, here are some images

My Favorite Gundams


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