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You are about to enter a web site that involves lemons, limes, shounen ai, maybe some shoujo ai, yaoi, maybe some yuri and anything else that has to do with groping, kissing, making out plus Gundam Wing.

Don't know what all that is? I'll tell you as subtly as possible.

Basically, it means this web site practically BREAKS any law of what mother nature calls "normal" mating habits. Still don't get it? It means that you will see guys hitting on each other, maybe some girls hitting on each other and things will happen!

If you choose to enter, I will say this once, and only once. This website will not be responsible for your actions because you chose to enter. I am not responsible to any emotional or physical problems that 'could' occur during your visit here, or at least, not... yet.

You've read the rules, done the math, thought about it and you've got two choices.

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