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It's Flamin'!

Welcome to my Yaoi site. it's not that big yet... and I'm mostly into Gundam Wing, but as I find more pairings in other series that interest me, there will be more stuff up.

Yes, this is Yaoi, that means boy/boy relationships, Gay in other words.  If you are offended by it, then don't enter.  Don't email me about how "sick and twisted" I am.  It's nothing strange.  Guys like Lesbians, girls love Gays.  If you like Yaoi and are mature enough to handle it, then come on in.

I'm sure most of you won't read this big long warning page, but it has to be done. and besides, the way to get into the site is by clicking on the m on ultimate.  If you don't read down here, then you won't know.  So kudos to all of you who will read this the first time!