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 Learn about our bioregion
The coastal temperate rain forest
 from California to Alaska 
Learn about our bioregion

Ecotrust in the News
The Oregonian 9-3-2001:
Rebuilt from the earth up,
building is green landmark

 Ecotrust Activities 

ECI provides research, analysis, and mapping services for both individuals and organizations.

The Natural Capital Center will be a marketplace for the goods and services of the conservation economy.

 And More...

Ecotrust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the emergence of a conservation economy along North America's rain forest coast, the region from San Francisco to Anchorage. We work in urban and rural areas to support entrepreneurs whose work improves environmental, economic, and social conditions. More about Ecotrust.

You will discover many voices here: a chorus of biologists, geographic specialists, financial managers, urban planners, educators, artists, reporters, fishers, loggers and more. There are many stories to tell.

This Month's Features:

Groundfish Fleet Reduction
Information and Analysis Project

Ecotrust is working with the Pacific Marine Conservation Council to mitigate the effects of a transition to more sustainable coastal fisheries.

The Jean Vollum
Natural Capital Center
Opening Celebration!

Throngs of well-wishers join
a reopening party at the
restored 1895 building.

Ecotrust Finances
the Return of Koeye Lodge
to First Nations' Control
"There are people who have a vision of justice to see that this land be returned to its people. To them we say gyasixa (thank you)."

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721 NW Ninth Avenue, Suite 200
Portland, OR 97209

Tel: 503 227 6225
Fax: 503 222 1517
 Ecotrust Websites 

Every morning tidepool brings you the day's bioregional news.

Inforain explores bioregional patterns of change through data and maps.

Conservation Economy.Net profiles sectors of opportunity - and their linkages - for the emerging sustainable economy.

"Salmon Nation is an essential book for understanding the situation of these magnificent, magical fish." Gary Snyder

 Ecotrust Affiliates 

ShoreBank Pacific and Shorebank Enterprise Pacific provide financial and advisory support to new and growing businesses.

Ecotrust Canada Ecotrust Canada promotes the emergence of a conservation economy in the temperate rain forest of British Columbia.