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Ara's Tokyo Babylon Page:
Genki no ii Sakura
Fooled ya...

"You can't have him. I caught him first"

This is just my little Tokyo Babylon site ^_^
I *ADORE* Tokyo Babylon. It is so wonderful! This site was *not* going to be called "Forbidden Babylon"...about 3 seconds after typing that I hated it.
I'm just sitting here waiting for my ramen to finish, and throwing together a nice new page ((Like the Guestbook image? Those kanji were harder to get on there then you'd think!)) I admit, A lot of the content here is from "X" but as soon as I get my manga ((I've ordered the first 3 graphic novels!)) I'll put up a lot of my own scans!
Don't ask about the whole pastel-look I've got going here... it matchs the background. And, yes, this *is * the same background as on my FAKE page, but I originally got it for a TB page, so it's rightfully here :p
TB lyrics are in short supply (and I guess low demand) so all those you'll find here are romanized by me... except "Solid Gold" since I actually found that!

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