Tired of hackneyed stereotypical portrayals or bastardisations of the Gundam Wing characters? We are! The purpose of this page is to support the idea of diverse, thoughtful, and three-dimensional portrayals of the characters inspired by the canon series and not fanon conventions. Break the mold! After all, where is it evidenced in the series that Quatre's an angelic weakling, Trowa's an emotional leper, or Duo's a hyperactive imbecile?

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Most recent update:  30 January 2004 - Big update! Lots of great banners from Haze, Cleric007, and Renze. Thanks so much! New banner are on pages 26, 27, 28 & 29 *whew* ^__^

The DtS Awards are on indefinite hiatus due to my not reading that much (or variety of) fanfiction in recent months.

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