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you whant em!I got em!
okay first off there's the usual legal policy thing you gotta know before downloading these can only download these if you have the original copy,plus they must be deleted after 24 hours(like any of you actualy are going to listen to that!).well know that monkey's off my back.....too the roms!!!!
ok I forgot, in order to download these you need winzip.
To play them on your comp. you need a emulator
(I'll put that up later)it's like a consule
program for your comp.for example,(snes) some of you zsnes is
going to be used, but I prefer snes9xz(though depending on your computer it might be too slow(but it's awsome if you got it to work just right).zsnes is awsome and work on basicaly anything(and I figured out how to take pics with mine!).well on to the roms!!!!!!

DBZ roms

dbz:Legend of the super saiyan-ok this game rocks
scale of one to ten...100% kick ass!!and the best of all it's well some what fully transulated.oh this is the best rpg game ever made and it is dbz to boot!(it's like those pokemon gamboy games just alot better(trust me!!)

super butoden3-this is one of the coolest fighting games for dbz(although there is now story mode nor levels)it's still has some good action(most ppl like hyper dimension though...)

super goku den-ok it's only about 44% transulated, this is actual db(dragon ball) but it's kick ass none the's and rpg of the events of db.I love the the style it was done in,and the music(it's kinda wholesome,very relaxing,after playing this before going to bed you'll have a great sleep,no joke)also funny.

super gokuden2-this is the sequel where goku first meets piccolo(not king piccolo,the one we all love)and works it's way to the freeza saga,it's 90% trans.I would love this game if I could figure out how to play it(the fight controls are so friggin' hard to figure out!! so if anyone know of how to work it e-mail me).
"more dbz games later"

gundamwing endless duel-this is my all time favorite fighting game for snes!!100 out of 10!!!!it's partly english (just the credits and the story mode are in japanese)but don't worry it's still kick ass!!!plus Epyon is the last boss/secret character!!!oh and you're suppose to be able to turn into bird/jet mode with wing and Zero..but I can't get it to work!