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"Map of the Gundam Wing Earth Sphere
The Lagrange Points"

This is based on an actual map and Lagrange point
idea that the Italian-French mathematician Josef Lagrange discovered.
His discovory was five special points---in the area of two orbiting
bodies---where a third, smaller mass can orbit at a fixed distance
from the larger masses. In Gundam Wing, those five points are
where the colonies orbit. L1, L2,L3, L4, and L5. Points L1, L2,
and L3 are considered unstable and the colonies probably need
adjustments at certain times of the year, so that they'll stay in orbit.
L4 and L5 are considered stable. For in-depth, technical information on
the Lagrange System, please visit this NASA webpage. Another good webpage that deals more with the Earth-Moon system can be found here .HST is, of course, the Hubble Space Telescope.