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The Power Of Love

More Than One Type Of Chaos

SUMMARY: Vegeta finishes the conversation with his father. Tension rises throughout the castle. A bit of revelation.

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AUTHOR: Hidden Angel

Last time on The Things I Do For Love:

"Vegeta, I will give you this one last chance. Kill the girl or forever lose the title of heir to the throne of the Saiyan Empire and all that goes with it." Silence. The Prince's eyes closed. "Do not be stupid my son. The Saiyan Empire stretches over twenty planets and the power you would possess some day is vast. Are you willing to give it all up for just one lousy human female?"

Prince Vegeta opened his eyes and stared back at his father through the screen. His eyes darted with anger and frustration. "No father. I am not going to give up the entire Saiyan Empire for one lousy human female."


Bulma felt a pain run through her heart at Vegeta's words. So she was nothing but a lousy human female to him. That's all she was. Quietly, still unnoticed, she tip-toed back to her room where she cried herself to sleep, not knowing why she was so hurt or so upset.


King Vegeta laughed in triumph, "I knew you would see things my way Vegeta. Good, I expect you will kill the girl soon?"

"No father. You don't understand. I said that I will not give up my Empire for one lousy human female. But Bulma is not one lousy human female. She is the only girl I will ever love, the only girl there will ever be for me. She means more to me than the entire universe and certainly more than the Saiyan Empire. If I cannot have her, than I don't want anything else."

King Vegeta's mouth dropped open, almost smacking the floor. "You insolent little brat! You are a disgrace to the royal blood line of Planet Vegeta. From this moment on, I disown you and all your rights as the Saiyan Prince. You are now nothing but an exiled warrior. If you come ANYWHERE near my Empire, you shall die. Damn! Forget the experiment, send my warriors back to me immediately."

The screen went completely black and Vegeta knew that his father had cut the connection. "Goodbye...father."


Vegeta trained in the gravity room, not wanting to think about what had just happened. His father had disowned him and he was now nothing but an exiled warrior. Why? Maybe he should have just agreed to kill the little woman. That thought alone made him feel sick to his stomach. Knowing that he would never hurt her, Vegeta wondered how he had come to care for her so much.


Bulma woke up feeling miserable and tired. She could tell that her eyes were puffy and red, which wasn't a surprise since she had cried until she passed out. She didn't know why, but the Saiyan Prince's words left a hollow feeling in her heart. Trying to push his words out of her head, she felt the tears begin to form once again.


Vegeta glared at the warriors who were all assembled on the training ground. It was almost time for dinner, but he couldn't let it sit anymore. They had a right to know what had happened. Besides, he was not going to lie or keep it a secret from them. That was a very dishonorable thing to do.

He began, loud and clear, not knowing how the warriors would react. "As of now, I am no longer your Prince." A gasp and murmuring arose from the Saiyans in front of him. "Would you shut up and let me continue?!" Vegeta was in a bad mood and had almost no patience at the moment. "I had a disagreement with my father, and he has exiled me and stripping me of my title." More murmurs which were silenced with one glare from the ex-Prince. "He has ordered you all to return to Planet Vegeta. Do what you will. Now, if you all don't mind, I am going to eat dinner."

As soon as Vegeta entered the castle, total chaos broke out. Warriors that had once been comrades began yelling and fighting each other. Most of the warriors wanted to return to Planet Vegeta, afraid of the King's wrath while a few wanted to stay on Earth, stating that they were loyal to the Prince and the Prince alone. An hour later, bloodied and bruised, their rumbling stomachs reminding them that they needed food, the argument was over.

The tension was still there as six of the Saiyans would be returning to Planet Vegeta while four would remain with the former Prince. Homto and Lumo were two of the four that had decided to stay, but not because of their loyalty. They were staying because they still hadn't gotten their revenge on Kakkarot. The only Saiyans staying back who were trully loyal were Kakkarot and Toruo.


Dinner for the Saiyan warriors was not a good one. Constant bickering and name calling rang out between Toruo and the Saiyans returning to Planet Vegeta. Vegeta had already finished eating when the ten warriors had come in from their battling. Kakkarot ate in silence, not wanting to be drawn into the verbal war. What exactly had Vegeta been aruging about with King Vegeta? Was it really that bad? Shaking his head he continued to eat, oblivious to the food now flying across the room at Toruo. He knew that none of them would bother or throw anything at him. They all feared his fighting capabilities and his massive power.


The residents of the castle were either asleep or preparing to sleep, all except two lone figures. Homto and Lumo stood in front of the screen, telling their King all that had occured during the day.

"Hmm. So Kakkarot and Toruo wish to rebel against me? Very well. I am glad you two decided to stay. When the time comes, get rid of both those bakas. Leave Vegeta to me. If you do this right, the both of you may get a promotion when you come back."

The screen abruptly went blank again. Homto grinned from ear to ear. A promotion? He had never thought he would get one. Now, all he had to do was kill Toruo and Kakkarot.

Meanwhile, Lumo was trying to think up a plan. Unlike Homto, he understood just how hard getting rid of Kakkarot would be, especially if the Prince intervened. He knew that Homto would never be able to think up a plan. Homto was the stronger warrior but his mind just wasn't always working as well as it should sometimes.


Vegeta heard a knock on his door. "Come in."

"Hey Vegeta. How are you doing?"

"Hmph. How do you think I'm doing Kakkarot? My title as Prince, my rights as heir to the Saiyan Empire...everything has been taken from me. How do you think I feel?"

Kakkarot winced at the sound of Vegeta's voice, dripping with anger and sarcasm. "Well, what did you do to make the King so mad?"

"That is none of your business."

"If you say so." Silence. "Oh come on! You know you want to tell me. You are just dying to tell me exactly what happened. You can..."

Kakkarot's whining wasn't doing anything to help Vegeta's frustration. "Shut up already Kakkarot! If it will make you shut up I will tell you." He silently asked Kami how Kakkarot could be so annoying at times.

"Good. Now speak up."

"Well, it's not that complicated. I just refused to do something that he wanted me to do. So he exiled me and stripped me of my title. Not too confusing for you I hope."

Kakkarot blinked a few times. King Vegeta wouldn't have exiled the heir to the throne just for that, would he? There had to be more. He could see it in Vegeta's eyes. He was hiding something. "What exactly was it that you refused to do?"

"Baka! Must you ask so many questions? Will you never be satisfied with an answer?" Vegeta blew up, his temper getting the best of him.

"I will stop asking questions as soon as you give me the full truth." Kakkarot pulled out a chair and sat down, eyes on his comrade the entire time.

"You want the truth? You want the truth?! You can't handle the truth!" (Not my line. Got it from a movie. Can't remember which one.)

"How do you know? Maybe I can. Try me."

Making a disgusted face, Vegeta decided to tell him everything so the baka would leave him alone. "Fine. Whatever. Father wanted me to kill Bulma but I said I wouldn't. Alright?"

Kakkarot nearly fell over and off the chair, barely managing to keep himself up. "What? You gave up the opportunity to rule the Saiyan Empire for Bulma?"

"Yes baka. Are you deaf? Do you need to get your ears checked?"

"Why Vegeta? Why would you do that?" He thought he already knew the answer, but he wanted to hear the proud Saiyan say it.

"Damnit Kakkarot. Are you really that stupid? Ugh!"

"Well? You still haven't told me why."

Vegeta looked down, almost as if he was ashamed. His answer came, voice barely above a whisper. "Because I love her."

This time, Kakkarot did fall off the chair, unable to hold himself up, shocked to the bone.

NEXT TIME ON POWER OF LOVE: Vegeta tells Bulma how he feels about her. Lumo puts his plan into motion.