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The Power Of Love

The Things I Do For Love

SUMMARY: Kakkarot and Chi Chi spend some quality time together. King Vegeta has a talk with his son and Bulma overhears it.

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AUTHOR: Hidden Angel

Last time on Show Of True Colors:

"If he dares to deny it, he shall pay the price of lying to me." Before either of the two warriors could get another word in, the King continued. "That is enough for now. I have many things to think about. I will be in touch soon."

The screen went blank. Homto looked at Lumo and their faces creased into smiles. The Prince and Kakkarot were going to pay for all that they had done. Soon, very soon, they would pay.


Kakkarot and Chi Chi ate in silence as they gazed lovingly into each other's eyes. There was no one there to disturb them as they ate in Kakkarot's room. Neither noticied that their food had barely been touched. Both wanted nothing more than to gaze at each other forever.

"Chi Chi?" Kakkarot broke the silence, the question he had been pondering since he first met her, pulling at his very essence.

Chi Chi felt a tingle run down her spine as he spoke her name. There was just something in the way he said it that made her stomach flip flop. It made her feel special and cared for in a way she had never experienced before. She smiled her best smile at him, wondering what he wanted to say.

"I was just wondering, what is the one thing that you want most in your life that you don't have"

The expression on her face was one of pure shock. Her shock gave way to memories as her childhood dreams came rushing back to her. She thought for awhile before finally replying. "I have always wanted to hold the moon in the palm of my hands. It looks so beautiful. I just want to claim it as mine, even if it's just for a little while." She paused, watching his reaction. "Why, is there a reason for asking me this?"

Kakkarot smiled back. "No. I was just curious."

"What about you? What is your dream?"

"My dream? I had one dream and it came true when I met you."


Vegeta trained intensely in the machine the woman had built him. He had set the gravity at 500 times Earth's gravity. It was hard to train as such a high gravity, but he loved the way his body would feel so light once he turned it off. Sweat poured all over his body as he battled his own ki balls while throwing in punches and kicks when he could.

He had been training since morning, wanting to keep himself distracted. If he wasn't distracted, his mind usually wandered it's way over to the woman, and he didn't like that. He found it hard to control his thoughts and emotions when she happened to make her way into his head.

Grunting loudly, Vegeta pushed the ki ball away from him as it flew back in his direction, at the same time, pushing the blue haired wonder out of his mind. He didn't know it then, but she would be back in his thoughts again, sooner than he'd like.


The stars twinkled up in the heavens as Chi Chi held onto Kakkarot, not really afraid, just not wanting to let go. Kakkarot had insisted that Chi Chi come with him, saying that he wanted to show her something. She could feel his strong arms tightly wrapped around her body as he flew on through the night sky. She closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of the cool night air on her skin.

Kakkarot spotted what he had been looking for. With one hand holding onto his future-mate tightly, the other one gently covered her eyes. He wanted it to be a surprise when she did see what he wanted to show her. He felt his feet touch the ground and spoke softly into her ears.

"I wanted to prove to you that I would give you everything and anything you want, as long as I can. You told me earlier today that you have always wanted to hold the moon in the palm of your hands. I can't literally give you the moon, but I can show you this."

His hand uncovered her eyes and she gasped at the sight in front of her. They were obviously high up as the usually small moon covered the entire night sky, or at least what she could see of it. She reached out a hand, trying to touch the surface of it. It just felt so close. Tears welled up in her eyes as she turned to look at Kakkarot.

The tears she was fighting back fell from her eyes as he held out a dozen red roses towards her. She took them gratefully. He leaned over and kissed her tears away, wrapping his arms around her once more. A small frown came across her face as she noticied something odd about one of the roses.

"Chi Chi, I will love you until each and every one of those roses dies."

She looked more carefully at the roses. One single, fake rose lay in between all the other real roses. How could a fake rose die? Then the meaning of Kakkarot's words and the fake rose hit her. Since the rose would never die, his love for her would never die either.

She closed her eyes, wanting to remember every moment of that night. Leaning into him, their lips met, this time more passionate than any other time before. The heavens seemed to smile down at them as their kiss deepened and the night wore on.


"Prince Vegeta." a scared voice that Vegeta recognized as Toruo's rang through the door of the gravity machine.

Vegeta didn't like being interrupted when he was training. Angrily, he turned the machine off and almost ripped the door down. "What do you want? Do you not see that I am training?"

"I...I'm sorry my Prince. But...but...but..."

Vegeta crossed his arms in disgust. "Stop stuttering like a baby and speak up like a warrior!"

"Yes sir! King Vegeta wishes to speak to you."

What? His father wanted to talk to him? Without another word, Vegeta blew past Toruo and into the room where the transmittor was. No one was there, which wasn't surprising since only one Saiyan was so supposed to monitor the transmittor at a time. "Father."

"Vegeta." The King's voice was filled with anger and loathing.


Bulma was bored. There seemed to be nothing to do and no one to talk to. It was farely late, but she wasn't tired yet. Slowly, she began to wander the halls of the castle, seeking something, anything that might appear appealing. She walked down a part of the castle that she had never been through before, marvelling at how large this castle really was. Just as she walked past a large half-closed door, she heard Vegeta's voice. Curious, she stopped and listened to the conversation he was having.


"What do you want?" Vegeta's arms crossed, in a similar manner to his father's.

"You disappoint me Vegeta."

"What are you talking about? I think you have gone insane!"

"How dare you even try to deny it?!"

"Deny what?!" The patience of both King and Prince was beginning to grow thin.

"You baka! How could you even think of taking a human female as your mate? You should know that the royal heir to the throne of the Saiyan Empire would never be allowed such a weak mate!"

Vegeta stood, shell-shocked at his father's words. Did his father know about his feelings for the woman? If so, how? How could his father know anything when he was on Planet Vegeta? Someone had found out about his feelings and told his father. Someone, when he found out who, would pay for this. "And so what if I am thinking of taking a human female as my mate?"

King Vegeta's face went bright red with fury. He had expected Vegeta to deny it, to lie, but this, this was too much for the King. "How dare you?! You are going to contaminate the royal bloodline with some low-life slut?"

"Bulma is not a slut!" He had almost said 'woman', but had caught himself in time. His voice rocked the chamber, obviously just as angry as his father was, if not, more.


"Vegeta, I will give you this one last chance. Kill the girl or forever lose the title of heir to the throne of the Saiyan Empire and all that goes with it." Silence. The Prince's eyes closed. "Do not be stupid my son. The Saiyan Empire stretches over twenty planets and the power you would possess some day is vast. Are you willing to give it all up for just one lousy human female?"

Prince Vegeta opened his eyes and stared back at his father through the screen. His eyes darted with anger and frustration. "No father. I am not going to give up the entire Saiyan Empire for one lousy human female."

NEXT TIME ON POWER OF LOVE: Vegeta finishes the talk with his father. Tension begins to rise in Vegeta's castle.