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The Power Of Love

Show of True Colors

SUMMARY: Vegeta's feelings for Bulma begin to show. Treachery grows behind closed doors.

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AUTHOR: Hidden Angel

Last time on Confrontations:

"I have loved you since the day I saw you and would never do anything if I thought it would make you unhappy. I did what I did because I know Homto isn't a good guy. He would have hurt you, physically and emotionally. If you do not want to be my mate, we will only be mates in public, not in private. I..." He never finished as Chi Chi pulled his head down and their lips met in yet another passionate kiss.


Vegeta paced on the training grounds, waiting for the woman to finish with his gravity machine. It seemed to be taking forever. He had already been waiting for two days and he felt he could wait no longer. "Woman! What the hell is taking so long? It looks ready, so why can't I use it?"

A dusty looking Bulma stepped into the doorway. "Ugh, you are so impatient. I told you it would take me at least another few hours."

"It looks ready." Vegeta's eyes narrowed. "Are you sure you aren't done? Or are you just making me wait out here because your such a b..."

"Shut up Vegeta!" There were a few Saiyan warriors training at the moment and they all stopped to stare in shock. How dare this woman speak to the Prince in that manner. One of them, Toruo, wanted to be on the Prince's good side, so he flew at the woman, ready to strike her down.

"How dare you speak to our Prince like that!" His arm flew up, ready to strike her.

Bulma closed her eyes and slightly flinched, waiting for the blow to come. It never came. She opened her eyes and found the young warrior flat on his back, twenty feet away.

"Toruo, did I give such a command?"


"Shut up and get out of my face."

"But sire, she spoke to you so rudely!" Toruo was completely confused and would not leave without an explanation.

"I told you to get out of my face baka. I need this woman so she can finish this toy for me. No one is to touch her or hurt her." That seemed like a satisfactory answer as Toruo took to the air to train elsewhere, afraid of his Prince's wrath.

Bulma blinked, her mind trying to comprehend what had just happened. Had Vegeta just saved her? Again? What exactly were his intentions?

"Woman, stop standing there like a baka and go make my machine work."

She sighed in exasperation. Perhaps there were no intentions. Maybe he hadn't been lying. Maybe he was just using her so he could get his machine. Without an argument, which surprised Vegeta, she went back into the machine and continued her work.

Two pairs of eyes watched, filled with curiosity as the Prince sat down and began to meditate.


Vegeta's meditations were disrupted as he heard a sudden scream of pain. His eyes snapped open and his senses immediately got to work. What was that? Who had been screaming? His heart took a nosedive as he realized that the voice had belonged to Bulma and her ki was weaker, if possible, than ever before.

Vegeta scrambled into the machine as quickly as he could, eyes trying to see everything at once. What he saw made him want to throw up. The woman's leg lay at an impossible angle while blood gushed out from every inch of her body. Without a second thought, Vegeta picked up her unconcious body, careful not to break anything, and flew her to a regeneration tank.

Again, two pairs of eyes watched, amused at what they were finding. Prince Vegeta had never really shown any concern for anyone other than himself. These were interesting developments.


Bulma opened her eyes, wondering where she was. She tried to shriek as she realized she was surrounded by what appeared to be water, but found she could not. She frantically thrashed about, trying to get the oxygen mask off her face while trying to get out of whatever it was she was in. A sudden knock stopped her frantic movements.

Vegeta smirked down at the little woman as she desperately tried to rip the mask off her face. She looked unbelievably cute with that look of panic and helplessness. He could almost feel her panic, so he knocked on the little window to get her attention. Her blue eyes stared up into his dark ones, and he thought he was going to drown in the depths of her eyes.

Quickly, Vegeta tore his eyes away from her's, afraid of what she might have already seen. He had so much to hide from her and from everyone else, so much that he couldn't risk anyone finding out. He pushed the button that would drain the healing chemicals out of the tank. He watched, knowing that the chemicals would be sucked back in and cleansed until the next time they were needed. He than pressed the release button which automatically removed the face mask along with all the other wires and opened the hatch of the tank.

The woman stepped out of the tank shakily, almost as if she was afraid of falling over. She stretched her limbs, seeing if everything was okay. Satisfied, she looked up at Vegeta. "Thanks for saving my life Vegeta."

Vegeta crossed his arms. "Hmph. I only saved your worthless life so you could finish my machine. Now go and get to work."

The woman said nothing, but the smile remained on her face. Without warning, she threw herself at the Prince and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks Vegeta."

Vegeta was glad the woman had left quickly as his face, for the first time in his life, turned a scarlet red.

The two pairs of eyes continued to watch, long after the Prince's face had returned to normal and long after he had left. Homto smiled at Lumo. Perhaps the Prince's lesson would come sooner than expected.


Lumo checked the hallway one last time before closing the door. What him and Homto were doing was a danger to their lives and they did not want to make a mistake. Satisfied that no one was there, he silently closed the door and walked over to stand beside Homto.

The transmission screen began to flicker, a sure sign that someone was receiving their transmission request. A face flickered into view. "This is Planet Vegeta, state your name and rank."

"Homto, elite Saiyan."

"Lumo, elite Saiyan."

"Ah, yes. How may we help you?"

"We need to speak to King Vegeta. It is urgent. Tell him it is about the Prince."

The messenger at the other end of the line scrambled out of his chair at the mention of the Prince. A few seconds later, an angry looking King stared through the screen at them. "What do you want? What is so important? What has happened to the Prince? Tell me now!"

The two elite warriors faught hard not to stutter on their words and shake in their boots. "Sire, the Prince is showing signs of weakness."

"We fear he is going to contaminate the royal bloodline."

The King's eyes furrowed in curiosity. "Don't play games with my mind men. Tell me exactly what you mean."

"We believe he is interested in taking a human female as his mate."

The screen shook as the King's angery voice had obviously shaken the screen at his end. Lumo thanked Kami that he had remembered to turn the volume down.

"How dare he?! He knows he is not supposed to do such things!"

"Sire, we believe he was being influenced."

"By whom?" King Vegeta's voice held a note that dared them to not tell him.

"Kakkarot sire."

"Kakkarot? That third class baka?"

"He is a first class Saiyan now sire."

"Hmph. I don't care. His family is nothing more than a third class family of warriors." Lumo silently congradulated himself for being so brilliant. The plan had, afterall, been his. "You two have nothing to fear. I shall talk to the Prince myself."

"No sire! You cannot!"

"I cannot? How dare you tell me what I can and can't do!"

"Please forgive Homto, he didn't mean it like that. What he meant was that if the Prince found out, he would kill us before you had a chance to say two words."

A smirk crossed the King's face. "You have nothing to fear. I will not mention your names."

"But, the Prince will surely deny it my King."

"If he dares to deny it, he shall pay the price of lying to me." Before either of the two warriors could get another word in, the King continued. "That is enough for now. I have many things to think about. I will be in touch soon."

The screen went blank. Homto looked at Lumo and their faces creased into smiles. The Prince and Kakkarot were going to pay for all that they had done. Soon, very soon, they would pay.

NEXT TIME ON POWER OF LOVE: Kakkarot and Chi Chi spend some quality time together. King Vegeta has a talk with his son. Bulma overhears the conversation accidentally.