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The Power Of Love

A New Era

SUMMARY: Vegeta and Kakkarot fight each other. King Vegeta reveals why he wants Earth as part of the Saiyan Empire.

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AUTHOR: Hidden Angel

Last time on Unexpected Events:

Kakkarot didn't know why, but he couldn't get himself to harm the little Earth girl. When she had wimpered in pain, he had felt as if someone had punched the air out of his lungs. Kakkarot had never not obeyed an order before and so it stunned all the Saiyan warriors present. No one understood why he was doing it. Kakkarot himself was not sure what he was doing or why. "My Prince, I shall not go against the King's orders."

"How DARE you?! I shall take care of you right after I take care of these little, insignificant humans."

"Who are you calling little you short excuse for a man!" Bulma just couldn't keep her mouth shut.


Vegeta almost shot a ki ball at Bulma but than remembered that he was going to kill her slowly, painfully slowly. He would use her as an example to why no one ever made fun of the Prince of the Saiyans. "Hmph. Woman, wait your turn to die." Vegeta turned his attention onto the Z warriors. "Now, you should all be honored that you get to die by the hands of such a great warrior." He raised his hands, forming a large ki ball.

Kakkarot flew in front of Vegeta, putting himself between the blast of energy that was about to come, and the Z warriors. "No Vegeta. Remember the King's orders?"

"Damn you Kakkarot. Of course I remember the orders and if I didn't, you've reminded me at least twenty times in the last ten minutes. Now get out of the way. I am completing those orders."

"No. I will not let you kill these warriors."

Vegeta plastered a smirk on his face. "Than die with them!" He wasn't happy at the thought of killing Kakkarot, but he wouldn't have his orders questioned. He was, afterall, the Prince.

Chi Chi didn't know what was going on. One second ago, the Saiyan had looked like he was going to kill her. The next second, he was defending her and her friends. What was wrong with these creatures anyway? Couldn't they make up their minds? None the less, Chi Chi was grateful to the spiky haired warrior for not killing her friends. Quickly, while the two warriors were arguing, she made her way to her father's side, helping him get up.

Bulma watched, a tiny bit of understanding creeping into her mind. The taller Saiyan was trying to save them, to prevent them from being killed. That much she understood. What she didn't understand was why. Why was he doing this for them? Not long ago, he had seemed happy to dispose of them. What was with the sudden change in attitude?

The ground shook as Vegeta's ki blast met with Kakkarot's blast, each warrior refusing to lose in the struggle of who had the stronger ki ball. The tension of the energy increased to the point where the light of the balls was so brilliant that it hurt just to look at it. The energy balls combined to become one and exploded, too much for both warriors to control. Everyone was sent flying back from the heat and energy released (Yeah..physics. When potential energy decreases, kinetic energy increases...err..never mind).

The two warriors got up again, neither one about to give up. Both had their own reasons for fighting. The two reasons were totally different, but that didn't matter. Each began to build another ki ball when a voice abruptly ended the fight.

"STOP IT! Both of you! We surrender. You will get no more resistance out of us." Everyone turned to look at Bulma, the Z warriors in shock, Kakkarot in triumph and the rest of the Saiyans in disappointment.

"What? Do you think giving up will save your worthless lives?" Vegeta was still enraged and he wanted to kill someone to take the anger away.

"Sure it will." Bulma smiled smugly. "If I understand correctly, your orders were to 'do no more harm than neccessary'. If we surrender, it is no longer neccessary to kill us."

Vegeta sputtered, trying to find an excuse to kill the warriors in front of him but finding none. Kakkarot smiled broadly. "The girl has a point my Prince."

"Shut up Kakkarot. I do not need you to tell me what I already know." Vegeta murmured to himself some more. "Fine! I shall spare your pathetic lives, but you shall all be the personal slaves in my new castle."

Kakkarot looked at the Prince blankly. "What castle?"

"Kakkarot! Sometimes I wonder where your brain is! The castle we are about to go find. We do need a headquarter until our next mission." Vegeta rolled his eyes at Kakkarot while still finding a way to look angry and superior.

"Excuse me?!" Bulma was enraged. "Slaves? You think I'm going to be your slave? I don't think so."

"Stop while your ahead girl." Kakkarot knew that Vegeta was nearing his temper limit. If the Prince had any more buttons pushed, he was going to snap. Than, he wouldn't listen to anyone or any reasons.

Bulma looked at Kakkarot, seeing and feeling the warning in his eyes and voice. For once in her life, she shut up, no smart remark slipping from her lips. She realized that their saviour was very serious.


"WOMAN!" It had been a week since the Saiyans had moved into their new castle. All the resistance left on Earth had been squashed. The Prince was in a bad mood since he had received no word from Planet Vegeta or his father yet.

Bulma dropped the new invention she had been working on. Kami, that man was always upset about one thing or another. She stormed towards his voice. "What do you want now? And I do have a name you know."

"I know you have a name. Your name is woman. So, woman, I am hungry. Go make something for me to eat."

Bulma's mouth dropped open. She shut it quickly and felt her temper rise. The nerve of this little shrimp. "One, you are a sexist pig, and two, you could have anyone cooking for you, why me? I am busy with my inventions."

"Phwa. One, woman, your inventions are useless to me and two, I feel like choking on some very poorly cooked food today which is why you must cook." He smirked as her face flushed.

"Ugh. You make me sick Vegeta!" She was about to storm out of the room when Vegeta grabbed her wrist.

He turned her around and moved closer to her, so close that their noses almost touched. He felt her go weak and almost collapse. He leaned over towards her, his lips almost touching her neck. Her breathing became quicker, in fear or in excitement, Vegeta didn't know. His lips brushed softly on her ears. "My name is PRINCE Vegeta. Don't ever forget it." Abruptly, he let go of Bulma. "Now go and get me something to eat!" Vegeta laughed harshly as Bulma stumbled out of his room, all thoughts of dignity forgotten.

Bulma scrambled out of the room as quickly as she could. Vegeta's lips had felt so soft against her ears. She had expected them to be hard, for what reasons, she knew not. And his voice when he had whispered to her. It had sounded She shivered just thinking about it. Remembering who she was thinking about, Bulma began to mutter profanities about how arrogant and sexist he was before continuing to the kitchen where she made him a LOT of food.


Over the last few days, the humans had gotten use to the presence of the Saiyans. The initial fear had worn off as they realized that the Saiyans were not going to kill them just yet. Everything seemed fine to everyone except the Z warriors who were acting slaves for the Saiyans. Even for them, life was considerably good.

They didn't think of themselves as slaves most of the time because the Saiyans never let it show that much. Nine of the Saiyans were always training amongst themselves, too busy to interact with the humans. Vegeta could be found cursing the transmitter and his father for sending him to the "cursed" planet. Either that or he could be found in another arguing match for Bulma. The only Saiyan that actively interacted with the humans was Kakkarot.

He was always around them, constantly helping them out whenever one of the other Saiyans got it into their head that they wanted to start something with a human. He was different from all the other Saiyans. It seemed like he actually had a heart somewhere underneath all his muscles. He seemed to actually care.


Vegeta was about ready to throw a ki ball at the transmitter when he heart it start to crack. That could only mean one thing, an incoming message. He rushed to the machine and stared expectedly at it. His father's face popped up a few seconds later.

"So brat, have you conquered the planet yet?"

"Of course I have! Who do you think you are talking to!"

King Vegeta smirked. "Good. That's good to hear."

Vegeta was tired of playing games. "Stop playing around like a fool. Why the hell do you want such a pathetic planet as part of the Saiyan Empire?"

"I was waiting to see how long you could hold out brat. You see, our scientists have discovered that our race can become stronger."

Vegeta's eyes opened in shock. This was interesting news indeed. "Well, what does that have to do with this little planet?"

"Don't you get it you brat? The Saiyan decendents can be stronger, even stronger than you are. All it requires is one Saiyan and one..."

Vegeta's eyes widened as he understood what his father was about to say. "WHAT?! That is insane! How can a weak race as this produce offspring that are stronger than pure blooded Saiyans?"

"Do I look like a scientist to you?"

Vegeta's face shone with horror, afraid of what his father might say next. "You don't mean that you want me..."

"Of course not Vegeta! You are the heir to the Saiyan throne. I will not allow the future king of Planet Vegeta to mate with a non-Saiyan. Never! That is unbelievably unthinkable!"

Vegeta's insides twisted. A part of him liked the idea of not being forced to mate with a weak human, yet another part of him secretly hated the idea. But why? Not like he liked or wanted to mate with any of them anyway. "Than why am I here?"

"You are to oversee our new project. The ten warriors that you brought along, they shall choose human mates. They are all elite warriors. They should be able to produce some good off-spring. We will monitor the results of their mating. If the results are good, we shall keep that pathetic planet so that the mating can continue. If not, destroy it."

NEXT TIME ON POWER OF LOVE: Vegeta becomes confused about his feelings for a certain blue haird human. Homto is about to take Chi Chi for his mate, but someone intervenes.