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The Power Of Love


SUMMARY: King Vegeta has arrived. Fate has a dream. We visit Vegeta's mind for a bit.

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AUTHOR: Hidden Angel

Last time on Tears of Love:

"I don't know. He just snapped and since then, he doesn't seem to care what I say." Toruo paused and then leaned over to whisper quietly in Kakkarot's ear. "I think he's gone crazy with anger."

Kakkarot shook his head. Was it possible? Had Vegeta finally lost it? Was he trully crazy?


Chi Chi turned around at the sound of feet thundering towards them. A concerned looking Z team arrived seconds later, all trying to peer past Kakkarot who was still blocking the doorway.

"Get out of here. It's dangerous." Kakkarot didn't bother to turn around and face them. He was too busy watching Vegeta and trying to deflect flying objects away from the door.

Without the need for a second warning, the Z team began to hurry away. The urgency in Kakkarot's voice had been more then enough for them. Kakkarot turned around to make sure they had indeed gone. To his surprise, Chi Chi had not left.

"Go." His voice and his eyes both pleaded with her, begged her.

"I want to stay. I want to be with you."

"It's dangerous. I'll be okay."

Her eyes brimmed with tears as she inched up to him and placed a gentle kiss on his cheeks. Promise me you won't get yourself killed."

He smiled at her as he whispered, "I'll be fine. Now go."

Taking one last look at him, Chi Chi followed the retreating footsteps of her friends and father.

With everyone safe and out of harms way, Kakkarot turned his attention to his friend. Vegeta's eyes seemed clouded over, almost as if he wasn't really there. What was going on? What had caused Vegeta to become like this?

Understanding that questions would get him nowhere, he motioned for Toruo to come closer to him. They had to work out a plan and somehow get Vegeta to listen. There was no other way of doing it. Sure they could try to take him down physically, but that wasn't a very appealing thought. After all, he wouldn't be too happy with them afterwards.

Toruo moved without hesitation and was beside Kakkarot in less then a second. "Any ideas?"

Just as Kakkarot was about to spit out an idea, his senses picked up some new, very powerful beings. One look at Toruo and it was obvious that they both felt the new power levels. Kakkarot growled in frustration. They didn't need this. Not now. Why did everything bad always happen at the same time?

Kakkarot looked from Vegeta to Toruo, the obvious question dancing in his eyes. What were they to do? The powerful beings had broken through the Earth's atmosphere and it was unlikely that they were friendly. Were they supposed to stay here and try to help Vegeta or go and pay a visit to the newcomers? Which of the two couldn't wait? Which of the two required immediate attention?

Making a quick list of pros and cons in his head, Kakkarot decided it would be best to deal with the newcomers first. After all, who knew how long it would take to bring Vegeta back to his old self again. Who knew what it would take or if it was even possible? Kakkarot understood that there were some things in which he would never be able to help his friend with. Perhaps this was one of those things.


Vegeta stood alone on a mountain ledge in a small corner of his mind. He knew he had lost control of himself but he didn't care. He had failed again. Ever since he could remember, his life had been stained with failure after failure.

Memories flooded his mind as he sat down. Picking up a nearby rock, he flung it out in front of him in disgust. Was he doomed to be a failure for life? Was destiny mocking his very existence? Called a weakling by his father, disloyal followers, and failure in love...what else could he fail at?

He took a moments rest from his thoughts to survey his surroundings. He liked his new surroundings. Just the mountain ledge. Nothing else. Complete darkness. That's the way he liked it. Now, no one could mock him and he wouldn't fail at anything ever again. He smiled. This was best. Nothing could beat this.

A part of him fought to see what was going on, what he was doing in the real world. He denied himself the pleasure of doing so. He wanted to, yet he didn't want to. After minutes of uncertainty and self-debating, he allowed himself a quick glance into the real world again. What greeted his sight was disturbing yet he felt too weak to do anything about it. Total destruction. He was destroying everything that he touched or went near. Sadness filled his heart but was quickly replaced with anger.

Why not? Why shouldn't he trash the useless world that his physical body resided in? Then who would dare to call him a failure? A quick image of a blue haired wonder flashed in his mind. No. He didn't care about her. He didn't need her. He wanted her out of his life.

Bowing his head in disgrace, he fought the flood of tears that threatened to fall. He needed her more than anything in the world and he knew it. That was why it hurt so much to see her with someone else. That was the main reason he had lost control of himself. The shock of her loving and caring for someone else was too much for him.

She was the first and only girl he had ever loved. He literally slapped himself as he realized what he was thinking. Never again would it happen. Never again would he admit to loving her. He didn't need her. He could do fine without her in his new little world. Here, he could forget her and everything else he had ever known.

Vegeta flinched as memories flooded his mind. He saw his father telling him how useless he was, how he was an utter disappoint. He saw Lumo and Homto's face looming over him, mocking his inability to maintain loyal followers. He saw the woman in that weakling's arms. At that point, he forced his mind to stop. He didn't need to see anymore, didn't need to remember anymore.

Something else pressed at his mind, trying to break the wall of ice which surrounded it. He didn't care what it was. He didn't need to be reminded of his other failures. A mini voice began to nag at him, trying to make him let the other memories through. Standing up in anger, his voice shook even his own imagination.



King Vegeta grinned evilly as he felt his ship land. Earth. So this was the planet that had caused him so much grief. He would see just how "great" it was and if it wasn't great, he would have to destroy it. Nothing that caused him this much trouble had ever been spared.

With full confidence, he strided off the ship, getting his first real view of Earth. Trees, lots of trees. Water. Lots of that as well. It seemed to be nothing more then a planet of trees, water and weaklings. Pausing, he took a deep breath. The air seemed to be refreshing. But other then that, this planet had nothing else. Why had he even bothered with this stupid planet?

A slight chuckle caused the King to turn his head. "What's so funny Frieza?"

"Nothing at all my dear King. I just find the look on your face very amusing."

King Vegeta scowled at Frieza but did nothing more. The King wasn't dumb enough to try anything against him. Of course he didn't like the little creature at all, but he knew he was no match for Frieza's great power. He would have to be insane to even think of fighting Frieza. But one day he would kill the tyrant. Then and only then could the name 'Saiyan' truly be feared again.

Turning his attention to the entrance of his ship, slightly past Frieza, he called out gruffly. "Well? Are you coming or not?"

A shadow illuminated the entrance as a feminine voice replied. "Of course. I haven't seen MY Vegeta in a long time."


Fate sat under an oak tree, silently wishing that Toruo was with her. She missed his face, his voice, his everything. She smiled as an image of him looking nervous flashed into her mind. He truly was very cute. Sighing to herself, she leaned back against the tree's gigantic trunk and closed her eyes. Wherever he was, whatever he was doing, she hoped he was safe.

The nearby lake rippled softly as the wind whistled it's sweet lullaby. The sun beat down on the lone figure as she sat dreaming of the one who held her heart. A picture perfect painting on a picture perfect day.

The soft crunch of a leaf caused Fate to re-open her eyes. She turned her head this way and that until her eyes fell on the source of the disturbance. Toruo. Could it really be him? She stood up slowly, heart beat increasing at the mere sight of him. Had he read her mind? Is that why he was here?

She smiled at him and watched as he took small, slow steps towards her. Something didn't seem right. She wasn't sure why, but there was definitely something wrong.

"Toruo?" Her voice was barely above a whisper as she spoke his name.

No reply. Fate blinked. Now she knew for sure that there was something wrong. He stopped advancing towards her, a look of sadness now clouding over his face. Instead, he held out his arms to her, silently calling her to him.

Not sure of what else to do, she quickly rushed to his side. She reached out her arms to grab onto him, but she couldn't! Her arms passed right though his. She blinked. What? Again she reached for him and again she watched her hands pass right through him. Backing away in surprise, she nearly tripped over her own feet. What was going on?

She watched as the image of Toruo waved goodbye to her. "No!" She ran towards him again, wanting him to stay even if it wasn't real. She thrust out her hand trying to grab onto some part of him, any part. Nothing. She watched the image fade slowly and dissipate until it was nothing.

With a sudden jerk, Fate sat bolt upright from the oak tree. A dream. It was nothing but a dream. Or was it? Was this Kami-sama's way of telling her something? What did it all mean?

NEXT TIME ON POWER OF LOVE: Bulma gets attacked and Lumo reappears.