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The Power Of Love

All Mixed Up

SUMMARY: Lumo and Homto find out Toruo is gone. Vegeta sees something that makes him more upset.

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AUTHOR: Hidden Angel

Last time on Rescued:

He tried to suppress his ki so that Lumo and Homto wouldn't be able to find him but found it nearly impossible. He almost laughed as he realized the extent of his injuries. He couldn't believe it. His ki was at an all time low. So low, in fact, that he didn't even need to worry about Homto and Lumo finding him.


Lumo was in a rage. He had returned to the cave which Toruo had been held captive in only to find that Toruo wasn't there. Where the hell was the stupid Saiyan? How had he escaped. Lumo yelled his fury out for the world to hear.

Homto came striding in, his face set in a stupid look of confusion. "What's wrong with you?"

Lumo turned angrily to face his comrade. "What's wrong with me? Look Homto! Do you see anything wrong?"

Homto looked Lumo up and down, not understanding anything. "You look normal enough."

"You BAKA! Toruo is gone!"

"So?" Homto crossed his arms. He didn't like being called an idiot.

Lumo slapped himself on the head and made a mental note to himself never to work with such stupid imbeciles again. "Forget it. Let's go look for him."

"Uh, okay."

The two took to the air without wasting any more time. Lumo was feeling frantic. If Toruo made his way back to Vegeta, there could be a lot of trouble for himself and Homto. Keeping his ki low, he reached out his powers, trying to feel out Toruo's ki.

Damn little Saiyan must have supressed it. Still, he comforted himself, it didn't matter. As soon as he found Toruo, and he would find the baka, he would make him pay dearly. Toruo would learn never to try and escape again.


Vegeta sat in his room, brooding over his life. He couldn't believe it. He had given up everything for a girl who loved someone else. A look of total disgust crossed his face. A part of him hated her for it. Another part could never hate her, no matter what she did. Yet another part also said what he saw wasn't real. He smacked himself on the head.

"Baka. You saw it with your own two eyes. They were hugging each other." He knew it was weird of him to speak to himself, but he had to say it, had to hear it.

Vegeta didn't care if Kakkarot really was planning to rebel against him. In fact, he didn't care about life. Nothing mattered since that woman didn't really love him. "Ugh. Get a grip Vegeta. She is not worth it. Hell, go blast her to the next dimension and get over it."

He stood up, planning to do what he had said. He forced his legs forward, one at a time. It was almost impossible, as if his leg was a small magnet and the ground was a much larger, more powerful magnet. Still, he faught it. He needed to get out. Needed to do something, anything!

Step by step, drag by drag, he eventually made it to the door. After that, it didn't seem quite as hard to walk anymore. Still, he had to force himself away, to get busy. Slowly, ever so slowly, he made it to the main entrance, intent on finding out where Toruo had disappeared to.

He felt bad. The younger Saiyan had taken a back seat in his mind due to all of his own problems. He would find Toruo to make up for it. He sensed that the other Saiyan wasn't dead. He could feel Toruo's ki, but he couldn't pinpoint it.

Now, out in the open, he no longer had to force his legs to move. He no longer felt confined. Vegeta began to stretch his arms and legs, wanting to shake the feeling of being unable to move. He hated it. Never had he felt so powerless in his life. He knew why he felt so down but wouldn't let himself admit it. He couldn't accept that he was being reduced to nothingness because of her. Afterall, he was a warrior, one of the strongest in the universe!

He turned his head to the left and froze. There was that slut again and she was with someone new this time. It was that baka human. Yamcha, that was his name. What also made him disgusted was the way that the human had his arms around the woman. Worse yet, she seemed to be hugging him back, trying to get closer to him.

He turned his head away. So, there WAS no mistake afterall. She was a slut. Not only did she play with his heart, but now she was playing with Kakkarot's heart. Stupid woman would pay later. For now, he had more important things to do. He had to find Toruo. He had a feeling that once he found the Saiyan, a lot of other things would be revealed to him.


Chi Chi sat with her father in his bedroom. She had never felt so hurt or alone before. She couldn't even turn to Bulma this time. All that she had left was her father. At times like this, she really wished her mother was still alive. Still, her father had always loved and cared for her and now was no different.

He watched her as the tears slid down her cheek. There was obviously something bothering her, but she wasn't saying what it was and he wasn't going to force her to say anything. He only wished he could help in some way. His only daughter, his only reason for living, his everything and yet he couldn't even make her smile. He sighed, concern and compassion written all over his face as he watched Chi Chi continue to cry.

Unknown to both father and daughter, a lone figure leviated silently outside of the room. Kakkarot sighed inwardly, wondering why she wouldn't listen to him, why she wouldn't give him a chance to explain everything. Didn't she have any trust and faith in him at all?

He wanted to scream, wanted to cry, wanted to fight, wanted to do so much, but most of all, wanted to die. He faught the urge to go in there and kiss her tears away. How much he wanted to hold her, no one would ever know.

He immediately snapped out of his sadness as he felt Vegeta's ki leaving the castle. Closing his eyes and than re-opening them, Kakkarot followed. No matter what happened, Vegeta was still the Prince and he was still the soldier.


Toruo opened his eyes dazedly. He must have fallen asleep again. He lay there for awhile, feeling grateful that he was alive and well. Still, he knew his duty. He had to get to Prince Vegeta. He had to tell him everything he knew. He would not let Lumo and Homto get away with the torture they had put him through.

How was he going to get back? He had no idea where he was and no idea where the castle was. He had never left the castle and was, at that moment, calling himself awful names for that. He had never taken the time to look around or meet the nice people of this wonderful planet and now, he was regretting it. No matter what though, he knew what he had to do. Lumo and Homto must not succeed.

Fate watched Toruo from her own room as he got up and stretched. She knew what meeting him meant. Her fate, had been decided and no matter what she did, she could not change it.

NEXT TIME ON POWER OF LOVE: Homto and Lumo find Toruo. So does someone else.