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The Power Of Love

Unexpected Events

SUMMARY: Kakkarot beats the entire Z team except for Chi Chi. He is about to beat her to a pulp as well when he stops.

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Last time on The Arrival:

"You? What can you possibly do to hurt any of us woman?"

Bulma took a step forward, not letting the alien with the tail intimidate her. Her blue eyes shot daggers in his direction. "I can hurt you in more ways than one baka!"


Kakkarot held his breath. No one had called the Prince a baka and lived...ever. He was curious as to how the Prince would react, especially considering the fact that he wasn't in a good mood to begin with. Kakkarot almost felt bad for the girl just thinking what Vegeta might do to her.

Vegeta stood, blinking furiously. No one had ever dared to call him a baka to his face since...since...ever! Everyone had learned early on in his life that anyone who did, would die. Now this weak, sorry excuse for a creature dared to defy him and insult him? Oh, she would suffer. He would make sure she suffered.

"Kakkarot! Take care of these weaklings, but leave the pathetic girl with the blue hair for me. No one is to touch her but me. I, personally, shall show her why no one in the universe has ever dared to insult me." An evil smirk crossed his face causing Bulma and the rest of the Earth warriors to flinch.

Bulma took a step back as one of the Saiyans took a step towards her and her friends. "Don't you dare take another step or I will be forced to use my creations! I mean it!"

Kakkarot smiled as nothing but fear showed in the girls voice and her blue eyes. He took another step. The girl quickly reached into a bag and pulled out a weird looking thing-in-my-jig. If Kakkarot had spent any time on Earth, he would have known it was a gun. However, it wasn't just any boring old gun.

The Earth warriors had been warned about the Saiyans almost a year ago by Kami. While the warriors had been training, Bulma had been working on and building new weapons. She had tested all of her weapons on Piccolo, the green alien from Namek, who was the strongest warrior among them. This specific gun was called the Deformation Gun. When she had tested it on Piccolo, his entire arm had been ripped off which didn't matter to him since he could just regenerate an arm. She prayed with all her heart that it would do at least some harm to these Saiyans.

Bulma assumed that the short guy with the spiky hair was their leader. He seemed to be giving orders and doing most of the talking. She figured there was no better way to beat the enemy than to take down their leader. As Kakkarot continued to advance painfully slowly towards her and her friends, she fired the Deformation Gun at the leader.

Vegeta saw the beam of light that erupted towards him and sensed that it's energy level was decent, just a bit higher than that of the green man's. He didn't flinch, didn't move. He simply stood, arms crossed, head held high, glaring at the warriors and the little woman in front of him. The ray of energy hit him on the arm. It didn't hurt, but Vegeta wanted to make things interesting. He flared his ki and sent a small burst of energy around him, making it look like their had been a small explosion where he had stood.

Kakkarot sensed his Prince's power flare and knew that Vegeta was up to his little games once again. He knew just how much Vegeta liked toying with his victims, making them think they stood a chance. He heard the voices of shock and joy from some of Earth warriors as, they couldn't spot the Prince after the dust had died down.

Vegeta's evil laughter filled the air as he watched the joy on the humans face slowly turn to one of fear when they spotted him. "Did you pathetic humans actually think that someone like me would die that easily?" His voice rang with pure mockery. "Kakkarot, finish the others off quickly. I shall enjoy killing that woman."

"I told you it wouldn't work Bulma." Yamcha commented to his many time ex-girlfriend. "Now look what you've done. You've made them even angrier."

"At least I tried something Yamcha."

As much as Kakkarot was enjoying watching the little earthlings bicker, he didn't want to enrage his Prince. Kakkarot began to build a ki ball in his hand.

Bulma and Yamcha stopped arguing and looked at him. Bulma stood, refusing to back down while Yamcha flinched and took a step backwards. If the Earth was going to fall, and Bulma figured it would, than she would go down with it. She refused to back down like a coward. She felt herself being pulled by Chi Chi, the only other girl who was part of the a group known as the Z team. Bulma tried desperately to pull out of Chi Chi's grasp but found that Chi Chi had a very strong grip on her. After a couple of seconds, Bulma found herself protected on all sides by her friends.

She sighed inwardly. She knew she was the weakest among them and was always getting rescued. The only reason she was part of the Z team was because she was a genuis. She was always making new gadgets for her friends or getting them out or tough situations. Still, sometimes she felt more like a burden than anything else.

Kakkarot smirked. He was going to have a lot of fun destroying these weak warriors all by himself. All Saiyans loved to fight, and even though this wasn't going to be a challenge, it was still a fight. Dispite himself, Kakkarot found that he couldn't help but notice how good Bulma's black haired friend looked. He quickly pushed that thought to the back of his mind and launched his ki ball into the midst of the Earth warriors.

Vegeta watched impatiently as Kakkarot and the Earth warriors began their fight. He was still shocked at Bulma's actions. Even though she had been scared, she had refused to back down from Kakkarot. Even the pathetic warrior she called Yamcha had taken a step back when Kakkarot advanced. He decided that she was a feisty, courageous, loud-mouthed baka. He found her very...amusing.

In a matter of seconds, Kakkarot had disappeared under a mass of bodies that was the Z team. All that could be seen were fists and legs launching into punches and kicks. Everyone stopped as a mocking laugh ripped through the air.

"Bakas! What do you think you are doing? I am over here!"

The Z team turned around. Somehow, Kakkarot had moved so fast that none of them had even seen him move. Now, he was behind them all and they had been fighting each other without knowing it. Before they could do anything else, Kakkarot had decended on them. One by one, the warriors were thrown aside as if they were nothing more than rag dolls. First Yamcha, than Tien, followed by Chao-tzu and Krillen. Not long after, Ox King, Piccolo and Master Roshi were thrown aside as well.

Only one Z warrior remained. Chi Chi. Kakkarot smirked evilly and advanced towards her, uttering threats the entire time. Chi Chi was as brave as Bulma and refused to take a step back. She refused to show these aliens just how scared she was.

Chi Chi formed the largest ki ball she could and aimed it at the oncoming Saiyan. She launched it towards Kakkarot with all her force. Kakkarot merely laughed and absorbed the energy without flinching. Chi Chi's heart raced in panic and she prayed to Kami, asking for some desperate help.

Kakkarot stood just under a feet away from her. Desperately, Chi Chi threw a punch at his face. Barely moving, Kakkarot caught the little fist in his palm and grabbed the other fist before she could swing it at him. Chi Chi wimpered in pain as his grip on her was slowing the blood circulation through her body. Surprisingly, she felt his grip ligthen up a bit.

On impulse, Chi Chi looked into the Saiyan warriors dark, black eyes. What she saw stunned her beyond words. She saw confusion, loyalty, pride, and so many other emotions that she couldn't even begin to comprend.

"Kakkarot you baka! I thought I told you to destroy them. Now stop acting like a fool and kill them all before I get mad!" Vegeta's voice was filled with rage. The Prince had been waiting for Kakkarot to end the fight as he was impatient to get in contact with his father. He wanted answers as to why he couldn't just destroy this weak little planet and he wanted those answers now. His anger had risen when Kakkarot merely held onto the girl's hands, doing nothing more than that.

Kakkarot turned around to face his Prince and released the girl at the same time. "Prince Vegeta, the King's orders were clear. He said to 'do no more harm than neccessary' and I believe it is not neccessary to kill these humans. We have killed enough of their species."

Vegeta glared at Kakkarot, trying desperately to hide his shock. "I gave you an order now do it!"

Kakkarot didn't know why, but he couldn't get himself to harm the little Earth girl. When she had wimpered in pain, he had felt as if someone had punched the air out of his lungs. Kakkarot had never not obeyed an order before and so it stunned all the Saiyan warriors present. No one understood why he was doing it. Kakkarot himself was not sure what he was doing or why. "My Prince, I shall not go against the King's orders."

"How DARE you?! I shall take care of you right after I take care of these little, insignificant humans."

"Who are you calling little you short excuse for a man!" Bulma just couldn't keep her mouth shut.

NEXT TIME ON POWER OF LOVE: Kakkarot refuses to let Vegeta harm the humans any longer. The two square off, ready to fight. King Vegeta reveals why he wants Earth to be part of the Saiyan Empire.