Kitty's Fan Fics

The Baby Sitter

The alarm clock rang and young Trunk's was abruptly awoken from his dreamlworld. Turning to the alarm clock he picked it up and threw it at the wall smashing it into pieces. He opened his eyes, and just stared for a minute.
"AAAHHH!!!" he yelled. "I can't see!!!"
He quickly sat up and the sticky note unglued its self from his face. He turned it over and read it:

I had to run some errands, the baby sitter should be there soon.
Love Mommy

Just then the doorbell rang, and he raced to the door to open it. He blinked at the person standing there, as a look of excitement crossed his face. It was Goten!
"Sup, Trunks!" Goten said. "My dad was supposed to baby sit and he told me to go on ahead, but then he fell back asleep. So I guess it's just us!" "Hehehe!"
"What do you want to do Goten?"
"Spar!" Goten yelled excitedly as he threw an antique vase at Trunks. He ducked as the vase hit a wall and shattered. Goten then charged a Chou Kamehameha.
Trunks dodged it, but the attach went through the wall, and several others, leaving a huge hole in its wake.
"Uh-oh," they both just stared at the wall.
Suddenly jolted out of their trance by a Capsule Corp. car outside.
"My mom!" Trunks yelled panic stricken.
"What to do, what to do.....what do we DO!?!!?!
"I know!" and Goten, using one of his father's techniques, quickly disappeared and reappeared with his sleeping father. "Hehehe!" they chuckled.
Bulma tore down the door seeing her house was in shambles from not just the inside but out too.
"GOKU!!!!!!!!!" she ear shatteringly screamed.
Goku snorted, then awoke. "Huh what...?" he mumbled sleepily.
Goten and Trunks chuckled once again.