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Space Armory
shuttleUsed to transport goods and personnel, its original purpose is a commercial airliner for space. Although it does not maintain the ability to attack weaponry, it may carry up to 30 people or supply a regiment of soldiers. Cost: $3,000

cargo box– Equipped to the belly of a shuttle, it makes space travel easier by allowing ships to carry large amounts of cargo. It uses a compressed cargo container box, that allows any suits or craft it carries to jump into action immediately to defend itself. It can carry 1 mobile suit, 3 small craft (including balls or dopp fighters), or 3 times the amount of supplies of a Samson truck. Cost: $1,000

Space station- A small satellite station consisting of 10 operators. Used as a radar to detect off course objects in space, it is also used as a refueling station for ongoing shuttles. Cost: $15,000