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G Gundam>>Reviews>>Episode One: The Gundam that fell to Earth

It all starts where the natarrator starts off by naming all the countries that are reciving something from outer space. One goes to Neo America, one to Neo Russia, one to Neo France, and one to Neo China, etc. But one steers off course and crashes at Neo Italy. Next thing we see is Michealo Chariot, who is drinking some kind of beer (Tock is a Japanese beer) and says that the Gundam Fight is starting. WE then see go to a shot of a Guy with a red cape and black hair standing on a rooftop, apparetnly, looking at the heep of rock that lays in the middle of town.
WE then see Michelo Chariot talk to a bunch of punks and they then go off to hunt down a gundam fighter who is in the surrounding area, according to Michelo Chariot. We then see a bartender talking on the phone with "someone". Meanwhile a bunch of kids are getting some money and some jewelery and such. They say that there should be a gundam fight every year. The bartender then goes to a guy who was waiting paitently for his drink. Surprisingly, its the same guy that was on the rooftop. The bartender then says that he's sorry it took so long to fetch him his drink (I'm not sure what drink this exactly. Probably beer.) and he then takes out a photo and asks the bartender if he's seen the man in picture and the bartender says no(Iie in the japanese version). He then puts the photo away but it falls out of it support. A little girl named Sophia sees the picture fall and hands it to the man saying "You dropped this(She said in the japanese version "Is this you'res?")". He then smiles at her. Some punk grabs the little girl and says to the man, "Little girls shouldn't be playing with this stuff right mister?".
We then see a table being thrown through the door, the punk under it. the guy fights 10 or so punks and the guy that the table was being aimed at, arises from the water(after being thrown in there) and the man picks him up, using only one hand, and lifts him up over his head and asks if he's seen the man in the picture (In the english version the man says, "Hey is this guy one of you're men?"). A gun is fired and the guy throws the gut back into the water. He's then arrested.
We see the man being questioned, his hands handcuffed behind the chair(Ya know, he could just stand up and be running around with handcuffs on..) and the guy questioning him says, "If you disclose where you're gundam is, I'll give you this pizza." The man refuses and his head is then forced into the pizza. Later on, a girl by the name of Rain Mikamura, bails him out. She tells him that if he didn't forget his passport(in the jap version she says that), he wouldn't have been questioned. We see the passport and we find out that his name is Domon Kasshu, from Neo Japan(You know, I wanted to say his name, but I just kept putting, This guy flipped over and killed that guy). He then rips it up and lets it blow away in the breeze. He then stops and the 3 kids from the reseraunt come with food and all. Rain says Thank You and tells them that they should be going back to their parents. They explain that their parents were killed in the previous Gundam Fight. Rain offers them to stay with them and they accept.
Later on, they go to a Hotel and its deserted. They walk up the stairs and while they're doing this, Domon's munching on a bred stick that was shorter than from before.... and the kids claim to know this Micelo Chariot guy. They explain that he's the gundam fighter for Neo Italy.
All of the sudden, out of nowhere, a gundam hand goes out through the window from the outside, and destroys the rest of the hotel. Rain puts up this shield thingy and saves Domon and the children. Apparently, Michelo Chariot took Sophia to his "hideout" and told Domon to come alone without his gundam. Meanwhile they plan to have Sophia drop 15 meters down from the Gundam, killing her. Domon arrives and throws something at him(what I'm not sure). The thug cuts the rope, and the authority person shoots at Michelo, but misses and cuts the rope, having Sophia fall. Domon runs as fast as he can and catches her.
A Gundam fight erupts and Michelo uses his Silver Foot move(I'm not sure the exact name). Domon dodges and uses his Shining Finger Technique and blows Michelo's head off.
After wards he's arrested and Domon is handed the pizza from earlier.

Yes I know it was very crappy towards the end but that's because I can't friggin' concentrate. Anyways, I might revise it sometime.

Reviewed by: Minna Kinotome
Versions seen: Both Dub and Jap versions.