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Welcome to my Web Blog. Hope you stay to read it all! ^^' Well anyway,I made this blog cause because I love to type and I want People to know how I feel. (You want to know if I'm angry before you find out firsthand! ^^)

-Sept 1st- -Sunday- 2002

3 days until my birthday! ^__^ Been busy with my Guild on Neopets! ^___^ I love it soo much! .Elemental.Plushies. It is for annoyers! ^___^ I'am Neko Raven! I like this Layout! Love Hina. ^__^ Well, I'm going to eat soon, thank god, cause I'am so hungry. xX' Well, today, I was making blinkies for the guild. I gotta make mine over again xX' I messed up, grrr....well going to eat now! BAI!! ^___^

Just finished eating. Yum. I needed that. ^__^ So..*.thinks for a sec*....I KNOW! I like anime! ^_^ Well, after that outburst, I'll tell you what is good anime in my opinion, Gundam Wing, Love Hina, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and a whole bunch that I can't remember. -.-; lol I might change that layout soon. Kinda bright for my tastes, but cute nonetheless! (Is that even a word? ^^') I'm gonna go do stuff for the Guild now! I'll check back in lata! BAI!

I think I might change the layout...^__^ even tho I like this one. I want something a little darker. I'm gonna go look for it now. I'll be back.

xX' I can't find a really good layout. I mean like dark, I've found a few good Final Fantasy ones but..they had Yuna in them, and all of my close friends know I'am a Yuna hater, simple as that. Tidus is mine _ Sorry! I get a little touchy when people mention Tidus and HER together. You know who you are. Ok! ^^' I'll stop for my love with Tidus now...and talk about other things. I love Final Fantasy with all of my heart. ^_^ If anyone says otherwise, they can talk to me. You know who you are . Ok, and I love Gundam Wing. And yes...I know they are...yeah....;_;. Anyway, I'm gonna go and cry now...bai bai....

*is back from crying* OK! I'am fine. *looks at the top of the page* I made my own graphic. ^______^ Isn't it pretty? It really goes with the layout, even tho I don't know how I did it...^^' Well...*is looking at Tidus pics*...*drools*..*snaps out of it* What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, me! Well, I'm gonna go on another search for a new layout. Bai Bai!

-Sept 2nd- Monday- 2002

2 days until my Birthday. Hope everyone remembers.... If no one does, I'am going to freak. ^__^ Thats reasurring isn't it? ^^' Well, I'am on Neopets rping. Gotta eat breakfast soon or I'm gonna starve. xX' Oh well. ^^ I'm in a good mood for a change, yeah...*watches everyone fall over* OH COME ON IT ISN'T THAT BAD! ' Well, you have now suceeded in making me angry @_@' I'm gonna go rp and check in later. See ya all. BAI!

Well, here I'am, without another layout. -.-' I seen a few that were pretty good tho, and had no Yuna. ^^ Yep. *is looking at layouts* Well, me is going to search again. BAI!

Hello, I'm just about to eat some KFC. Well, I'm gonna go eat. ^_^ Looks REALLY good. Yep! BAI!

Heyyo everyone. Just looking at the Guild. ^__^ Its got a new Layout. Korean Anime! AWW! I love it! Good job Shadow Plushie. *nods* Does everyone like the way the links go? I DO!! Thanks Peachie! ^___^ I really love this blog. Well...I'm gonna go look for another Layout. I'll most likely not find one so....this is going to stay Peach for awhile. BAI!

-Sept 3rd- -Tuesday- 2002

One day away...I hope everyone remembers...Well on a lighter note, I might be sticking with this Layout until I can make my own...^__^ Just listeniing to Follow Me (City Escape) from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I love this song..^_^ Doesn't everyone? I hope so...^_____^ Cause it is really good. Well, I'm gonna go work on my layout, if I have the right idea its going to be a Tidus and Auron layout! ^_______^ Yep. My fav Final Fantasy guys. ^____________________^ Don't look at me like that....*ignores snickers from Alex*...Well at least the guy I like talks...CRAP!!! *Alex grabs her scythe and begins chasing me* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SORRY!! BAI!!! *runs*

*hums to Hero* And then a Hero comes along...*smiles* I love this song...I have a Final Fantasy music video to this song I got off made me cry...sad..well I'm trying to find a good Midi to put upi on the site...yes I know I can put Mp3s up...but they get really least to me anyways...I think I might have found one...Fly by Celine Dion...I really like this song...or I might use something else...*eats some popcorn* This is really good. Mmmmm....well gonna go find Midis...Bai!

Heyyo. Me and Alex are going are for a I guess I forgive her for what she said...^__^ *is putting on her sneakers* Well, I'm gonna go 'fore she yells at me again BAI!!

-Sept 4th- -Wednesday- 2002

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! Alex gave me a pretty necklace. THANKIES!!!! ^___^ Well I left .E.P. boring...well gotta go eat! BAI!!!

-Sept 6th- -Friday- 2002

Sorry I haven't been here in a while...busy with school, -.-' Well I joined a clique....I think....well, gonna go to other stuff, check back in lata! BAI!!!

-Sept 7th- -Saturday- 2002

Heyyo, I joined a new Guild! .::Forever Anime::. Its really cool! And I'am working on a Layout for it! ^___^ Well, Im gonna go and look around. BAI!!!!

-Sept 14- -Saturaday- 2002

Sorry I haven't been here in sooo long, I have been busy with school, and man, it is soo good, me and Alex and Cassie (One of my friends) are in the same class! ^_^ Man, I am sooo happy, we have been writing stories to. (Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh, Undergrads) They are really funny, hehehehe. Well, Chan Chan is making the new blog layout, for now, I'm gonna just upload sumthin and be done with it till then. ^___^

-Sept 15 -Sunday- 2002
Heyyo to all. I am just Rping. Rping is fun. Yeppers. If anyone thinks other wise, tell me here. There ya go. I can't wait for my new Layout! ^__^ Tidus! THANK YOU CHAN CHAN!!! ^__________^ Well I'm gonna go and rp somemore so Bai! ^___^

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