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Gwen's Glorious Gemstone Gallery

Sample Prices

The following are some sample prices for a few of our minerals and gems. Please remember that these particular pieces may be sold before you get a chance to bid on them. We do have others in our stock that are similar to these.

Minerals Gems
  Code Decs. Cost   Code Decs. Cost
Opal 26411 Raw fire opal in a sandstone matrix (shown) $360.00 Ruby 21045 A deep purplish red ruby.82ct (shown) $645.00
26522 Raw black opal, very rough $230.00 31034 Bright red ruby.65ct small inclusion $220.00
20104 Small, rough, jelly opal with pinpoint fire $89.00 30912 Pair of 3mm ruby hearts..38ct pair $99.00
Berl 28318 Red berl crystals low grade (shown) $69.00 Emerald 21045 .26ct .5-.3mm oval cut deep bluegreen (shown) $120.00
29110 Very pale berl matrix $85.00 27897 pair,.35ct total, square cut dark green $310.00