Colors of Sapphire
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Gwen's Glorious Gemstone Gallery

Sapphire Colors

The term "Sapphire" used to mean blue stones. Now it is used to refer
to any colored Corundum except red, which is called "ruby."

True Sapphire

The finest sapphire color is rich, cornflower blue. This is called
"Kashmir" color to honor the traditional source of the finest quality stones. In recent
times, the Kashmir region of India is not being mined because it is so difficult to get to.
Africa, Australia, Burma, Montana, Sri Lanka, and Thailand are the source of new stones.

Oriental Emerald or green sapphire

Green Sapphire isn't a brilliant Emerald green, it is more of a bluish
green or grey-green color. It is very common, and so is of lower value than some of the
other colors. As with all the other colors of Sapphire except Ruby, green Sapphires are always
heat treated at the mine to enhance their color. Untreated green Sapphires are not available.

Oriental Topaz or golden sapphire

These stones are much less common than green Sapphires, and so are
more valuable. It is very rare to find an untreated golden sapphire, but some do exist.
You need to be very sure of your gemologist before you buy an untreated stone. Golden
Sapphires range from brilliant yellow to almost orange.

Padparadschah rare pink-orange sapphire

One of the rarest forms of Sapphire, the "padparadscha" color means
"lotus blossom" in the Sinhalese language. These wonderful stones are only found in Sri Lanka, and
are always heat treated to intensify the color and remove inclusions.

The Sapphire Story

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