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Random Shiet


5/29/03: Well I added more pictures to my 411, hometown cars, and added "5/29/03" pictures. I got a nice digital camera so now it's hella easy to get pictures so updates should be more frequent. Shiet I need to update the "DIMES" section right. lol Currently I'm working in Georgia at a Chinese restaurant. I've 2 days till my graduation and noones coming to see me but oh well. I have to leave Sunday morning because the restaurant opens at 11am but I have to get there at 10:30am. It's gonna suck because grad nite was the day before right so you know what's up. I pray that I'll be able to wake up on time to drive back. Well thanks for checking this site out and I'll be sure to keep you updated when I have time. Peace
5/30/03: Well I got lost today in a big field today. lol Eventually we found our ways out. I blew a thousand bux on giving my car the 90,000 mile tune up, which my my bitches at me and tells me it was a mistake and shiet. GrrRrr it must be that time of the month. But tomorrow is graduation!!!! What's been pissing me off are those fags who always criticize what people say like they're cool because they can make lame gay ass remarks. I say what I want when I'm in my right and wrong state of mind. FOrtunately I don't meet any but one. lol Fuck haters so go to hell bitch...
5/31/03: I added a "Dimes Part II." Enjoy. Hell yeah I'm going to become a graduate today in about 8 hours!!!
6/01/03: Well Dayum it was a long nite yesterday as I went to project graduation. I had originally had different intentions but things got set back so I had to improvise and find something else to occupy myself. At the project grad people came in wasted like hell and some of the things people said and did only because they were drunk as hell. I beleieve the saying that a drunk person's words and actions are a sober person's thoughts. That's why drunk people are funny. lol I came in "chillen" so it was all good. As much as I hate to admit this, I'm really going to miss some of the people of IB. This morning I heard knocking on the door and I wouldn't answer it until I couldn't take it anymore. I opened it and my friend rushes in to tell me that he had indeed taken xtc and that it was the best feeling in the world and that he's addicted and needed another one. lol I suggested he wait 2 months so that he could replenish his seratonin in his brain but he would not listen so whatever right. As long as he doesn't kill himself by overdosing. But uh.... I have to leave for Georgia today to work and move there for about 2 months and I'll be back in August. Boring life but the money's good so wtf right? Going to Manhattan, NY in July so I'll spend some money here and there and come back with 2 nice designer outfits, which aren't freaking available in this small place. SO no updates for like 2 months. Peace

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