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Narusegawa Naru
DOB: March 25th.
Blood Type: A
Height: 163 cm.
B/W/H: 83/56/86 cm.
Seiyuu: Horie Yui

At the beginning of Love Hina. We meet Narusegawa Naru, whom at that time is dressed with the "twot" (Nerd) look. At first glance, she seems to be the usual high intelligent, number one in the nation, study day and night type of girl. We also find out she is extremely strong when she does her "Iron Fist Punch" and sends Keitaro across the building like a pinball. However, we soon realize she is a highly attractive girl who has great work ethic.

Narusegawa Naru is a senior in high school and is a great student. On the Toudai Mock Exam she scored the highest in Japan. It's obvious that she is trying to get into Toudai. However, she meets Keitaro, in the hot springs. After the smoke clears, she is the first to stand against Keitaro being the Kanrinin of the Hinatasou. She realizes that the Hinatasou needs a Kanrinin and decides to let him stay, because she doesn't want to leave the Hinatasou.
Naru's first impression of Keitaro was one of a major pervert. From that first impression, she begins to treat him like one. Keitaro said it best when he said, "What is this, hate at first sight?" Later things begin to change and punches upgrade to roundhouse kicks and even stronger punches. As you can probably tell, they'll have that "Love/Hate" relationship w/ Kei-kun! (keitaro)

Finally, Keitaro understands why Naru scrores so high on the Mock exams. That reason is because she tries so hard. She stays up late at night to study, study's all day, doesn't participate in after school activities, etc. We find out that Naru cannot see well without glasses and the reason is that she studies too much and it has taken it's toll on her eyes. However, we also learn that she made a promise (Yakusoku) to go to Toudai to find happiness.


Likes: Red
Dislikes: Blue

Likes: Bowling
Dislikes: Exercise in General

School Subject
Likes: Math
Dislikes: Home Economics

Likes: Summer
Dislikes: Autumn

Likes: Mini-skirts
Dislikes: Padded Kimonos

Likes: Action Films
Dislikes: R-Rated Movies

Male Type
Likes: Dreamy and a Guy Who Takes Charge
Dislikes: Irresponsible Guys