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The Truth about Lord Chris

They continued to fall for about a hundred feet. “OH MY GOD! WE’RE GOING TO HIT THE FLOOR!” exclaimed Lady Yoko Komo. Lord Chris quickly did a force push to ease their fall and he did small force pushes for Quick Flash so he would come to a slow stop on the metallic floor. “Someone doesn’t want us to continue to Gingwhich…” Lord Chris says quietly as he looks around. “We’ll need some light. Suzan, do you still have those magic pompetes I asked you to hold?” Suzan looks in her side pouch and pulls a round blue ball. “HERE THEY ARE!” She exclaims just as she pulls it out and hands it to Lord Chris. “Thank you.” He smashes it into the ground and soon a round ball of light is floating and hovering around Lord Chris. “What is it?” asks Lady Yoko Komo. “OH I KNOW! This is a fireball. A ball that is nothing except fire and light. It will stay with you until the one who lets it out says ‘Be gone fire!’” shouts Suzan with joy. “Yes…come on…we better move out before anything else happens…” Lord Chris says as he finishes examining Quick Flash. Lady Yoko Komo nods her head in agreement and soon everyone starts walking into the hallway and they see that the floor is solid metal and that its cold in the hallway. “Its cold…” says the shivering Princess Milerna. Lord Chris pulls out a thick wool coat from one of the bags that Quick Flash has on his saddle and he puts the cloak around Princess Milerna’s body. “Huh? Thank you…”Says Princess Milerna as she grips the cloak and looks around in the hallway. “Hey look!” exclaims Shana as she points into the hallway and a little bit of light is seen. “Hmmm….” They continue to walk into the hallway and soon they come into the room where the light is shining and a low hum is heard. “Weird…” says Lord Chris as he looks around and sees metal pipes and panels with buttons on them. “What sort of items are these?” asks Princess Milerna as they continue to walk down the corridor. “These are computers. The mind of men multiplied and the ability to do more than men. They’ve been around for centuries but mankind soon began a revolution against technology and got thrown back into ancient times. In another dimension people from the planet earth came to this planet in hopes of better living. Some brought portions of their technology with them. The land was still by far too primitive to understand everything so the only thing that was actually kept was just the medical science.” Says Lord Chris as they continue down the corridor slowly. “How did you know all that?” asks Lady Yoko Komo with a surprised look. “History books.” They stop at a large round object in the middle of the path and it is completely black and all that can be seen are the large pipes on the floor and a control panel. “Let shine a little light on the subject…” says Lord Chris as he presses a button. Soon the lights in the room turn on and the large round object they see in front of them has a metallic shield covering it. “Lets see whats behind it shall we?” He presses more buttons and soon the shield opens up and a glass casing filled with water and a naked girl with tubes connected to her and her dragon like wings spread out to the sides of the case is seen. “WE GOTTA HELP HER! She’ll drown!” exclaims Lady Yoko Komo as she charges and cracks the glass of the case with the butt of her spear. The glass is heard cracking and more cracks are seen across the casing. Soon the glass breaks and her wings all of a sudden jut inside of her body and she falls out pulling the pipes with her as the water pours out. “Got her!” Lord Chris says as he catches her just as she falls out. The control panel’s view screen soon flashes red with the words ‘Alert!’ on it. “Lets get you out of these contraptions…” Lord Chris pulls the pipes going to her chest out and then he slides the piece going to her lower abdomen off and soon she starts coughing up water. “She only looks like she’s twelve to fourteen…” says Lord Chris as he wraps her in his cape. “Help me...” she quietly says as she shivers. “We will…just hold on.” “Master Chris! What does it mean by ‘Process eighty-eight percent complete…Process Incomplete’?” says Melfina as she moves her finger to the side and accidentally presses a button labeled. “ALARM”. A buzzing noise is heard as the light flash red. “Uh oh…we gotta go…” He places the girl on quick flash and soon they start running and Quick Flash is trying to stay at the same speed with everyone else. They make a left into the other corridor and continue running into the hallway. They make a right at a turnoff point and soon they run straight for another fifty feet before running into a dead end. “We’re trapped!” exclaims Suzan. The wall soon lifts up and a man dressed in a white coat and another man dressed in black is seen. “Who are you?!” The man in black says, “Your worst nightmare…I am the Bounty Hunter Lune.” “And I am scientist Professor Lumbach, and I’m here to reclaim our experiment.” Says the scientist. “Lord Chris Skywalker…there’s a bounty on your head and princess Milerna’s except the princess must be taken alive…so large that it could supply a large city enough food for eight years…if you surrender I’ll guarantee a swift death…” “Skywalker? I thought you last name was…” says Princess Milerna before Chris interrupts her. “Your out numbered…best to retreat…” says Lord Chris as he and the others prepare to fight. “I don’t think so…” says Lune as he blows a purple powder at them. “Fire to water…Air to mist…Man to dog…change these foes into the beasts they are…” Says Lune as he smashes a green ball into the ground. Soon everyone except the girl and Lord Chris and Lady Yoko Komo’s horse body starts to shrink. “What’s happening to us!?” Exclaims Princess Milerna as her arms join together and her moth turns into a spiders fangs and her eyes split into eight round eyes and soon she is a white spider. The same thing happens to Melfina except her hands turn into pincers and she is a red dessert scorpion. Suzan’s hands soon turn into cat paws and soon her skirt falls off and her shirt falls on top of her and her head pops out of the shirt hole and she is a small kitten. Lady Yoko Komo soon groans in pain and soon her arms join her body and she drops her spear and soon her entire upper torso turns into a horse’s head. Shana’s shirt drops to the ground and she slithers about. With the mane being Lady Yoko Komo’s hair. “YOU FIEND! How dare ye turn my allies into beasts?!” Shouts Lord Chris as the bounty Hunter looks at him curiously for why Lord Chris didn’t turn into an animal, “WHAT?! HOW! How come you didn’t turn into a beast like you were suppost to?!” Lune pulls out his rifle and Lord Chris charges at him with his lightsaber in his hand and soon the Lune fires his rifle and red energy bolts shoot out of the odd looking rifle. Lord Chris soon deflects the energy bolts onto the wall and he continues to charge and as he is about to hack Lune in half he pulls out a lightsaber. The scientist soon runs over to Quick Flash and the girl and he soon uncovers the girl’s head from the cape. “No…I don’t want to go back…please leave me be…” the girl says quietly and barely moving. “Now, now subject 2626J-428…You are not completed in your transformation process…you will stay in there like your brothers and sisters so you can be the ultimate weapon for the Lumerian Empire!” Soon he picks the girl up and just as he picks her up his coat catches onto the latch for Nulnata’s holster and it unlatches it. “Let us go into victory!” He soon starts to walk into the area where she was found but Nulnata soon shakes itself inside of the holster. “Huh?’ the scientist says as he looks back and sees the sword in the air. “What?!” The sword points at him and it starts flying towards him. “AHH!” He throws the girl in the air and starts running in the hallway with the sword chasing him. Quick Flash soon runs to catch the girl and he does. “How did you know my real name?!” Lord Chris soon tries slicing to the side of Lune but he blocks the attack. “My master told me…me and fifteen other bounty hunters!” He jumps back and soon firs his dual rifle. The first blast is a blast of gunpowder and a metal ball shoots out and Lord Chris moves to the side. Soon Lune fires a mass of blaster bolts and lord Chris blocks all of the bolts. “How did you finally create the blaster?!” “Our supplier gave them to all the bounty hunters he hired…including Noba Fett…” “Uggg….why him…” Lune fires another bolt at him and Lord Chris deflects it and it hits Lune in the head and he is knocked out onto the ground but not fully dead. Lune breathes heavily as he looks at Lord Chris. I cannot kill you…only my sword Nulnata has the power to kill evil…” he soon takes some jars out of Quick Flash’s saddle and he puts Melfina in one jar, Shana in another, and Milerna in another. Suzan meows at Lord Chris as he places the jars in his bag. He soon pulls out a color and some rope and puts it on Suzan. He pulls out some more rope and an extra saddle and puts it on Lady Yoko Komo. He soon ties the harness onto Quick Flash’s harness and then he ties Suzan to Lady Yoko Komo and places the girl on Lady Yoko Komo. A loud scream is heard in the distance of the hallway and soon the sword is seen flying towards Lord Chris and Lord Chris grabs it’s handle. Lune soon gets up and aims his rifle at Lord Chris and is starting to pull back on the trigger. Soon just as Lord Chris is about to release the sword the girl groans and soon she turns her head and breathes out fire onto Lune. “AHHHH!” Lune screams as he runs to the area where the girl was found. “What was that?” Lord Chris looks and asks the girl as he puts his sword away while also gathering his squads clothes. “That was a thank you for freeing me and saving my life…” she soon holds Suzan and falls asleep on Lady Yoko Komo. “I see…we’ll learn more about you as we travel down to Gingwhich…” He soon gets on Quick Flash and they travel through the hallway where Lune and the scientist had come. After four hours of travel they finally come out into the forest where the girl awakens. “Huh? Where am I?” she asks as she looks around. “We are in the Green forest now. We just got out of some base.” Says Lord Chris as he looks at her. “Oh yes…now I remember…thank you again for saving me.” She soon removes the little hood the cape is making. She soon tightens herself up inside of the cape. “I am…” “Lord Chris SkyWalker…I heard.” “Please call me Lord Chris or just Chris.” “Ok.” “Well you know who I am but I don’t think I know who you are. Please tell me about yourself.” “I…I…Don’t remember everything…I remember my parents were killed and I was taken by some men dressed in dark green clothing and hoods.” “Elves…Please tell me your name…” “I am Arleea of the Natanaku…I am twelve years of age…I have been held captive for six years now…” “Six years? Man that’s a long time…Do you know why they took you?” “The scientist said something about it for the Glory of Lumeria…all I remember was that they stripped me of my clothes, they stuck me inside of that case and put those weird hoses on me. My entire town was destroyed and only the children and young adults were taken…everyone else was slaughtered…” “The city of Domingo…Loss of Fate…no one knows what happened…everyone was dead by the time we got there…no children or teenagers were found…we figured the enemy took them to train them for their military.” “The next thing I remember was pictures and sounds being said and then scientists using weird tools on me. They gave me wings and through the tubes going into my chest I felts a weird tingle…I actually seemed to have been forgetting my memories and learning some other items…” “I see…they’re trying to use technology that is too far for Alamangolia and the other nations to understand…If we hadn’t stopped the process where you were…then you would have become a cyborg…” “Cyborg? Whats a cyborg?” “When the others are turned back I will explain…” They continue walking and they soon come across a bridge with a twelve-year-old boy on it. “Boy! Grant us passage to pass and you will be rewarded!” The boy soon lets off a weird glow and soon his pants changes into a skirt and his shirt into a blouse and his blonde hair grows long. “Who are you calling boy?!” “I am sorry…I did not realize that your actual state was female. Please grant us passage to cross over to Gingwhich.” “Nay! I am Akia the boy-girl! Whom are you to cross over to the city of Gingwhich?” “I am Lord Chris from Alamangolia and we are on an important mission.” “If you want to cross, you must defeat me in battle!” She tosses him a long wooden pole and he catches it. “I do not fight little girls unless they are evil.” “Then I suppose you don’t get across…very well…” She has a weird glow from her forehead and the symbol changes from the female sign to the male sign. Soon her skirt changes into some baggy pants and her shirt changes into a regular shirt and vest and soon her hair becomes short. “There are you happy now?” “Then let us duel…” Arleea gets off of Lady Yoko Komo trying to keep herself covered so she won’t be naked and she looks at Lord Chris and exclaims, “BE CAREFUL LORD CHRIS!” Akia strikes down at Lord Chris and he blocks soon Lord Chris strike Akia’s bow on the side with his side. They soon bang their bows straight in the middle and they both snap in half. They both look strangely at the 5-inch thick bows. “Never had that happen before…” says Akia as he and Lord Chris throw one half of their bow off the bridge into the up-roaring river. Soon Lord Chris strikes down in the middle and he is about to elbow Akia but he quickly turns into a girl and he stops. She soon punches him in the face with his bow and turns back into a guy. “No fair…” “Its all fair…” Soon they both strike each other’s bows in the middle again and they break in half again and they only have a foot left. “This is bad…” say Akia as he guard himself. They soon stare each other down and walk around in a circle and soon Akia transforms back into a girl. Lord Chris looks at her and hits her hand with the little stub they have left and soon they are close to the edge when she reacts to the hit. Soon Lord Chris hits her on her knee and she starts jumping on one leg. “OWIES! Woah!” she slips and she falls into the river and the current is carrying her away. “HELP! The current is too strong!” “Oh great…” Lord Chris groans as he removes his hat and jumps in. He soon catches up to her and grabs her and pulls her ashore. “Its…coooold….” She says as she shivers in Lord Chris’ arms. “Don’t worry…we’ll get you to the doctor once we get into Gingwhich.” Lord Chris says as he walks across the bridge wrapping her in the cloak Princess Milerna was using to warm herself with. He puts Akia onto Quick Flash and Arleea gets onto Lady Yoko Komo and thy walk for about fifteen minutes before reaching the medical clinic in Gingwhich. “Your patient will be fine Lord Chris. You can come back in an hour and she should be healed by that time.” The nurse tells Lord Chris as Akia is carried away into ER. “Ok. Arleea come with me…we got some shopping for you and the rest of my squad.” “Ok.” Arleea says holding the other cloak that Lord Chris has. They soon start walking down in the city leaving Quick Flash and Lady Yoko Komo at the hospital. They walk down searching for a clothes store and magic store. As they are walking down someone takes the cloak that Arleea was using to cover herself with and she quickly runs and hides behind Lord Chris. “Huh?” Lord Chris says as he looks inside of his cape seeing Arleea hiding herself behind him. “Someone stole your cloak…” “Oh…lets get you some clothes…” He sees a store called ‘Buccaneers Outlet’ and he takes her in there. “Hello! Welcome to Buccaneers Outlet! How might I help you today? New cape, new shirt, pants, sword, gun, boots, pants?” says the girl as she greets Lord Chris into the store. “Its not for me…Its for her…” says Lord Chris “Bring the lass in here then!” “She’s actually behind me…” The girl looks behind Lord Chris’ cloak and sees nothing. “Look Mister! If you’re trying to be funny then its not working!” “No…actually she is inside of my cloak naked…” Arleea peeps her head out of the side. “OH! Shall I give her the works?” “What are ‘The Works’?” Lord Chris asks with a suspicious look. “We bathe her, get her all her clothing needs, weapons of her choice, and a lunch.” “How much?” “Twenty Chan.” “Deal. I’ll be gone for a little bit getting some supplies so look after he for me will you?” “Yes Mi Lord.” Arleea is left standing there naked in the middle of the aisle way and soon the Lady Takes her into the back and starts giving her the treatment. Lord Chris looks around sees a place entitled “Magic for less”. Lord Chris walks over there and enters the store. He sees the gypsy over with another customer and the bird like person is watching as the gypsy reads his feather. “I see a great fortune in your future. Yes, a family. Four eggs and a spouse.” Says the gypsy as she levitates the feather in the air. “ see that but I also see a hunter climbing to the top and stealing one of your children.” Says Lord Chris while looking at the gypsy. “Yes, a hunter will come up. I best recommend teaching your kids how to use the crossbow when they hatch.” Says the gypsy as she smiles at Lord Chris. The griffin squawks and pays the gypsy then he leaves. “AH! Lord Chris my friend!” “Didn’t think to see you here Lorelai you old gypsy you.” “My brother needed someone to look after his shop while he handled some business over in Montrailvy. So what can I do for you?” “I need a potion to reverse a spell. My squad were the half creatures and they got turned into the animals they were half of.” “Oooo…better tell me what they are…” “Centaur, Neko, Arachniate, Scorpio, and Naga.” “AH! Let me get them…” She walks over to the shelf and she pulls out five bottles with liquids in each of them. “Thanks you’re a life saver.” Lord Chris Says as he pulls out his money. “Its on me. You saved my life back in the battle of Kanaria and you saved my life plenty of other times.” “Oh. Are you sure?” “Relax! It’ll be all right.” “Ok…oh! I must go! We’ll talk later!” He runs out the door carrying the bag with the potions in his hand. He goes next door and he finds some clothes for Akia and the rest of the squad quickly. He then runs across the street to the Buccaneer Outlet. “Ah! Mi Lord! Your daughter is ready.” “She’s not my daughter…anyway show me.” She takes him to the back and she is seen in the mirror. Arleea turns around and holds her hands in front of her. “Hmmm…Areea, you look beautiful. I like what you did with the vest and the boots that’s very nice.” “Well she created the design and she chose the bow. I kept suggesting the black one but she wanted the blue one.” “Its nice…” Areea smiles at what their saying and she jumps up and hug Lord Chris. “OH THANK YOU LORD CHRIS!” says Areea. The attendant looks at them and gasps. “You’re…you’re…Lord Chris Skywalker?” She stammers. “I am.” “You saved my father! I thank you…” she kneels on the ground before Lord Chris. “Get up. There is no need to be on the ground as if ye were a toad. Here is the payment for her and another sword like hers.” “Please Mi Lord…you may have anything you want in here for no fee.” “Ye are the second person to give me my purchases for free. I can not leave or go anywhere with everything being free. Here is on hundred chan for you and your family. And thirty-three chan for everything.” “Thank you mi lord…” Lord Chris gives her 133 chan in her hands. “Come on Arleea. Lets go get Akia and the others.” He lifts her onto his shoulder and he grabs another sword like hers. They walk for about fifteen minutes and they finally make it to the hospital where Akia is. “Ah, Mi Lord. Akia is in room 234. She is awake as well.” Says the nurse. “Thank you.” They walk over to room 234 and Akia is lying in bed while reading a book entitled, “Life of the Jedi”. “HI Akia!” exclaims Arleea. “What? Oh hi. Thanks again for saving my life mi Lord.” Lord Chris bows, “It was my pleasure mi lady. Do you feel ready to walk and leave?” “Yes, I do. But I have no clothes to wear and my male self has none either.” “Good thing we came prepared. Here try these on for size.” He hands Akia two boxes. One contains slacks, a shirt and a vest. The other contains a skirt and a sweater with blouse. “’Oh thanks! They’re m size too!” “Meet us out side.” Lord Chris and Areea leave and wait by Quick Flash and Lady Yoko Komo. They wait about ten minutes before she finally comes out. “Ok! I’m ready.” Says Akia showing skipping over to Lord Chris. “Well this is where we say farewell…” “Um…if you don’t mind…uh…I mean…” “Let me guess…you want to join me and my animalized squad right?” “Uh I guess…I have no family and no where to go…my parents were killed two years ago.” “Oy…another orphan…I suppose…We are on a very dangerous mission…” “I understand! Danger is my middle name! Well actually my fathers middle name but…you know what I mean.” “Right…anyway before we leave I have another important question for both of you…as you know it is illegal for children to travel on a quest without a legal parent of them or an authorization from the Jedi Council to travel. So would you two like to become my daughters?” Lord Chris says this as he puts the other clothes and items in Lady Yoko Komo and Quick Flash’s saddle bags. Arleea and Akia look at each other and they quickly say, “YEAH! That would be awesome!” “Well then lets go down to Gingwhich hall and get the adoption approval.” They walk to the building across the street which is the city hall for Gingwhich. After an hour of business they come out of City hall and Lord Chris is holding a paper while Akia and Arleea are glad that they are part of a family again. “Well…lets go on now…we have to get out somewhere so we can transform the rest of my squad back.” Lord Chris helps the girls onto Lady Yoko Komo and Lord Chris gets onto Quick Flash. Soon Arleea and Akia are talk to each other while petting Suzan. They continue to walk and the soon run into a small clearing in the middle of Sherry Forest. “Here’s a place where we can camp for the night.” Says Lord Chris as he gets off of Quick Flash and sets up the tent. “Are we going to transform your friends back now?” Asks Arleea excitedly. “Yes. Now stand back.” He takes the jars out and places the animals out with their clothes in front of them. “Lets see now…2 drops for each of them.” He takes the syringe and on each of them with their potions he drops 2 drops of their potion on them. About 5 seconds after hes done giving them the potion then smoke appears where they are and they are back to their normal size and bodies. Princess Milerna is still an arachniate. “Welcome back friends!” “Sheesh! Lord Chris! All you need now is a wife and you will have a full family!” Exclaims Princess Milerna. “Hey trying to help out those in need. But I only wish that there was one more full male in my squad…there’s too many females.” He turns around as they put their clothes back on. Suzan sees Arleea and Akia and goes over and starts to socialize with them. “Well you better get to sleep. We got a long day ahead of us tomorrow.” Lord Chris Tells Areea, and Akia. “Ok!” They exclaim as they run inside of the tent and fall asleep. “Ok…first meeting…” Lord Chris says as they gather around a rock and spread out a map and some other papers.

The End

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