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Medieval Mystic Jedi Knights:

The Mystic Legend

In a world of distant lands and many cultures and beasts of variations, while magic and the force was strong and ever flowing in the air. It was in the distant land of Alamangolia inside the castle with Princess Milerna and her father King Canaka. “But father!” said Princess Milerna as she desperately begged her father to allow her to let her get a wing implant and a tattoo on her hand. “Now sweetheart, I understand how much you want this but it wouldn’t be appropriate for a princess of the highest nation in all of Muldania to have wings and a tattoo on her.” “Every other princess of the other nations has them! Why can’t I have at least the wings?!” “Listen! You’re eighteenth birthday is next Tuesday and no daughter of mine will show up at a royal banquet with wings and a tattoo like some commoner!” King Canaka angrily says this and knocks his goblet of wine off of his throne’s armrest. “Why?! Why can’t I be like every other girl! Allowed to go out freely without some stupid dragon warrior to guard me while I just go to the bathroom?! Why do I have to be treated like some kind of pet?!” Princess Milerna runs off into the hallway with tears in her eyes and she soon runs into her room and locks the door. “Ah…Perhaps I was just a little too harsh on her…I still have to get her a present though…I KNOW! I’ll let her get the wings and tattoo for her present! She’ll love that! She’ll have the most beautiful wings in all the land!” A guard soon walks in. “You’re royal highness, Jedi Master Chen’tenyuk (Chen-tuh-nyuck) and Jedi Knight Lord Chris have arrived for your meeting.” King Canaka sits back down in his throne as an elf like creature walks in and kneels before the king and soon a regular person with a black cape and buccaneer style shirt and pants and a black hat with a blue and white feather in it, kneels down also before the king. “AH! My friends. What is the situation of the people?” Master Chen (short for Chen’Tenyuk) stands up and says, “They are really glad that the liberation of slaves has taken place and the new economy system seems to be taking very good effect.” “AH! EXCELENT!” says King Canaka as he stands up with joy. “However we have had rumor that the nation of Lumeria is staging an attack on us” says Lord Chris as he continues to kneel. “Lord Chris! Those are the first words I’ve heard you say since the Kanarian battle!” says Master Chen shocked and surprised. “WHAT?! LUMERIA! But we have had peace with them for nearly 3 centuries now!” “I am only stating the facts my Lord…” says Lord Chris quietly as he continues kneeling. “This matter is not to be taken lightly. Double the lookouts and guards on the North-East gate!” “At once sire!” says a guard as he quickly runs off. “Anyway one more favor I have to ask of you…” Master Chen turns and rubs his earring on his long ear, “Yes sire?” “I need you to keep an eye on the Tulkana sector. I’ve been noticing a lot of strange activity in that area.” Lord Chris stands up, “Yes my king…” He soon turns and walks away with Master Chen. Inside the princesses room with her. “UGGGG!!!! DADDY! He won’t let me do anything ever since my sister died while walking in the woods! HE WON’T EVEN LET ME GO INTO TOWN!!! If he won’t let me go anywhere then I shall venture off for myself! I’ll have to go somewhere where I can get a completely different body…now where can I go?” She walks around in her room as she puts her ruby red cloak on and she starts tying bed sheets and curtains together to form a rope. “I know…I’ll become an Arachnia (half spider, half woman or male but the entire race is mostly female now due to males losing their balance on the female webs)! They’re perfect! I always adored the way how a spider spins its web into such beauty and delight.” She soon puts on some long sleeve white leather gloves on her arms and she removes her royal pendant from her belt and her necklace. “Well I guess I should only pack the essentials…” She soon grabs her purse and she places 4 kits of makeup, some nail polish, 2 brushes, 3 different colors of lipstick, a diamond necklace, a small hairdryer, and 400 chan (their money). “Well I guess that’s everything…Goodbye Castle Prison!” She throws her rope tied sheets, and curtains out the window and starts climbing down the castle and soon she reaches the first ledge. “Well…2 more ledges to go…Both about fifty feet…Here goes” She starts to climb down them gripping onto some stones and statues sticking out on the side. As she is climbing down one of the stones starts to come loose and she starts to slip. “AHH!” She regains her grip and starts climbing back down again. Ten minutes later she is down all the way at the bottom. Lord Chris and Master Chen just came out of the castle and are walking up to the main gate. “Ok” says Princess Milerna in her mind, “I’ll just follow them and make it look like I’m a Jedi like them…good thing that young boy showed me a little bit how to use the force those 10 years ago…” She walks up behind them keeping her mind calm and clear of any thoughts. “Master Chen…If you don’t Mind I am going to head back home now…I need to acquire some tools first before this next mission and I need time to meditate and become one with the force.” Says Lord Chris. “Yes, certainly Lord Chris. I will go to the council to inform them of the current situations.” The gates open and Master Chen signals for a Fire taxi and soon a stage couch with red snakes pulls up and Master Chen gets inside the carriage and the snakes speed off at 296 Miles Per Hour. Lord Chris is about to get onto his horse, Quick Flash, and soon Princess Milerna talks to him. “Excuse me sir?” Lord Chris calmly turns and looks at her, “Yes Mi Lady? What services can I be of?” “Can you take me into the Blake Wood Forest?” “the Forest is very dangerous Mi Lady. But I shall. Besides that is where I live. I shall take you to my house so you can equip some weaponry and supplies.” “Thank you. That would be very nice.” Lord Chris gets on Quick Flash first then pulls Princess Milerna up behind him. Lord Chris turns his head at her and says, “Now hold onto me ok?” Princess Milerna nods as she puts her arms around his waist to hold on. “NOW QUICK FLASH! HEAD HOME!” Quick flash takes off going at least forty-five miles per hour through the town, into the dimly lit forest. “We’re almost there…Just hang on…” Lord Chris soon pulls back on the reign as they approach a two-story house that is approximately 150 feet wide with a small tower on the right. Princess Milerna looks at the house in shock, “THIS IS YOUR HOUSE?!” Lord Chris calmly and quietly responds, “Yeah…My entire family was murdered at the battle of Kanaria nearly eleven years ago…I had to stand there and watch them get stabbed, and pierced with arrows and spears. All just so they could see my power in the Dark Side of the Force…I resisted though…” Princess Milerna starts to cry at his story and soon says, “Oh…I’m so sorry…” “Hey…It’s ok…Come on inside and we’ll get you hooked up and if you would like to have dinner with me feel free…” Princess Milerna and Lord Chris walk inside and there is a sweet smell of roses and peaches in the air and Lord Chris presses a button on the council to the left and the huge chandelier in the entry hall lights up the entire first floor. “It looks cozy?” “I guess…I never personally felt the need to be comfortable in here…anyway the weapons are over there in the main hall. He points his hand over to the right and we see a room filled with energy axes, broad light swords, daggers, scythes, crossbows, arrows, bows, spears of all styles, and we see a stack of lightsabers on a rack. “What strange weapon is this?” Princess Milerna picks up one of the lightsabers and looks at it strangely. “This is a lightsaber. A Jedi’s weapon. Not as clumsy as an arrow and bow but more powerful then a sword.” “ I see…I’ll take the crossbow…” “And what type of arrows would you like?” “What type do you have?” “I have wood tip, metal tip, bronze tip, silver tip, gold tip, energy, flame tip…” “Energy arrow?” “The energy arrow is an arrow of energy that comes from within and powers it. A Highly effective tip but I’m the only one that can make them…” “I’ll take the energy arrows.” Lord Chris gives her the cross bow, pouch for the arrows, and the energy arrows in the pouch. “Shall we eat mamm?” He bows down as the dinner floats onto the table. “I am a little hungry…” She walks over and Lord Chris pulls the chair out for her and sits her. Lord Chris soon walks over to the other side and sits down. They soon finish their meal and start talking. “I never got the chance to thank you for the ride, weapons, food and ask you your name…so thank you for everything and what’s your name?” “My name is Chris Cholnerra…What’s yours?” “My name is….” In her mind. “I can’t tell him I’m Princess Milerna otherwise he’ll send me back to the castle…” “My name is Merryl.” “Are you sure about that…Princess Milerna?” “WHAT HOW DID YOU KNOW IT WAS ME!” “I am a Jedi Knight…however I will not send you back to the castle…It is my duty to protect you, and this kingdom….however one cannot learn anything if someone is always there to do it for you…so you must venture off on your quest while I venture off on my own…” “So you’re just going to leave me in the forest?” “Unless you changed your mind and want to come back to the castle with me….” “THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!!!!” She jumps up and hugs Lord Chris tightly but he shows no reaction. “I bid you well on your quest…” She lets go and soon Chris Bows down once again and says, “May the Force be with you…As a token of my goodwill and a reminder that the force is always here for you….I’m giving you this necklace…” He places his hand a little above her chest and soon a strange light appears and a necklace made of Mulberrian Jade appears on her. “MULBERRIAN JADE?! DO YOU KNOW HOW RARE THIS STUFF IS?!” “I do…” “Thank you…I will never take it off…” “I must leave now…good luck on your mission…” He and Princess Milerna walk away silently and he gets onto his steed as Princess Milerna waves farewell to him and starts to walk away. “Farewell My princess…QUICK FLASH! RIDE! RIDE INTO THE NIGHT! SOAR INTO THE BLACK SKY!” Quick Flash again is galloping at forty-five MPH and he comes to a halt in the middle of the city next to a huge altar and he ties his horse to a stand and he soon walks into the altar and into an elevator with a naga (half human, half snake) and they soon enter the Jedi Council. Lord Chris walks quietly into the room as the Naga slithers to the back wall with a scorpionite (half woman, half scorpion…almost extinct but slowly being revived and they only have females in their race). Jedi Master Nutanaku (head of the council) looks at Chris and says, “Lord Chris…after this meeting has been adjourned you are to report in at the castle to receive new instructions from the king.” Lord Chris holds his left arm and says, “Yes my master.” “You have also achieved the rank of Jedi Master. And so we congratulate you on that matter.” “Thank you Master Nutanaku. I will not abuse its power.” “Master Chen is working on a private mission and so you will be working with three partners on your next mission.” “I understand master.” “The First is this naga, Shana, she is only 16 but she is very well experienced.” Shana slithers up and says, “Hello, Nice to meet you.” She slithers to his right. “Next is this scorpionite, Melfina, She is only 17 years but with her stinger she can destroy all of Alamangolia’s army.” She walks up and the clanking of her feet against the metal is heard. “Hello, I hope we can learn how to get along…It would be terrible if one of us happens to hurt another…” She soon stands behind him as Master Nutanaku continues “And your last partner is this neko (mixture of a human girl and a cat), Suzan. She may be only 11 but she is very powerful for her age. Generally when their at 11 they should be able to leap 20 feet and lift up to 50 pounds. Suzan here can lift up to 698 pounds and leap over 400 feet. As you can see she’s not buff in her legs or her arms.” Suzan walks up and rubs her tail against him and says, “HI! You know you’re kinda cute! For a human of course…I hope we might be able to go out sometime!” She walks and stands to his left. “Your assignment from the Jedi council is to get these women to work as a team with you, and teach them how to use the force. Any questions Lord Chris?” Lord Chris soon steps forward and asks, “Pardon my being rude master but why is it that all these women are rather younger than me? And why all women for my team?” “These young women have extraordinary powers and you would be the perfect one to command a team of women. Go now and serve the King. And remember…you must bring your squad everywhere…and you must be with your squad at all times…never must you leave them…you may be getting more members along the way…whether it be from King Canaka or from your quest. May the Force be with you…” Lord Chris bows and exits with his squad to the castle in the King’s throne. “OH! LORD CHRIS! Thank the force you’re here!” Lord Chris helps the King up from the floor as King Canaka lets go of Lord Chris’ boots. “What seems to be the problem my king?” “My daughter Milerna seems to have run away…please find her! Try to convince her into coming back…I don’t want to force her back so if you can stay with her until she is ready to come back here that would be wonderful…” “I understand my King…I shall find Princess Milerna and protect her with my life!” “Thank you Lord Chris! You are truly a Jedi Knight…Are these the soldiers you are taking with you?” “Yes…Only the finest in their league!” “Good! I would like you to tank Milerna’s favorite guard…” footsteps of hooves are heard coming through the doorway and soon a centaurian woman with a sharp spear is seen. “Meet Lady Yoko Komo. She is 20 years old and has seen more than 100 battles. She will help you with your mission.” Yoko Komo walks up and says, “I won’t fail my princess!” Lord Chris soon kneels before the king and says his farewell to him, “King Canaka, I will bring your daughter back safely…I promise it…farewell my king…” He soon leaves as the King bids him and his squad farewell. “Farewell brave knights! BE VICTORIOUS!” Suzan soon runs up to the king and jumps in his arms. The king looks at her curiously. “Excuse me miss? Shouldn’t you be heading off with Lord Chris and them?” Suzan looks up at him and says, “But first let me tell you what I want Santa! I want a pony, a neko Farbie doll…” Melfina walks in and grabs and holds Suzan by the tail in the air. “I’m really sorry about this your highness…” Melfina walks away holding Suzan by the tail still while she is mad and complaining. They soon leave the castle and start walking into the forest with Vader on his horse and Suzan on Yoko Komo’s back asleep. King Canaka sits in his throne thinking, “hmm…that’s an idea…yeah! I’ll dress up as Santa Clause next Christmas and let the children sit on my lap and tell me what they want! Then I can get them it! I would be famous for that!” Meanwhile with Princess Milerna at the edge of the Blake Wood forest and the Misty Black forest. “Caution…Arachnia territory…stay out if you want to live…Ok I’m where I want to go…now where’s the entrance to their caves?” She starts walking around in the black forest and she sees a sparkle on the ground and she walks over to it. “Huh? Whats this?” She steps nearby it and falls through onto a giant web and she is stuck. “YES! I’m finally here!” She looks and she sees no arachniates. “Hey! Are there any arachniates in the cave?!” “Um…I’m here!” A beautiful girl is seen with medium length red hair walks forward but she has no legs. She has 2 body parts below her human part. The small part beneath her human half has 8 legs coming out on it. The other large part of her abdomen is seen with a weird hourglass shape thing on it. “What do you wish for before I eat you?” Princess Milerna looks at her and swallows and soon says, “I wish to become an arachniate!” “And why do you wish that when you humans have everything! WHEN YOU DOMINATE OVER ALL!” “I can not bear the life f a human and not allowed the freedom I wish. So I wish to become an arachniate in hopes of a more peaceful life…” “What will you give me in return?” “I shall give you food and chan.” “Very well…come with me…” She scratches the webbing around her off with her front two leg claws and she follows her into another cave containing hundreds of bottles of potions and formulas. “Lets see now…man, snake, beast, centaur….AH! Here it is…Arachniate…Drink 2 cups worth and wait…” She pours the liquid into a measuring cup and it measures 2 cups. “Wait! Before you drink it you may want to take this dress off! You won’t be able to wear dresses again being an arachniate.” “ok” She pulls her dress off over her head leaving her gloves, undershirt, and underwear on. “Well…I finally get to live my life…bottoms up…” She quickly gulps the liquid down and soon she drops the cup and it shatters. She starts to gag and choke and soon her abdomen transforms into a round ball and her two legs split into four on each side. “ugg….” She continues to gag and choke and soon a creaking sound is heard as her abdomen stretches out to form the big part of her abdomen containing the webbing. Soon her abdomen stops expanding and creaking after it stretches out over 3 feet and her legs perfectly straight total up to 4 feet each but she has them bent and making her only a total of 5’2”. Soon a design appears over her now white lower body (part below human part of body) and no design appears on her white abdomen. “Uggg….that hurt…” She places her left hand on her stomach and her right hand on he new fuzzy lower body. “Huh?” She quickly takes her gloves off and rubs her hands back and forth over her lower body excitedly. She looks down and sees that she’s an arachniate. “YAY! I’M FINALLY HALF SPIDER!” She starts jumping with joy. The other spider soon says, “Yes. But I can never change you back. I am not sure if anyone can. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to lay my eggs.” She soon skitters away off into the darkness. While Princess Milerna tries walking but she keeps getting her legs crossed with each other and keeps tripping. “Ow…This is going to take a lot of getting used to…” After ten minutes she finally got it down and she soon walks up to the hole she fell down through and climbs up it. “Oh dang…I forgot my gloves…oh well…I’m going to enjoy touching my new legs, lower body, and abdomen anyway…” She rubs gently and smoothly up her long skinny legs and her fuzzy lower body. She soon rubs her abdomen and rests her head on it. “So soft…So warm…So fuzzy…” We hear the hoof beats of Chris’ horse and Yoko Komo, and the skittering of Melfina approaching her. Lord Chris sees Princess Milerna as an arachniate now. “Mi Lady…” “Yes Mi Lord?” “You’re…You’re…” “Ugly, atrocious, buggy?” “Beautiful!” Yoko Komo and the rest look up at him strangely. Yoko Komo says, “My Lord…She’s half bug now…we have to get her back to the castle and turn her back to normal.” Lord Chris responds, “Princess Milerna please Come here.” She does so. “We have instructions from your father to protect you. He wants us to bring you home. He said if you want to continue on your quest we are to follow. What is your choice? Either way I’m with you all the way…” Suzan walks over to Princess Milerna’s abdomen and starts poking at it. “It’s soft!” She soon jumps onto Princess Milerna’s abdomen and sits on it. Lord Chris continues talking to Princess Milerna and Yoko Komo. Princess Milerna tries listening in on the conversation but she can’t help to feel Suzan shuffling around on her abdomen. Melfina soon skitters over and grabs Suzan by the shirt with her stinger and puts her on her back. “Listen you mustn’t do that to Princess Milerna. It isn’t very nice. And we have to protect her.” Suzan looks up at her sadly and says, “Ok…but it was soft…” Lord Chris soon says aloud, “IT IS AGREED THEN! We will continue North to explore then we’ll head on back.” The spider person from before pops up out of the hole. Lord Chris talks to Princess Milerna, “Friend of yours?” “She’s the one who turned me into an Arachniate! WHO ARE YOU?!” The spider Lady sharply responds while causing a storm to occur, “I am Witch Spidress! Ruler of all Spiders! I can not allow you to go North or North-East! So I shall destroy you!”

The End

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