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Chances of Attack...

“Lady Yoko Komo, hand me my bag…it should be right next to you…” says Lord Chris. “Your real name is Chris Skywalker?” asks Princess Milerna as she gives him a curious look while he takes the bag from Lady Yoko Komo. “When my family was murdered, the Jedi council needed to keep me a secret so they called me Lord Chris Cholnerra as of Skywalker…when I go around people know my name just because I completely annialated an army of Sith lords and the greatest army on the face of the planet…I saved a majority of people from death.” “Skywalker…it has a nice hymn to it…” “Shall we get this meeting on mi Lady?” “Oh of course…” Lord Chris pulls out a small stone and a magic image of Master Nutanaku appears. “Lord Chris…report your current mission status…” says Master Nutanaku with a stern voice as the King is heard in the back ground saying, “Have you found my daughter yet?!” “We have found Princess Milerna and we have found the base of some enemy operations. The enemy has been confirmed as Lumeria. We rescued one of the children stolen from the Loss of Fate incident…they were doing cybernetic mutation on her…she is currently asleep…” says Lord Chris as he looks into the image. “Cybernetic experiments? Where is this base?” “The exit was in the beginning of the Green Forest. They seem to have dragon related cells.” King Canaka looks at them strangely the blurts out, “What is this cybernetic experimenting? And dragons have been extinct for over five hundred years!” “Yes I know that sir. The cybernetic experimenting was way before any of our time. I know about from history books my family kept.” “Lord Chris…where are you and your squad heading?” asks Master Nutanaku as he crosses his arms. “We are heading to the gate to Lumeria so we can find out the truth. However we are making a stop in, Seridonia.” Princess Milerna soon comes behind Lord Chris and says, “OH! I know that place! My friend Princess Rinola lives there! She’s completely obsessed with dolls but I’m certain she and her father will help us!” “Milerna is that you?” Asks King Canaka as he steps up and squints at her. “It is I daddy. I have decided to remain with Lord Chris.” “Young Lady! You will return to your normal state of being this instant!” “Sorry daddy. The witch casted a curse on me keeping me in this form. We are trying to find a way to change me back as we travel.” “Lord Chris you had better watch over her and get her changed back or else I’ll have your house and lands!” says King Canaka outraged from his daughter’s appearance. Master Nutanaku steps back into view, “Lord Chris, we understand you signed an adoption form for an Arleea and an Akia. Which one of these is the one that you rescued?” “Arleea.” “Watch over her and continue on. We’ll keep in touch. May the Force be with you…” The image fades away as the brightly lit stone dims down. Lord Chris charts the area traveled and where they are heading next. “Master Chris, what is at Seridonia?” asks Melfina with Suzan standing next to her. “Gingwhich had limited amount of Magic supplies, and Seridonia is known for weapons so we’ll get a weapon upgrade. And because Princess Milerna knows the royalty there we will pay a visit and see if Lumeria has done anything there. The force is guiding us there.” Lord Chris rolls up the map and places it in his bag. “Can you tell us more about the history of the Electronic Revolution Lord Chris?” asks Suzan curiously. “Sure. About five hundred years ago there was a planet called earth. It only consisted of one main species, Human. I am a human and Princess Milerna was a human. Our great ancestors were extremely intelligent. They had the power to fly in metal birds, which they called planes and jets. They could soar into the heavens and the stars all with the press of a button. They made the human mind in a box and it would work faster and by far better. They were considered all powerful. They had everything we dreamed of. There was one problem. They disrespected their environment. The air was polluted with smoke and a substance called smog. One day someone found a cavern that contained a portal to over here. Mankind saw how primitive this area was. They came over here bringing some of their supplies. They felt that they shouldn’t have this world as advanced as theirs. The portal was soon shut down. No one knows how. It just disappeared. They brought over some swords and that and some of them brought over computers and some of their technology. The humans discovered the force from some elves and they started to use it now. The Jedi council was formed and they agreed that computers and the advanced technology that the humans had brought over would not be used. Basically mankind felt that this planet should be inhabited and advanced naturally so the environment would remain clean. That’s the electronic revolution.” “Why didn’t they just use the weapons they brought over.” Asks Melfina. “Who knows…I guess they wanted to start out clean.” “Why did you adopt those two children? They’ll only slow us down.” Asks Shana as she hisses. “Arleea is important as you know. We don’t know entirely what they have done to her or anything. Lumeria may have been trying to revive the ancient race of Dragoni…” “Dragoni?!” Exclaims the group with a sudden surprise. “Shhh! We mustn’t wake them…get some sleep now…huh?” A low pitch hum is heard coming from Nulnata and it shake violently in it’s holster trying to break free. A scream is heard from Arleea and Akia as three goblins jump away carrying Arleea, Akia, and some food inside the tent. “They’re taking the girls!” exclaims Lord Chris as he runs and chases after them. “Come on!” says Princess Milerna as she follows him. They chase them for about five minutes before they lose sight of them in the trees. “I lost them…I should’ve kept a better eye on them!” says Lord Chris as he pounds his fist onto a tree. Princess Milerna and the rest of the group stop by Lord Chris and mourn the loss. A loud roar is heard as a tower of fir is seen coming 30 degrees north. “Follow that fire!” exclaims Lady Yoko Komo as they start running again. They see Akia on the ground as a guy and he’s looking up at the giant dragon that is breathing fire. The goblins watch as they see their fellow comrade under the left front foot of the dragon. “What on Alamangolia?!” exclaims Shana. The dragon looks down and sees the other two goblins and blinks its eyes as it growls softly. The goblins gasp and start to run away. Soon the dragon snaps its neck back and forth and snatches one of the Goblins in its mouth and swallows it. The other goblin continues to run and soon the dragon has a white glow coming from inside its mouth. Soon it lies its neck on the ground straight with its body. It opens its mouth and a large white ball is seen growing and glowing. The goblin looks back and continues running. Soon the ball fires into a beam of white light and the trees are engulfed by this 25 to 50 foot beam. The beam reaches and engulfs the goblin and continues onto the mountain. Soon a huge cloud of dust is seen from the mountain about 5 miles away. The Beam ends and the dragon raises its head. Soon the dust clears and there is a hole seen going straight through the mountain leaving a clear pathway through the thick forest of trees. “Woah.” Says Lord Chris as he looks at the dragon. The dragon soon looks down at the group and walks toward Lord Chris. The dragon lowers its head and stares at Lord Chris straight in the eye. Soon after 5 seconds of pure silence the dragon lets out a loud roar straight at Lord Chris and soon Lord Chris’ hat falls off from the wind and his cape flutters violently in the wind. The dragon soon starts to charge up its mouth to breath fire but soon its eyes turn big. A piercing scream is heard from the dragon and the same scream that Arleea let out when she was kidnapped is heard. The dragon soon begins to shrink and it takes the shape of a woman. Soon Arleea is back naked, unconscious, and with only her wings and tail. “Thank the force that’s over…Akia what happened?” says Lord Chris as he runs over to Arleea. “When the goblins brought us over here they stopped figuring they had lost you. I transformed into a male and they became startled. They soon said that their master would be even more glad if they also brought me in. Soon Arleea was crying like crazy and they slapped her. Her eyes glowed a bright white and soon a bright light came out of her mouth. Before I knew it, I heard her night clothes get ripped, she was a dragon with the goblin carrying her right by her foot. Then she crushed him after finishing her fire tower then she roared and you got here.” Says Akia as he transforms back into a female. “Looks like you were right Lord Chris.” Says Princess Milerna. “How so?” “According to legend, the Dragoni had the power to transform into a dragon when they were scared or sometimes at will. However this never happened with the Dragoni who mated with humans. They only had wings, sometimes just a tail, sometime both.” Lord Chris nods in agreement as he wraps Arleea in her wings. “We all better get some sleep. We got a long day ahead of us tomorrow.” Says Lord Chris as he starts walking back to camp. Lord Chris stays up all night again and the others get enough sleep. The sun soon rises and the group is awake except for Lady Yoko Komo. “Are we all set to go?” asks Lord Chris. “No! Lady Yoko Komo isn’t awake yet. I’ll go wake her.” Says Suzan as she runs over to Lady Yoko Komo. She first tries talking to her to wake her but she remains asleep. Then she tries poking and shoving her but she remains asleep. Soon She decides to swing from her braid. She grabs onto her braid and starts to hang from it. Soon Lady Yoko Komo wakes up screaming trying to shake Suzan off. Melfina walks over and grabs Suzan and places her on her back. “You should know better.” Says Melfina as she looks at Suzan. “We had our morning wake up. Lets go.” Says Lord Chris as he starts having Quick Flash walk. Akia soon tries staying close to Princess Milerna and Arleea soon looks at her wings and holds her tail in her left hand. She rubs her right hand gently across her green tail and soon she rubs her right hand on her smooth green wings. “Whats wrong Arleea?” asks Lord Chris. “I don’t know…I just find it weird with my wings and tail. All I remember was crying when the Goblins took us and then I woke up and I had wings and a tail.” “You don’t remember anything that happened last night?” “Not a thing…” “Don’t worry about it. In the meantime keep concentrating on trying to bring your wings inside your body. Like you had before.” “I had wings before?” “Just keep thinking ‘Wings and Tail inside me’ ok?” “Yes father…” After about an hour of walking they finally make it into Seridonia. They stop by the weapon shop and look at the items. “My lord what can I get you?” asks the clerk. “I need new wrist guards. Asks everyone here including the children.” “Yes, of course my lord…” They look around a little bit and find the latest of the latest weapons they need and soon Lady Yoko Komo finds some armor and a full length leather undershirt, she picks the armor and the shirt up. Princess Milerna finds some chain mail like Lady Yoko Komo’s and soon she finds a nice deer leather skin vest. Akia picks up some wrist and ankle guards figuring on how much she/he punches and kicks. Melfina finds a blue leather vest and picks it up. “Um…Lord Chris? What should I buy?” asks Arleea. The clerk looks at Lord Chris and drops his jaw in awe. “Your…your…you’re the great Lord Chris!” says the clerk as he backs up slowly and bumps into some pikes and one of them falls down and lands in the counter. “I’m going to have to tell them not to call me that in a store anymore…I am…” “You saved my brother and my son from death! I thank you…anything you need in here is for free! If you need gunpowder let me know. I can get some just for you.” I think this will be all…thank you…and here is 264 chan for your services.” “No my Lord…keep your money…” “Take it. You need it.” They soon put their new equipment on and upgrade their weapons with the add-ons they bought. “Princess Milerna. Which way to the palace?” asks Lord Chris “There it is!” exclaims Princess Milerna as she points at the wall at the end of the street. They walk to the wall and a guard says, “Halt! Who goes there and what is your purpose of visit?” “I am Princess Milerna from Alamangolia please let me in. My father King Canaka sent me here to talk some business over with King Jacques.” “Nay wench! Ye are not Princess Milerna, for if ye were than you would be human and not an Arachniate.” Lord Chris steps up. “I am Lord Chris and the Jedi council has sent me and my squad here, including this arachniate, to see the King of Seridonia. Its urgent that we talk to him.” “OPEN THE GATES!” Yells the guard as the gates begin to rise. They all enter and soon the gates slam shut behind them. They travel to the throne room and soon King Jacques and his four daughters and son are seen sitting down the queen walks in and bows then sits down next to the King. “Milerna? Is that you?” asks King Jacques. “It is I Uncle Jacques. Aunt Milonia! Hi! How are you doing?” says Princess Milerna as King Jacques stands up. “I knew your father said you changed but I didn’t expect this much!” They soon stand up and hug her. “So wha brings you here Princess Milerna? And are these your slaves? Well minus this man over here…he surely must be your bodyguard.” Says King Jacques. “I am Jedi Master Lord Chris Cholnerra.” The King stares at him and gasps. “You…you…you are the Great Chris Cholnerra?!” “Yes My Lord…” “What brings you out here?” “My squad here, and I are to protect the runaway Princess Milerna while we venture off discovering the truth about Lumeria. Speaking of which we have a private conversation to discuss by order of the Jedi Council. The situation has become much more complicated then we thought.” “Yes. Son, daughters, please escort the Princess Milerna into a room. “I’ll escort her and her servants daddy!” exclaims the beautiful Princess Rinola. “Go ahead Rinola…” Akia and Arleea follow Princess Milerna into Rinola’s large room in the side corridor. “Are you sure that young neko should stay here?” Suzan goes up and tugs on Lord Chris’ cape and whispers to him. “Lord Chris, perhaps I should go…my mother and sister live down here and I got a letter from them saying that they need to see me as soon as they can. So I’ll just go there if that’s all right with you…” “Go on ahead Suzan…Be back by eight.” Suzan yells out thanks and runs down the hallway exiting the castle. “Lets discuss the business shall we?” asks Lord Chris as they walk into the hallway and enter the library. We hear laughter inside of Rinola’s room from Milerna and Rinola. “So are you still into dolls?” “Look around you!” Milerna looks around and soon she sees that the room is almost covered in rich porcelain dolls. “Woah porcelain…I thought you would’ve moved on…” “Nah I liked them too much…oh hey I got this great new potion…” “Milerna? Pardon my interruption but Akia and I are going to go into town and look around for a little bit ok?” asks Arleea. “Yeah go on ahead. Be back by eight though.” “Thank you…” Akia steps outside the door and exits the castle that way. “Wings please work…” Arleea jumps out the window and soon she is flying. “I can fly!” Soon Arleea lands after getting a little experience of flying and beats Arleea down to the gate. “Anyway as I was saying…I got this great new potion from some magic dealer and it will make any doll life like and to life.” Says Rinola. “I don’t know…I wouldn’t entirely trust it.” “Lets see how it works…” She pulls out a wooden box. “Ok lets…hey! Milerna! Where’d you go?” “I’m up here…” Rinola looks up and sees Milerna hanging from a web on the ceiling. “Come on down! I’m sure its safe!” “No thank you! I’ll watch from up here…” “Fine!” She opens the box and soon she pulls out the black bottle labeled, “Doll Formula Number 3”. “Ok. Pour 5 drops on dolls face. OOO! I’ll use the one that I find the most beautiful! Lucielle…” She opens the bottle and grabs the doll off her bed. She slowly pours five drops onto the dolls face and soon a weird spiral is formed around the doll and soon it grows to be as large as herself. Soon the doll is her size and is standing on its own but still looks like the doll. “Ah this potion is defective!” The doll turns its head towards her and looks at her in the eye. Soon it holds its porcelain hand in front of it and blows a purple powder onto her. Soon the doll turns round and throws itself out the window. Rinola coughs then as she sees the doll fall out the window she screams. “Relax Rinola. Its just a doll…you can always get a new one that looks like it.” “Good point. Come on…lets return this potion.” She tries dusting the powder off of her but it stays on all over her. “Shall we take the express?” “Whats that?” “Climb onto my back. Hold on tightly.” Rinola does so as she places the box in her bag. Milerna soon shoots a thick strand of webbing onto the window seal and she scales the castle with her webbing. They soon exit the castle gates and go into a shop called “Black Magic galore! Of Course Legal” The clerk looks at them and smiles at the sight of the purple powder on Rinola. He soon grabs a bucket of some clear liquid. Rinola goes up to him and says, “Hi I want a refund on a potion I bought yesterday. It didn’t…” The clerk soon pours the bucket and chants some incantation really fast. “I’m telling my daddy! He’ll have you beheaded by the dawn of tomorrow!” Rinola runs out of the store crying and she throws the potions down on the floor. “I’m terribly sorry…next time make sure the potions work before you sell them…” Princess Milerna leaves and sees that the gates have closed already from Rinola running in. “Oh it worked alright…Once King Jacques realizes that his daughter is turning into a doll. He won’t want too keep her with him any more…she’ll go to the house of the dolls in the woods for the cure to be richened by the spoiled king she was raised from. However I will keep her from the cure and make her become the dolls that she so loves to play with. Then she will wish she was dead!” says the clerk as he watches Milerna walk into the gate. “Rinola. Its ok…Take a shower and you’ll feel much better…” “You’re right Milerna…thanks…wait here…” Rinola goes into her closet and pulls out a dress without sleeves and hangs it up on the door in the bathroom. During the hour shower that Rinola is having, Suzan arrives at the Neko residence. “Mom, Mom I’m home!” Suzan says as she walks into the house. “Suzan? Is that you?” Says a tall and thin neko woman. “Sis!” Suzan sees her sister then runs jumps onto her and hugs her. “Yes I missed you too squirt.” “Ok come on you two break it up.” Says a short neko carrying some baskets of food. “Mommy!” she gets off of her sister and hugs her mother. “I missed you so much! How have things been going here?’ asks Suzan with her ears raised high. “Not so good I’m afraid.” Says her mother with disappointment. “Whats happened while I was away?” asks Suzan with her ears lowered. “The Duke Flamellia has threatened to burn our crops and have us executed if your sister doesn’t marry him.” “I won’t marry that scumbag if he was the last man on Alamangolia!” exclaims Suzan’s sister. “I’ll talk to Lord Chris and see if he’ll let me stay here with you. I’m sure he will. What country or city is he from?” says Suzan as she grabs and eats an apple. “Lumeria.” Says her sister. “Lumeria?!’ exclaims Suzan as she spits out the apple with surprise. “Yeah. Why?” “We can’t trust them! They…” The door swings open and a male neko walks in. “They what?” says the neko. “Duke Flamellia….forgive me but my daughter hates Lumeria because they wouldn’t allow her to train in the workout area when we visited her uncle.” Says her mother as she bows before him. “Jeanette…I pray that your daughter gains more respect for Lumeria by the time Sarah and I marry.” “I will not marry you!” says Suzan’s sister. “Oh I think you will…” he grabs Suzan by the neck and holds her against the wall. “You will marry me or your sister here will die!” Don’t count on it scumbag!” says Suzan as she kicks the Duke in the face knocking him and a table over. “What on…What are you?!” says the Duke as he looks strangely at Suzan. “Your worst nightmare…now get out of our house!” Suzan runs up and punches him in the face and the punches him hard in the gut and he goes flying out through the door and through the wall in the building across the street. “I’ll have you hanged for this!” says the Duke as he sands up. “I will marry you Sarah…and if you don’t say yes by tomorrow then your entire family will be killed!” “You’re not marrying my sis unless you earn her love! And I’ll make sure that happens!” Suzan says as she steps out the doorway. “We will see you little brat!” Duke Flamellia gets up and runs away. “Thanks Suzan…You have no clue how much you back at him for me…” says Suzan sister as she takes her back inside. “Does the King know about this?” asks Suzan. “He does…the Duke asked him for the marriage rights and the king just gave them to him.” Says Suzan’s mother. “I will speak to Lord Chris…I’ll stay here and protect you two…” Thanks Suzan…” says her sister as she kneels down and hugs her.

Princess Rinola soon turns the water off in her shower and steps out and puts her blue leather undershirt on and then her green dress. She hears voices from inside her room then she hears laughter. “A Party! I wonder who came…” she opens the door while brushing her hair and she sees only Milerna sleeping in the corner. Ok guys come on out. I know your there…” She continues to hear the voices but sees no one. “You don’t deserve that hat.” “Well you don’t deserve that hair!” says two of he voices. “Milerna looks down and sees the dolls on her bed and soon she hears them talking. “What is this?” says Rinola as she looks at the dolls. “You can hear us?’ says one of the dolls without moving its mouth or anything. “Oh she must have gotten touched by the black magic like we did.” Says the other doll. “What are you talking about?” says Rinola. “Sorry honey but…you’re turning into a doll. Don’t worry! I’m sure you’ll love it since you love us dolls so much!” “Wha-What did you say?” “I said you are turning into a doll.” “Whom are you talking to?” asks Princess Milerna as she walks over to Milerna. “I’m…I’m…turning into a doll…Milerna…look at those two dolls…tell me if you heard what they said. “I hear nothing…” “But they’re arguing about telling me that I was turning into a doll…” “I think you need some fresh air. Come on let’s get out of this room.” Milerna walks and pushes Rinola out of the room. Another hour passes by and soon it is eight o’ clock and everyone gathers in the main dining hall. “Lord Chris, Please tell me again how you managed to destroy those two armies?” says King Jacques as he pulls some meat with his teeth off of a turkey leg. “I do not boast about my adventures or quests.” Says Lord Chris as he cuts his food and eats it with his fork. “Um…Lord Chris….” “Yes what is it Suzan?” “My mother and sister are having problems with a marriage and I was wondering if I may stay behind and help with the situation.” “Who is she marrying?” “Duke Flamellia of Lumeria….” “Stay…tell your sister she must marry him. Go with them and follow them where they may go…this may help us with the identity of the one who is stopping us from going to Lumeria…” “Thank you my Lord…” “Pardon me your majesty but I must look over at Lumeria.” Says Lord Chris as he leaves the room. Lord Chris walks up to the balcony where a high range telescope is seen. “Lets see what your up to Lumeria…” Lord Chris looks into the telescope and points it sixty degrees north 5 degrees down. He sees fire pits stationed about and he sees red bolts fire from an area and hit a wall. Soon he sees a beam of fires shoot out from a dragon. He then sees men battling each other with swords. He then sees more blaster bolts fire from a distance. He soon sees a carriage hovering above ground with no horses or stands or anything. He continues to look and he sees Noba Fett standing on a hill looking over what are presumed as training grounds. “They are advancing much faster and further than I thought. Only the Jedi will be able to be formidable opponents. Right now there is a chance of attack on us…” Lord Chris walks back down into the throne room and then just as he closes the door, Rinola screams.

“Whats wrong honey?’ Asks Queen Milonia. “My hand it’’s…it’s a dolls hand!” She holds her right hand in front of her face and sees that her skin is turning into porcelain. “Daddy please help me!” Rinola soon starts crying. “I have no daughter who is a doll girl. I only have 3 daughters and a four year old son! You are not of my family peasant!” Yells the King furiously. “I’ve seen this curse before.” Says Lord Chris as he examines the hand. “You have twenty-four hours before you become 100% doll. You will have to go into the Dogwood forest and find the Cursed Dollhouse of Enchantment….Inside somewhere you will find a spa of water…you must bathe yourself in it and then when you come out you will be back to normal. However you must escape the dollhouse within twenty five minutes or else you will become one of the dolls trapped inside of there. We are heading over to Dogwood Forest next so if you wish to join us go on ahead. That is if it’s ok with your father.” “I don’t know this peasant girl! I could care less if she dies!” says King Jacques as he looks away from Rinola. “I will go with you…I don’t want to be a doll…first let me grab a dress that I want to be in for if I fail.” She slowly walks into her room and 5 minutes later she is wearing a dress that looks like that of one of her dolls but in her size. “Thank you for your services King Jacques. We’ll leave right now so we can have your daughter back as a human.” Says Lord Chris as he is about to leave. “I refuse to admit that THING is my daughter Rinola!” “says King Jacques as they all leave. The exit the town gates and soon as Rinola is on Quick Flash her porcelain hand falls out from her sleeve and lands on the ground not chipped or scratched. “Uh…heres your hand…” Lord Chris hands her, her hand and she puts it back in and soon red circles appear on her cheeks. “Lets hurry so you don’t turn into a doll by the time the sun sets tomorrow.” Lord Chris says as he directs Quick Flash as she holds her hand in her lap and cries softly.

The End

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