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The Enemy’s Revelation

As they prepared for battle while the spider queen looks at spells all while calling her army. “No I will not sit out this battle and watch you die!” says Princess Milerna as she readies her cross bow. “Princess please do this for me…do this for your father…” says Yoko Komo. “Let her fight…she needs to learn how to defend for herself and not rely on one to guard her.” Says Chris as he gets off his horse and pulling out a sword from the holster and extending his lightsaber in his right hand. Princess Milerna again thanks Lord Chris for his understanding. “Fine…” she spins her staff violently in her and locks it behind her arm. “So are you ready to die?” says the spider queen as she grows human legs but still has two of her eight spider legs and her hands bearing one lightsaber. “If we were then we would already be dead fiend! As it is you should know that I am like any other Jedi…” says Lord Chris as he puts his sword away and pulls out a second lightsaber and activates it. “Really? How so nave?” “I have destroyed 300 sith apprentices, and 298 sith masters…” “THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!!! No one can have destroyed that many of my fellow sith brothers and sisters! No matter…you won’t beat me…” she looks down at the spell book and starts chanting an incantation. “Winds of darkness, winds of evil…bring forth my demon warriors…bring forth a wind to keep these fiends from achieving their goal.” Soon nine demons and ten other arachniates appear out of the ground and the group readies for the attack. “You see them? Kill them!” Soon 2 demons rush around Lady Yoko Komo and she stabs them both with her spear and then throws their corpses into a third demon. Shana is soon surrounded by three demons and they seem to be jumping and running around fast enough to keep her from grabbing them. “Sssso…” she hisses, “You want to play rough do you?” She sweeps underneath them with her tail and trips them all then she bites one of them with her fangs and injects venom into it while constricting the other two in her long mighty tail. Melfina is caught between three arachniates and they start running while tying her up in heir webbing. “HEY!” Melfina shouts as she tries to break free, but it was evidently too late. They had already spun enough webbing, tying her legs, arms, and tail together, to hold up a three hundred pound object. “DON’T DO THAT TOO MY FRIENDS!” Suzan soon rushes up and punches an opposing demon into the three arachniates, plus two more demons away from Melfina, through some trees, through four boulders, and into some sharp jewel like objects totaling up to over 900 yards. “Thanks…they would’ve had me for sure had it not been for you.” Says Melfina as Suzan breaks her free of the webbing. “Hey I can’t let those meanies hurt you like that…besides isn’t that what friends are for?” She quickly jumps into the tree then kicks one of the arachniates down into the dirt. Princess Milerna aims her first arrow on the crossbow at the last demon which keeps jumping from tree to tree. “DANG! HOLD STILL YOU!” The demon soon pulls out a sword from its neck and it cuts a branch from a tree off just by puling it out to the front. “OH NO!” She fires the arrow and misses him. The demon starts slicing at Princess Milerna but she ducks and blocks with her front two spider legs claws. The spider queen leaps away from the battle with Lord Chris and onto a tree and yells at the demon, “DON’T HARM OR KILL THE PRINCESS!! We need her alive!” She quickly jumps off of the tree as Lord Chris comes up and slices the tree missing her. The demon soon jumps behind Milerna and grabs onto her hair and starts pulling on it. “OW! STOP YOU FIEND! AHHH! How dare ye pull on mine hair!” She soon sprays a simple webbing net onto the demon and he is stuck to the tree in webbing. “So that’s how you do it!” Another Arachniate soon ties her legs up in webbing and then entraps her in a net. “Yes but you were too foolish enough to forget about us!” Two of the remaining arachniates soon start carrying her off while Melfina has stung two other arachniates. “THEY’RE TAKING THE PRINCESS!!!” Lady Yoko Komo notices and takes aim with her spear, “They won’t get away…” She launches the spear just as another arachniate drops down in front of the path. The spear goes flying and soaring through the air and it soon goes through the chest of the one that dropped down, and it soon pierces the neck of on of the spider carrying the princess, cuts the webbing and lands through the chest of the other and into a rock. The princess starts getting out of the webbing and the sound of Lady Yoko Komo’s hoof beats is heard from the distance cutting through the mist. “Nice shot Yoki!” “I am yours to command my princess…” Yoko Komo or as Princess Milerna likes to call, Yoki, helps Milerna up to her feet and they soon hurry back to find that more demons had appeared. They continue to fight as they had before and as Chris continues to block all four of Spidress’ lightsabers with two he remains calm and not even breaking a sweat. “Karina! Maria! Come in and attack him! Surely he can’t block four lightsaber with one!” “You underestimate your me…” he deactivates one of his lightsabers and hooks it onto his belt quickly. The other two arachniates come in with fully extended lightsabers and they rush him. Lord Chris blocks them all and stabs one of the arachniates in the chest with the saber then he pulls out to the side and slices the other arachniate in half. Queen Spidress mad and outraged that he killed the other two arachniates with one saber and blocking all their attacks plus hers, starts hacking away and slicing up and down, back and forth at him. Lord Chris soon up blocks and moves quickly down into a down block with his saber then he down hacks and she up blocks it with her saber while hacking at his feet but he jumps up avoiding it. “I never met a Jedi as strong as you before…” she says while breathing heavily from Lord Chris. “You’re tired already?” says Lord Chris still full of energy and will to fight. She soon tries slicing at Chris but she starting to move by far slower than before. Lord Chris soon jumped behind her and slices her abdomen off. “AHHHHH!” she shrieks with pain as the dark clouds soar into the dead abdomen on the ground. She drops her lightsabers and they deactivate and soon her eight legs join together to form human legs and soon a clear slime is dripping from her waist down as she sits down in shock on her knees that she’s human now. “Why?! Why didn’t you just kill me so I wouldn’t have to die as a human!?” “I only kill if I have to, and defense, I don’t kill women…unless they refuse to accept their lesson…” He walks away as she continues to stay there. Meanwhile before Lord Chris cut her abdomen off, the group is fighting to survive. Princess Milerna fires her crossbow and the energy arrow goes through eight demons and soon two demons come after her and Lady Yoko Komo. Yoko Komo soon kicks them with her hind hooves and soon she stabs a demon and throws it at another demon soon the entire groups is surrounded by twenty-five demons. “We’re trapped!” says Suzan as she clings onto Lady Yoko Komo’s leg tightly. “Well guys…I’ll see you in hell…” says Shana. The demons take a deep breath and just as they are about to breath fire they disappear with the shriek of Queen Spidress. “What was that?” asks Suzan curiously. “Who cares? We’re still alive aren’t we?” says Shana. A twig being snapped is heard. “What was that?!” says Lady Yoko Komo as she quickly readies her spear. “Relax…It is I, Lord Chris.” He soon steps up to the circle that the rest of his squad has formed and crosses his arms. “What is our current standing my Lord?” asks Lady Yoko Komo. “The queen is in mourning because she is now human and her magic is gone. She is no longer a threat.” Suzan blinks at Lord Chris then she abruptly bursts out, “If she was a spider lady then why did she transform into a human?” Lord Chris chuckles at Suzan’s question then he calmly replies, “She didn’t transform herself into a human on purpose. If you cut off an Arachniate or the spider lady’s abdomen then they will automatically turn into a human. Their magic is reversed on them and so that is how and why they transform into a human when they lose their abdomen. Do you understand?” Suzan looks up at him and smiles, “I GET IT NOW!!! So why not cut off the Princess’ abdomen and transform her back?” “With Princess Milerna’s case we can’t…If we were then she would die. No one is sill so sure why but with everyone who has…they died.” Suzan sadly lowers hers ears after hearing the sad news and soon she lowers her head. “We better get a move on. It gets too dangerous at night with the raiders, vampires, hunters, and bounty hunters.” Says Lady Yoko Komo as she steps back a little bit. “Yes lets get a move on. Suzan.” “Yes sir?” “I want you to ride with me on Quick Flash.” “Me? On your horse?! OK!” She quickly jumps onto Quick Flash’s neck. Soon when Lord Chris is about to get onto Quick Flash the spider queen comes up wielding a lightsaber. She quickly jumps behind Princess Milerna’s back but right where her abdomen connects to her back. She puts the tip of one of her lightsabers up against Princess Milerna’s back. “SIR! If I may suggest you best let me be.” Lady Yoko Komo gets ready to charge at her. “I wouldn’t do that centaur…One step and the princess dies!” Lord Chris takes his foot out of the foot hole of the saddle and turns around. “You will release the princess or you will die…” “I think not mi lord! You will find it that your princess here will die!” “So be it…I offered you life and you choose death.” He reaches behind him and pulls his sword out of its holster on the saddle and throws it at her but it spins off around a tree. “HA! Bad aim mi lord! Now she dies!” When she is about to activate her saber the sword comes back and stabs her through the chest into a tree near Quick Flash. “That is the punishment for your evil.” He pulls his sword out and a mystical hum is heard from it as the blood drips down from it cleanly as if it were water. “WOW! That was mystifying! How did you do it?!” asks Suzan excitedly. “Yes how did you manage to pull it off anyway?” asks Melfina. “This is the sword, Nulnata, the evil killer.” Everyone including Suzan is shocked and exclaims, “NULNATA?!” Lady Yoko Komo drops her spear and says, “I heard stories about it but I thought they were nothing but myths!” Princess listens to the hum the sword is giving off. “That tune…I’ve heard it before…” Lord Chris soon slides his sword back into its holster and latches it. “I am the second person to have owned this sword. Yet I am the first to master its powers.”

“We better get moving along now…” Lord Chris steps up onto Quick Flash and sits behind the eager Suzan as she holds onto the horse. They ride off into the north towards a city called Gingwhich. Dusk quickly sets upon them and they set up camp in a nearby lagoon area. Lord Chris pulls out a large tent and sets it up. Lady Yoko Komo sits down on her hind legs then she tucks her front legs underneath her and she leans on a tree. “We need someone to guard the camp at night. We can switch off every 3 hours.” Lord Chris exits the tent and ties his hors onto the tree and puts on some metallic like object around his horse’s neck and on it, it says, “Horse-Club: Anti-Theft”, then he latches it. “I’ll guard all the nights…” “Ok I’ll guard after you then.” “No I will guard the whole night…” “You need sleep though!” “I can go for a year without sleep and without the slightest hint of being tired…I can go even longer if I like…” “Ok…well I’m going to sleep good night…” she rests her head on the tree and closes her eyes and soon she is fast asleep. Suzan yawns and stretches herself out and soon she jumps onto a tree branch nearby the tent and she hangs her left arm off while using her right arm as a pillow and soon her tail is hanging in Lord Chris’ face. Lord Chris walks to the side while Shana slithers over near the same tree that Suzan and Lady Yoko Komo are on and she curls herself up into a pile and falls asleep. Melfina looks at them and soon she goes inside the tent and lays herself down and falls asleep. “Good Night Mi Lady…” “I’m not going to bed yet!” “You may want to keep your voice down…nagas and arachniates get very scoripionites hate to be disturbed…” “Oh! Sorry…” she whispers. “So what reason do you have of staying up so late mi lady?” asks Lord Chris as he leans against a tree on the other side of the road. “Well I figured I might as well stay up since I am no longer a princess.” “Oh? How so?” “Father wouldn’t let me get wings so I could fly like the birds. See the city from afar as if I was as light as a feather! Let the wind carry me away, away to someplace else other than the city and the castle.” “That’s it? Well then again I see your point…I would get welded shut out of my mind if I was to see the same objects from time to time again.” “Yes.” Lord Chris pulls his sword out and he starts polishing and waxing it. “So how did you end up becoming a Jedi?” “I was stronger in the force than most of the Jedi Masters in the council. When they realized it they immediately started to train me underneath Master Yamma. He saw that on my second day of training my skill was that of a Jedi Knight. A year after my parents death I met a young girl inside of the Jedi council tower. She was weeping for she had lost both her sister and her pregnant mother to the treacherous bounty hunter, Noba Fett. I never knew who she was. I never saw her again after those three weeks.” “How sad…Wait…what did she look like?” “She looked a little like you…except her hair reached all the way to the floor and continued for about another foot or two. And her hair seemed as if it had a tinkle of red in it.” “That was me! I remember you!” “It was you?” “Yes, you told me, ‘We have no reason to cry for the death of a loved one. They are with the force and with us wherever we go.’ You changed my life forever! I thank you!” “Hmmm…anyway after you had left, my new master, Master Chen, felt I was at the level of Jedi Master. He took me to the council and request testing for the title of Jedi Master. The council told him and I ‘No’ because I was too young and the code forbid it. Master Yamma was barely able to convince the council of letting me earn the title of Jedi Knight when I was only six.” A sound of leaves rustling from a tree is heard. “Someone’s here…” He stands up and walks a little to the right then forward. “It’s just the wind…Come on…” “Princess…please go inside the tent…whatever you do…do not look outside or try to help me…” “Why?” “JUST DO IT!” Princess Milerna is startled by his words and then she goes inside the tent and looks through a hole in the side of the tent and Lord Chris activates his lightsaber and soon 4 cross bow metal tip arrows fire at him and he jumps back. “NOBA FETT! I KNOW YOU’RE HERE!” Soon a weird hum is heard coming from a tree as a strange light is seen and we see a man dressed up in black and an odd helmet. “Princess Milerna looks at Noba Fett and says to herself in her mind, “That’s Noba Fett? He’s the one who killed my mother and sister?” Noba Fett puts his crossbow to his side. “You look like every other Jedi Master I’ve killed. I don’t see why my Lord is so worried over a weakling like you.” “You shouldn’t underestimate me…the spider queen underestimated me, 300 sith apprentices and 298 sith masters underestimated me and they died. I faced you before.” “Oh? Everyone that has faced me has died. Unless you were that boy eleven years ago. My god. He killed an entire army and survived.” “That was I. The first you feared.” “No matter. I am being paid. I will still kill you.” He quickly pulls up his crossbow and fires a fifth arrow and Lord Chris pulls out his lightsaber and disintegrates the arrow. Just then Noba Fett fires some sort of metallic like cable from his wrist guard and it wraps around Lord Chris and ties him up. “You see? Just like every other Jedi. Pathetic.” He pulls on the cable and he falls to the ground. “Your bounty right now is well worth over five hundred million chan.” He fires his crossbow and the arrow pierces through Lord Chris’ left shoulder and he shows no reaction to the arrow at all. “Odd. You’re the first not to react to the Nofichian Metal.” “As I said…DON’T UNDERESTIMATE ME!” He breaks free of the cable restraining him and soon he flings his lightsaber up and Noba Fett Dodges the attack by flying up into the air using his magic jump pack. “Curses…I’m out of arrows…” A weird glow is seen coming from his right wrist guard and a picture of some hooded man is seen. “Noba Fett…return immediately. We are in need of assistance.” “Yes my lord. I shall…We’ll settle this match later…next time you and your friends minus the princess will be dead.” He flies off into the blackness of the night. “I’m afraid I can’t let you survive. I see another one of you. Far into the future. A great Bounty Hunter like yourself. Dressed in green. Known as Boba Fett…a great tragedy. You are a grave danger to the distant future.”

He deactivates his lightsaber and walks over to the fire pit and pulls the arrow out of his arm and blood gushes out onto his white shirt. “Uggg….curse the nofichians…” Princess Milerna comes out of the tent. “My Lord!” She runs as fast as she can over to Lord Chris and bends down to look at his wound. “It’s nothing…” She rolls his sleeve up and sees that it’s continually bleeding. “Here, let me set the wound.” She soon makes a bandage for him with her webbing and she ties it over his wound and rolls the sleeve down again. “There…all better now.” “Thank you…you should probably be sleeping now mi lady.” “Then I will sleep right here by your side! I’ll not leave you alone after that battle with Noba Fett.” “Do as you desire…” He throws in a block of wood into the fire and the fire flares up. Soon Princess Milerna rests her head on Lord Chris’ right shoulder and she quickly falls asleep. The night quickly passes into the morning, the others have awoken and they gather their belongings and they soon pass through a dessert and they quickly arrive in another lagoon. They soon rest underneath a palm tree. Lady Yoko Komo is thirsty and she is sweating like she has never sweat before. “It’s too hot…” she walks over to the small lake and walks in while taking her chain mail off. Lord Chris walks over to where they are, “Be ready to leave in ten minutes…get all the necessary supplies and put them on Quick Flash…” He soon walks over to Quick Flash and pets him on the head. Suzan starts talking to Princess Milerna and the rest of the group excluding Lord Chris. “SHEESH! What is he? Some sort of super-human? It’s at least a hundred degrees out here and he’s wearing all black.” Princess Milerna responds, “Well that’s part of being a Jedi…” Shana slithers out of the water, “She is right…I’ve been with at least fifty different Jedi Masters and none of them could even bear this weather. They tried but they eventually took off most of the black clothing they had on. Even Master Nutanaku couldn’t handle it.” Melfina overhears the conversation and she seems to be able to handle it better than the rest due to the fact that her specialty is dessert. “Well he is odd for a human. He is stronger than any other living being I know.” Princess Milerna listens to what they are saying about him. “There is something very different about him. He can withstand a solid nofician arrow and not even let out a single hint of pain.” Suzan looks up at her and she asks, “How do you know that?” “Because I saw him withstand Noba Fett and get hit with the arrow.” Lord Chris walks over and sees that they have filled all the water jugs. “Alright, lets move out…” They all stand up and Lord Chris places the water jugs around Quick Flash’s neck and they all start walking towards the road and when they all step onto the main road leading to the city of Gingwhich. As they are walking the floor below them drops and they are sent into the darkness not able to be seen with the naked eye…

The End…

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