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This site contains no perterant information whatsoever. The material contained here may bend, crack, or otherwise damage your mind. If you are under 14 years of age and NOT accompanied by an adult, please do not enter as our insurence doesn't cover you. Note: this is a DISCLAIMER. We see nothing. We hear nothing. We know NOTHING. We are not responsible for any mental damage you may incur through the use of this site. Extened use of this site by any one person proves that person to be insane, and, if they are not locked up, they should be. If you belive yourself to be insane, please turn yourself in as our service provider many disconnect us if they find out. (Or maybe not) Please note this is a disclaimer, written to cover our own butts. The only person whom we know of that is crazy and is still allowed to visit this site is known to us as Purple. If you are the person to whom we are refering; we have found your purple straightjacket (the one with the green stripes) and have sown a frog on the front. Please put it back on and return to your rubber room. If you are in ANY way confused, befuddled, or astounded by this disclaimer it would be best to turn back now. And always remember: You are here. We are not.

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